Geek Gone Bad (Completed Story)

A 15 year old girl called Hollie falls in love with a shy, geeky boy called Harry when she stands up for him against the biggest idiot in school. Eventually Harry and Hollie end up pulling their two groups of friends together and the 10 of them end up on the wildest rollercoaster of life <3


5. The Cornish Pasty

Liam's P.O.V:

I looked over at Niall. He was asleep, as usual. But then when I looked at Ellie she was asleep too. It's really weird because they both had their head on the desk in the same way, freaky right?

"Psst, Jasmine!" I whispered. Jasmine looked at me and I pointed to Niall and Ellie, Jaz just laughed and we started talking.

"Stop talking! I think there might be a few people in detention today" Mrs. Cornish shouted.

"NIALL AND ELLIE WAKE UP RIGHT NOW! LIAM AND JASMINE STOP TALKING!" Mrs. Cornish continued, Niall and Ellie woke up straight away, "I've got six people in detention at lunch today. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Hollie Moth, Jasmine Marshall and Ellie Piper"

We all sighed and knew we had to come back at lunch. Great. A whole hour detention, the first detention I've ever had. Yay.


We were 10 minutes into detention so far, and I was SO BORED!!!! We were all sat in a row. We weren't allowed to talk, text, laugh, sleep, eat, or make any noise at all. Finally, Mrs. Cornish went to the cafeteria to get lunch and talk with the other teachers. I personally thought this was a stupid idea because it meant that we would start talking straight away.

"So Hollie... Are you gonna answer my question now?" Harry asked.

"Harry! We're not allowed to talk and you know that" I interrupted.

"Liam, the teacher isn't in here and we still have 30 minutes before he comes back. I don't care if I get caught because I want to know if the girl I love, who saved me from George breaking every bone in my body may I remind you, is going to answer my question" Harry said and took a deep breath.

"Okay Harry, I'll go out with you. But don't go around the school telling everyone" Hollie said. Me and Jaz clapped.

"Niall, how cute is tha-" I said before I realised Niall was asleep again, so was Ellie.

"Honestly! I wonder why they're tired all the time" Jaz said. We all laughed, making the two sleepy heads wake up.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?" Niall said. We laughed again.

"OMG, are you two dating now?" Ellie asked Hollie and Harry, they both nodded and Ellie clapped her hands.

Harry's P.O.V:

I couldn't help but gaze into Hollie's beautiful, ocean blue eyes. I am definitely in love with her, I've felt like this about her for 2 years. Well, ever since I've known her!

I don't know why, but I walked over to Hollie, stood in front of her and pressed my lips against hers. I broke off and she was staring at me as if I was an alien.

"W-why did you do that?" Hollie asked, she kind of struggled to get her words out properly.

"I know it's to early to do that. But I love you too much and I couldn't help it" I said and kept going on but Hollie cut me off by kissing me back.

"Harry and Hollie sitting in a tree" Niall started to sing, then Ellie joined in, "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Very mature guys" Liam said. Jaz laughed and me and Hollie stopped kissing, she was bright red in the face and I was pretty embarrassed as well.

"We should hang out more often" Ellie said, we all agreed.

"Guys, back to your places now! The cornish pasty is coming" Hollie said and we all ran to our places, Niall tripped over on the way and found a bit of chocolate on the floor.

"Ooooo, chocolate!" Niall said and was about to eat it.

"Don't eat that you idiot!!!!" Ellie yelled and Niall quickly sat behind his desk the second Mrs. Cornish burst through the door.

"Niall please don't say you ate food off the floor?" Mrs. Cornish Pasty sighed. Niall nodded his head. "I'm going to be nice to you lot and let you go 20 minutes early. But don't tell any of the other teachers will you?" Mrs. Cornish continued.

"Thanks miss, you're the best!" I said, gave Mrs. Cornish a high-five and we all ran out the door.

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