Confessions of a teenage Einstein

Raven Hawthorne is a teenage Einstein with an estimated IQ of 188, A+ all around, and just so happens to be the least popular person in the entire existence of the popularity continuum at Brushthorpe High.
A/N: I'm going to try and make the natural flow of this Movella more predominant :)


2. Wenesday 19th of December 2012

Dear Diary,

Deriving from the Oxford Dictionary definition, a written record of daily experiences, thoughts and emotions, dear Diary refers to you, Diary- an inanimate object, as a living organism, yet you do not breath, excrete, function or consume, therefore, you are a fruitful puzzle. Yeah, I'm a stereotypical 'Dweeb'. I mean, removed of a Victorian lamp with a flickering light bulb and a photograph of my Birth parents, I have a standard Oxford Dictionary instead of a phone or anything technological on my bedside table. That alone should be a soul memorable warning of my infectious nerdy-ness.

Introductions, right. Well, I'm Raven Anna Hawthorn, teenage Einstein with a calculated IQ of around 188. Don't get me wrong, I love the intellectual hierarchy that I am president of, I just want something more- I mean, being in the Mathlete's isn't exactly popular with the populars. Yes, Brushwood High does have a cliché popular huddle, with exclusive, slutty Cheerleaders wearing muscular jocks like Prada heels. I typically have azure feathery aqua 'scene hair' without facial blemishes, granite colourless eyes, drawn on eyebrows (a humourless prank removing my eyebrow waxer with hair removal cream played by my peers), dehydrated, cracked lips and suitable black glasses- my signature look. I'm about five foot seven with an athletic, unattractive build and I have literally no muscle tonnage/ definition, no shape, no waist line- I go straight down. Oh, how envious I am of the exclusive, slutty Cheerleader's curvaceous, attractive builds, toned muscles, bleached blonde hair with aqua piercing eyes and smooth legs.

The popular cliché is quarantined into selective breeding groups; exclusive, slutty Cheerleaders, muscular jocks, edging-onto-perfection wannabe's, the snakes, the gossipers, and the genuine sluts. Exclusive, slutty Cheerleaders have a appearance criteria, unorthodox bleached blonde back combed hair, aqua piercing eyes, perfection (a required field), booty shorts with skin tights, bras three cups to large and pink; Queen Bee, Fern Dominics, coarsely ticking all boxes, with her two minions, December-Mae McGuffin and Jeanette da la Gionix, dominate the school. Some people think that they are identical triplets separated at birth. Idiots.

Martinez Garcia is hot. Correction; Martinez Garcia is burning, hotter than 10,000 Fahrenheit. Mexican exchange students are always hot though.   

It's not like I needed my ovaries anyway.

I need to go now, I mean, I have to eat something tonight. Bye :)


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