Without you

Becca has finally moved on. New boyfriend, Jake. New best friend, Hailey. New life. But will all that change once Becca accidentally meets Niall and Louis again? Have they finally moved on? Read on to find out............ ;)


17. Official



I woke up on a beach on Niall's chest.....But there were cameras flashing everywhere......There were paparazzis everywhere.....

"Niall!" I said!

"We need to run, Becca! take my hand!" He said.

"Okay" I said and took his hand and we ran to the car and shaked away the papparazi.....

"That is the worst part of being famous..." He said and kissed my cheek.

"Yeah I understand that" I said and hugged him

"We should ho back home now" Niall said and started to drive home.

"Home" I said and jumped out of the car when we reached.

"Yep! I am so much faster than you Becca!" He said and ran to the door 

"Cheater!" I said and ran to him laughing

"Come here" He said and when I tried to open the door but it was locked.

"What?! is it locked?! oh I have a key, good" I said and unlocked the door 

"We are home!" i screamed but no one answered....Weird? Hailey is really loud and would have said something by now.

"We should check the rooms" He said 

"Yeah I take Haileys and you check Louis" I said and ran up to Haileys room no one was there....

"No Louis" Niall said and hugged me behind 

"No Hailey" I said 

"What is this?" He said and found a paper and we read it.......OMG I said when I read.

"no no no! Louis can't leave...." Niall said sadly. 

"I hope he don't leave" I said and hugged Niall. I'm actually quite proud that he told his feelings to Hailey. I trust Hailey. I can tell she loves Louis to.

"Don't worry! Hailey loves Louis too. Believe me, the only person who can stop him is her otherwise there's no hope"

Niall`s phone rang he had speakers on.

Niall: Hi Liam 

Liam: Hi Niall where are you and Louis?

Niall: Didn't Louis say that we are in USA?

Liam: No...What are you doing there?

Niall: I am with my girlfriend

Liam: have you finally moved on from Becca

Niall: Ehhhh...No....

Liam: Then do you not love your girlfriend?

Niall: Becca is my girlfriend

Becca: Yes I am 

Liam: Hi Becca I am happy you two finally found each other. Niall has been so sad since you left

Becca: I am really happy to find Niall and he is happy that he found me

Liam: Good...And Niall?

Niall: Yes?

Liam: Can I, Harry and Zayn come? 

Niall: Becca is it okay for you?

Becca: Yeah but we need to make sure Louis stay first 

Liam: What why is Louis not gonna stay?

Niall: He didn't get the girl he loved, Hailey. He just confessed his feelings to her on paper. By the time she read it, he left. Now, she's gone after him. I'll text you the address

Liam: K

Niall: Bye

Becca: Bye

Liam: Bye

*End of phone call*

"I have texted Liam the address now" Niall said and hugged me

"Yay but Niall we have a little problem"

"What is that?" Niall said little worried 

"We don't have enough beds we have just 5 beds" I said

"If you don't mind I can sleep in your bed" Niall said 

"Yeah that will work but someone won't have room..." I said

"If Louis and Hailey will work things out they maybe can share bed?" Niall said

"Yeah maybe. Haha! I bet Louis won't have a problem with that" I joked

"Yeah! Let's watch tv" Niall said

"Sure" I said and we walked to the living room


TV Host:

Niall Horan and Rebecca Carrol were seen on the beach today in the morning. We saw them holding hands 

Have Niall Horan and Rebecca Carrol got together? We have found out that Louis has moved on. Here's a picture of him and Hailey kissing.

Tweet me what you think.

Thank you

Real world:

Louis was lying on top of Hailey, kissing her. Well, they certainly worked things out.

"They are so fast" I said

"Yeah I know" Niall said and smiled he took out his phone and I saw that he logged on Twitter.

@NiallOfficial I love my new girlfriend Rebecca it was 7 years since we was together! Love you princess





Julia_One_ Here hope you liked it :) I am trying to update as often I can so I took this change :) Sorry if the chapter where boring I don't know what to write but just wait until Tiger99 update ;)

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