On the side of the sins

A boy who falls into the world of the seven deadly sins, who are at war with the virtues. Will Finn have to chose sides? and will he ever return from the fight of sins and virtues!


2. encountering the sins

My breath frosted up the glass as I stared aimlessly out the window, watching the sun rise. My mother insisted I stay in my room until my alarm rang. I was never one for misbehaving and disobeying orders, when I could get caught of course, self-preservation. The annoying jingle began ringing on my bedside table. It increased in volume and began shaking around like it was having a fit; I spun around and slunk across the room. Missing the phone before it fell with a clunk to the carpet. I sighed grabbing the phone, stabbing the screen to turn it off. I breathed in stretching, tugging down my school shirt, already dressed from my hours of thoughtful consideration. I moved towards the door, reaching for the door, it was quickly thrown open, throwing me I on my bum, bewildered; I searched for the source of the explosion. I found the source of angst when it sat cross-legged on my chest, beaming down at me. Scarlett, my darling, annoying, crazy little baby sister. My day began like this regularly, though I normally made it out the door and luckily sometimes down to the kitchen.

The rest of the morning went in a blur, as I felt like most of my life did, these days. It was September 1st, back to school. Now it’s not like I’m a nerd or anything, but I take pride in the fact that I am not a complete and utter nitwit. Nitwit, a term my mother had used affectionately for my father for as long as I could remember and a nitwit he certainly was.  I galloped into school with seconds to spare, typical for me. Base room 5 was going to be the centre of my hell for what felt like the unforeseeable future. I crossed the threshold with a sigh, here we go.

Taking my usual seat at the back beside my friends Christian and Will, I glanced towards the blackboard, Mrs Bateman was scrawled across the board, no sooner had I seen it, than a ‘Nitwit’ rubbed the ‘e’ out to form batman, clever. As their load guffawing commenced, the door opened and a woman came in, she was quite beautiful, Mrs Batman, I presumed. She gave us all the once over, then proceeded to make a gesture much like a conductor of an orchestra to beckon us to our seats. Introductions quickly followed a sarcastic remark about the intelligence of the ‘Nitwit’ jocks.

“Now! I am not the only new shiny toy, you guys can wreck this year, we have new students, please welcome them!”


In through the door came one, two, three- seven of the most stunning creatures ever to walk the planet. I would explain each of the seven and what each of their beauties were, but I fear you’d grow bored of my admiration for the wonders that were the girls. Though gradually through my story and our adventures, I explain who each of them are and how my admiration decreases as I grow to know them.

Mrs Batman clears her throat to try and bring attention back to the classroom and not whatever mystical world we’d entered when we laid eyes on the beauties.

“These everyone are the Diablo sisters, Pride, Anger, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Envy and Sloth, Wow girls what unique names”

A luscious looking girl stepped out from the centre of the line.

 “Yes were named after the seven deadly sins” she purred “Because were bad” she continued, throwing a wink to the class.

As the girl drew back into the line, another slightly more sour looking beauty stepped out.

“Our parents had a sense of humour, that’s Lust by the way and I’m Anger” This girls voice was like sandpaper as she ushered the words, we all leaned towards her, towards the fact that she oozed power, rough and dangerous. We waited to see if the angelic devils would say anything else. They didn’t.

Mrs Batman spoke again. “Well it’s nice to meet you


Nice was a serious understatement unfreaking-believable seemed more fitting. Little did I know that sometimes nice would have been a lovely way to say it, but that is the future and unfortunately it isn’t as easy to forget the future?

I guess you should probably know a bit about me as I am the narrator of this horrifically fantastic adventure that I fell into, unwillingly may I add. So I will take a break from my beautiful kidnappers and inform you about the very basics of who I am, for that’s all I was before this story, a simple boy.

I am Finn Christopher Harper Torc. I’m 16 and a lot of days that inevitably add up to months, but I’m just not that precise. I live in Cambridge, England but am originally from the beautiful midlands of Ireland. It’s just a bunch of fields and cows, but its home. Cambridge on the other hand has no cows except if you count my Math teacher, she’s freaking terrifying.

 I live with my Ma, Tilly and My Dad, Andrew along with my cunning evil little siblings. My 13year old brother, Jasper, or Jaz as he likes recently, he states it gives his name meaning. It doesn’t give anything away apparently, except his sexuality; this off- hand mocking remark caused me a trip to the freezer to retrieve some frozen peas for a sore spot, a very sore spot. My other devious sibling is my sister, Scarlett; she is wicked at the age of 7. We also have a German Shepard called Caesar and a rabbit called Mrs Louis.

School, I’m a total cruiser, but a fairly good student, much to my disgust. I love and am best at English, Chemistry and Metalwork. I am alright on the social ladder, being kind of a does it all person, I pretty much get along with all. Including teachers, shudder. Except the Cambridge Cow. I am not a huge ladies man, but do get the odd sympathy vote.

I’m a Gemini and I loathe celebrating my birthday, hate the whole mushy scene. I love the colour grey and have a strange obsession with miniature blue bon-bons. I have a strong Irish accent and so do the rest of my family. I play guitar and up until recently I had a beautiful ash guitar, but I gave it to charity, under duress from my parents of course. Sports are not my specialist subject but I do like the odd game of hurling, when I return to Ireland.

Unfortunately, I am waffling about myself, but one last thing; I guess you might want to slightly put a face to the stupid name. Eh, well there’s nothing much to tell. I’m scrawny, tall, bout 6”2. I have Floppy, slightly wild wheateny- brown hair. I have green eyes, that supposedly disarmer the soul, my little sis is very dramatic when she describes them, I also have laugh crease- things at the side of my eyes. I have a splattering of light freckles across my white-vampire skin. I try my best to convey a cheeky grin and I have a half dimple, I look like an Irish man and a Irish woman fell madly in love and had a wedding two young, had a little too much at the wedding reception and had a baby at 19. Ah I’m a fecking hottie really.


