Without you

Becca has finally moved on. New boyfriend, Jake. New best friend, Hailey. New life. But will all that change once Becca accidentally meets Niall and Louis again? Have they finally moved on? Read on to find out............ ;)


7. Plan



"Niall, I'm coming to America with you. I need to meet Hailey." I said to him. I probably sound really desperate but I don't care. Hailey......she just.....it's something about her that I'm attracted to her. 

"Are you sure? Have you asked Hailey?" Niall asked, while stuffing his face in a bag of crisps.

"Nooo........let's just say that it's a surprise." I said cautiously.

"No, Louis. You need to ask Hailey to see if she's comfortable with it" He said. 

"Fine!: I said trudging to my laptop. It felt as if a father was scolding his child. I opened my laptop and logged in. I found that she was online. Yay! Now's my big chance.

"Hey Hailey, is it okay if I come with Niall to America? I really want to meet you in person" I said. She had her settings switched back to text for some random reason, forcing me to type.

"Why do you want to meet her?" the reply said. 

"Excuse me?' Who is this?

'This is Josh, Hailey's BOYFRIEND. Why do you want to meet her?' He repeated.

Oh great! Now I've got a jealous boyfriend on my hands who thinks that I'm jealous of their relationship and is trying to steal Hailey from him! Pffftttt! Well........... if you think about it, he's right. I am jealous of the fact that he's got Hailey and I want her to be mine.

Before I could type in a reply. It switched back to webcam, automatically deleting all off our conversation history. I expected it to be Josh, but instead it was Hailey. 

'Hey Hailey! I thought I was talking to Josh before?' I asked her. She looked as beautiful as ever....she always did.

'You were talking to Josh?! Oh, I forgot to log out of my account so yeah... hahaha! well i'm back now!' she said. I could see a hint of confusion and hurt mixed on her face when I metnion about Josh being on her account and talking to me. 

'Are you okay?' I asked.

'Yeah I'm fine...... it's just that Josh gets kinda jealous of you. Thinks your going to steal me away from him. Crazy right? I'll need to talk to him.' she said. 

Just then, a light bulb randomly flashed above my head. Not literally of course, because that would be weird and because of gravity and all, a light bulb smashing on my head is not something that I'd like. The only way to get Hailey was to distance her from Josh. Make her trust him less. Lose love in him.

"Okay. So anyway, I logged onto ask you if I can join Nialler to America to meet you." I said hastily, waiting for her answer. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long.

'Sure! You don't even need to ask! Should I give you my number so I can text you the address?" She asked.

I didn't really need the address, Niall's already got it. But I wanted her number.

"Yeah sure." I smiled.

"Okay it's (A/N- sorry I don't know any America phone numbers. Don't even know how many numbers there are in it :S so just bare with me :) )

"Thanks. I'll text you" I said. We said bye and logged off.


"Josh!!!!" I called for him. 

"Yeah baby?" He asked.

"Don't you trust me?" I asked, really hurt. He's going through all my male friends because he gets suspicious. 

"Is this about Louis?" He asked sighing and sitting down on the bed next to me. He ran his hand through my dirty blonde hair. I nodded my head.

"Look Hailey, I do trust you. It's HIM I don't trust. He's always flirting with you" 

"Playfully. As friends." I interuppted 

"But still, it might be as friends to you but what about him?" He asked, before pulling me onto his lap and stroking his hand on my hair. With that I fell asleep.

But one thing (<----see what I did there. one thing- one direction song..... no? never mind)

stuck in my mind. Did Louis actually flirt playfully as friends or was it real? I hope to God that it's the first option. I've already got a boyfriend who'll I stay true to .


I know, this was a slightly shorter chapter than the rest so far but this is my 2nd update today :)


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