Geek Gone Bad (Completed Story)

A 15 year old girl called Hollie falls in love with a shy, geeky boy called Harry when she stands up for him against the biggest idiot in school. Eventually Harry and Hollie end up pulling their two groups of friends together and the 10 of them end up on the wildest rollercoaster of life <3


7. Big Announcement

Harry’s P.O.V:

Now me and the boys just needed to tell the girls somethin’, somethin’ pretty big!

“One more thing that us boys need to announce” I said.

“Is there?” Zayn asked. Me, Louis, Liam and Niall looked at him as if to say ‘Yes you idiot, you should know that’.

“Yes Zayn, you know the other big surprise for today? Something to do with SINGING maybe?” Louis added.

“Oh, I remember now” Zayn said.

“Remember what babe?” Perrie asked Zayn.

“Us boys are going to audition for the X Factor” Niall announced.

“Really?! Are you going as solo artists or as a boy band?” Eleanor asked.

“Just as solo artists. But it will be my second time going back, remember in 2008? I only made it through to judge’s houses but Simon turned me away” Liam replied, we all nodded.

“Are you guys going back to your hometowns to audition?” Ellie asked. We all nodded and the girls looked sad.

“But… We managed to call our parents and you guys are all allowed to stay at our houses” Zayn said, they all cheered up.

“So Eleanor is going to Doncaster, Perrie is going to Bradford, Jasmine is going to Wolverhampton, Ellie is going to Mullingar in Ireland and Hollie is coming with me to Holmes Chapel” Harry said.

“I’m going to Ireland? I’ve always wanted to go back there” Ellie started to say.

“Wait, what do you mean ‘go back’?” Niall interrupted.

“I’m ½ Irish” Ellie answered. Niall smiled and started to dance around the room.

“Niall, mate, are you alright?” Jasmine asked.

“Yeah. I’m just glad I’m not the only Irish person” Niall replied. Everyone laughed and joined in with the crazy Irish boy.


Author's Note:

Sorry that chapter wasn't very long, the next one will be quite long :) Hope u guys are enjoying the story so far, if u have any ideas for the story, just let me know what you think in a comment. Something bad to happen to the girls during the boys' time on the X Factor ;)

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