Now back to the day where I first lay eyes on the girls who would change my future forever. They stood at the top of the class being appreciated by their now fellow students. There was no sound in the classroom, only the ragged breathing of many of the students as they looked upon the wonders.

“Well girls, Welcome there’s enough seats around the place to sit, so go ahead” Mrs Batman finally broke the silence with this and that seemed to snap everyone out of their trances. The girls split up, ‘yes’ I thought there was three spare seats at our table next to Will. Two of the girls sat down, followed by a third. We all gave each-other quick once overs and self-effacing smiles and quickly looked away.

“Well since it’s the first day back, I’ll leave you a few minutes to chat and the new students to introduce themselves” Batman said this with a smug smile, like she was doing us the biggest favour and thought herself an angel. But it was a shame for her that the adolescents in her new class could appreciate nothing but the new students. She huffed and strutted out of the room.

I, Christian and Will turned to the three sisters sitting with us.

“Hello, Ladies” Christian our grade- A smooth talker purred.

One of the girls gave him a sultry look and answered.

“Hello to you too, I’m Sloth, this is Greed” she said gesturing to her left “And this is Pride”

All three girls were stunning, neither out bloomed another. We all continued to stare at each other until the bell rang, for some reason better known to her Batman had never returned. All of sudden we had the other four girls descending on us. It was almost too much, them all together was like a beautiful renaissance painting, a Botticelli perhaps. They all leaned on the desk and turned towards us, many looked like they were threatening us with their eyes, presumably protecting their sisters. The littlest of the sisters, suddenly gasped and rushed across the table, I mean if the superhero Flash was real, he’d have some serious competition.

 Normally when girls rushed towards our group it was towards Christian or his legendary lips, I’m not going to get into Christians exploits, I’d rather I didn’t know half of them myself. But when this mousy little girl ran towards us she didn’t stop at Christian, much to everyone’s surprise she came to a halt in front of me.

I stared up at her, as I was still seated; she kind of towered over me. Her caramel brown eyes held mine in a trance. She was gradually leaning closer, fearing that she was going to tease kiss me, I opened my mouth to talk, too little too late. Maybe if I had spoken two seconds earlier, I wouldn’t have got into this mess, for this moment with the little pixie inches from my face was the deciding minute of my wavering fate, this was it. And of course I involuntarily choose the dangerous fate.

My breath came whooshing out as she touched her forehead to mine. Before I could even register what was happening a searing pain ushered through my body, from my head to my toes I felt like I was on fire, a blistering soul wrenching fire. The pain was so excruciating in the few seconds I felt it, I felt like was going to die, at the least combust into a tower of flames. I tried to hold on to something or reach out but I couldn’t move at all, I wasn’t even shuddering away from the supposedly virtual flames. The pixie was still leaning over me, touching our foreheads. I was close to blacking out when I felt the skin contact break and be wrenched away.

I gasped my breath coming out in small pants. My hand flew to my forehead where the only pain was still present, the rest had been torn away when me and the pixie stopped touching. I glanced up, my palms still clamped tightly over my head. The pixie was being held back by Sloth and Greed and the other girls were hovering nearby watching their sister. Pride was the only one with her eyes trained on mine, along of course with Will and Christian, who both looked slightly terrified and mighty confused, much like I felt.

Still watching them, I watched as Sloth lent in front of the pixie and whispered. “What Envy? What’s wrong?”

Envy so that was her name, though she still looked to me like a pixie.         I leaned forward, waiting for her reply. What, had brought on this mental attack, what the hell had caused the pain that had been consuming me minutes ago. She looked over Sloth’s shoulder, looking horrified but also slightly excited.

“It’s him, Sloth” she let this come out of her lips in a gust of air, barely moving her lips.

 Though this sound like a case of he’s ‘the one’ syndrome, I felt like it was much bigger than that. The connection we had just had was far from the firework inducing feeling I believed you felt when you found ‘the one’, the horrible feeling felt like, well, horrible pain. My eyes wandered from Envy’s wide ones and came to rest upon her forehead; there was a mark on it, slightly curved like a indented circle, if she had that mark from touching me, I hated to thing what mine looked like. As a substitute the lack of mirrors in the dreary classroom, I slowly lowered my hands from my head, attempting to use the others reactions as a confirmer of my dread.

And I was gratified as soon as I let my hands drop. Pride, Will and Christian gasped, well Pride’s gasp sounded more like a frowned upon swear word. I guessed by that Pride knew that the mark on my head was going to happen, or that it was plausible anyway. The rest of the girls tore their concerned eyes away from their sister and looked at me. Instead of silence or astound bewilderment. There was a flurry of moment. Sloth lifted Envy up and practically through her over her shoulder. Two of the other girls began collecting up the others belongings, Greed nodded towards Pride, I followed the movement. Pride was moving towards me, she reached for me placing a piece of paper in my hand, she slowly stroked my hair away from my ear and whispered a delicate “I’m sorry, your life is about to change”

With that she leant away and quickly joined her sisters. They all turned to look at me and then scurried out of the room. I sat there confused watching them go, I hadn’t even noticed that the classroom had emptied during the mystery that was my encounter with Envy and godammit I wish with all my heart that it had stayed a mystery. That Pride hadn’t given me the piece of paper and had scared me with the apology and cryptic words. Though I guess I didn’t have to follow the words written on the page, but now knowing the girls, I fear that they still wouldn’t have left my life go back to normal and let my simple mind to slowly fade the memory away. But I did and from that moment I wrote myself into Prides words ‘Your Life Is About To Change”.






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