Iron Wasteland

Following the accidental launch of every nuclear weapon on Earth after a computer virus crippled the world's systems, humanity has been decimated. With enough warning for people to enter special shelters throughout the world, the human race managed to endure.
For a hundred years the human race remained in the bunkers, until, when it was deemed safe enough to leave, they left them, reading to rebuild the human race. But in a radiation-filled world, dangers await around every crumbling corner.


1. Prologue: Fallout

No one was sure how it started.

One day, seemingly from nowhere, a virus popped up in military mainframes across the world.

Dreading what would happen, governments worldwide announced the presence of numerous “fallout bunkers” that would provide shelter for the human race should the virus cause the detonation of the world’s nuclear weapons.

Some people dismissed the nuclear threat and refused to go to the bunkers.

This proved to be a massive mistake.

Two years after the threat was identified – and despite numerous efforts to remove the virus – the fallout began.

Every nuclear weapon started being launched and, as the military hurried to get into their bunkers, they regretted linking their weaponry to a single mainframe.

It was unknown how many military officials survived, or how many people had gone into the bunkers.

Contact was lost with the other bunkers when the nuclear weapons detonated.

The survivors likely numbered around sixty-two million across the globe, but no one was sure.

One hundred years after the fallout began, radiation levels reached a survivable level, and the bunker’s doors started to open, revealing an expansive wasteland of twisted metal and ash.

However, in those one hundred years life had started to return, and already animals had emerged from hiding places.

It was time for humanity to reclaim the Earth.

Ten years after leaving the bunkers, a series of settlements were established.

But this new world was an unforgiving place.

Some people were subjected to radiation poisoning, whilst mutations started occurring in others.

Already, the human race seemed doomed to destroy itself again…

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