The Most Amazing SuperHeroes in the World

What would happen if One Direction were super heroes instead of a boy band? How their lives would be? In this story they are the most amazing super heroes in the world! They also have normal lives, of course, but what would happen if falling in love with their dreamed girls made then want to be just normal people??? Read to find out!!
A/N** another of my ideas for a story! Hope you like it! Oh and in the story all the guys will be 19 years old ;D I love you mis guayabassss<3


4. The Villian

So after all, I decided to add another superpower to the guys to make this story a little bit more interesting ;)

Liam: he can read minds
Zayn: he can throw fire balls out of his hands
Harry: he can do power shields
Niall: telekinesis
Louis: he can throw ice out of his hands


When the bell for the end of classes rang at 2:00 pm I ran to the gym and saw a lot of boxes at the corner with the prom decorations, and next to them there was a bunch of tables and a lot of chairs.

-Let's do this- I said to myself and I started carrying a table.

The table was heavy, until I felt that someone else was helping me.


I went to the gym and I saw Andrea carrying a huge table. I threw my backpack to the ground and I ran to help her.

-Hey-I said while lifting the table.
-Hey Lou, thanks for helping me, it means the world to me- she said with a smile.
-So what are you going to do after this?- I asked her.
-I don't know, maybe I'll go to eat to McDonald's or something like that, why?- she asked.
-Um, because maybe we could go to eat something- I said while leaving a chair next to the table.
-That sounds awesome- she said while leaving a chair.
-And how was your day?- I asked her.
-Pretty good, and yours?- she answered.
-Good too- I said.

Then I went to where the tables were and I carried all at the same time (they where like 20)

Andrea looked at me in shock.

-What? Do I have something on my face?- I asked while looking at her.
-No, but how can you carry all those tables at the same time? They are so heavy!- she exclaimed while holding a box full of stuff.

Oops. I just used my superpower in front of her.

-Um, I do workout...- I said while leaving the tables at the floor.
-You're pretty strong- she said with a shy smile.
-Want to feel this arms?- I asked her playfully.
-Yeah, sure- she answered.

She took the box to a table that was already set and took a huge a huge piece of cloth that said "Welcome To The Prom" on it.

-Can you help me to put this on over the gym door?- she asked me while pointing to a ladder.
-Sure- I said and ran the ladder.

I rested the ladder on the door and Andrea climbed the ladder and started hanging the sign and I was holding the ladder.

-Lou, can you throw me another nail please?- she asked while looking at me.
-Sure- I said

I went to the tool box that was on a table.

-Oh my gosh, Louis!- I heard Andrea exclaiming.

I turned around to see her and I realised that a dumb guy opened the gym door pushing the ladder down.

-Hey!- I exclaimed and I ran to where Andrea was.

-Aaaaaaaaaaa!- she screamed while falling.

I ran and I caught her in my arm.

-Are you ok?- I asked her.

I was carrying her bridal style and she stared at me scared.

-Yes, I guess- she said and she stood up.
-Hey man, you should be more careful, you could have killed my... my friend- I said mad while walking to the guy.
-Sorry dude- he said nervous.
-Louis!- Andrea exclaimed and grabbed my arm.

I turned around to see her and she was smiling.

-It's fine, it was just an accident- she said and I calmed down.
-You're lucky man- I told the guy and after that he left running.
-Thanks Louis, you're my superhero- Andrea said and hugged me.

I hugged her back and smiled.


I went into the school library with my history book to wait Zayn.

-Hello Mrs. White- I whispered to the librarian.
-Hello Valen, by the way, this novel arrived yesterday and I know how much you love to read romantic stories- she said while handing me a book.
-Thanks a lot- I said while grabbing the book.

I walked to me usual spot at the library: a table for two next to a huge window that had a view to the school parking lot.

I sat at the black chair with red cushions and I started reading the novel.


I was looking for Valen, it was 2:10 pm and I was worried, what if she already left because I made her wait for so long?

I checked all the school but I didn't find her, and then I realised that I didn't look for her in the library.

I walked to the library and walked in quietly, this place was so unfamiliar to me, I had never been to the school library.

-Excuse me...- I whispered to and old lady.
-Yes?- she answered.
-Do you know if there's a Valen Garcia here?- I asked nervous.
-Yes- she answered and pointed me a table that was next to a window.

I started walking towards the table an I saw there my beautiful Valen reading a novel.

-Hey- I whispered.
-Oh, hey- she whispered and closed her book -I thought you forgot about me- 
-That would never happen, I'm really sorry about that.- I said.
-Take a seat please- she said and then she took out her history book.
-Thanks- I said and I sat down.
-Did you brought your book?- she asked me.

Oh no, I forgot my history book in my locker, stupid me.

-Um, I forgot it- I said ashamed while rubbing my neck.
-Hey don't worry- she said with a smile -we can share my book.
-That would be perfect- I said.

Valen looked for the right page and then she put down the book on the table.

-So, this exam will be about the World War II, so let's start with the origins- she said, she sounded so smart.
-Ok- I said kinda confused.
-If you don't understand something just tell me and I will explain it to you again, ok?- she said while looking at me with her beautiful brown eyes.
-Sure, thanks- I answered with a smile.


I put all my stuff inside my locker and I slammed the door to close it.

I hanged my empty backpack on my back and started walking to the parking lot.

I wasn't in the mood for music, I was just walking and staring at my feet.

Everything was boring as usual when I hear somebody exclaiming my name.

-Hey Lizzie, wait for me!- it was Niall.

I turned around to see him, he looked cute when he was running.

-Hey- I said.
-I thought that I was going to walk you to your home- he said while staring at me.
-I thought you were joking- I said and looked at my feet.
-Maybe I'm hilarious, but I would never joke about a thing like this- he said and I looked at him.


-Thanks, at least my day won't be as bad as always- she said.
-Why?- I asked her confused.
-It's... It's a long story- she said while looking again to the ground.
-Why do you stare at the ground so much?- I asked her and she looked at me.

Her brown eyes locked on mine and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

-A bad habit, I guess- she said while looking at me with a smile.
-So, how was your day?- I asked her trying to change the subject.
-Boring as usual- she said -except for the recess, it was nice of you to waste your time with me- she added with a smile.
-It wasn't a waste of time, I really wanted to be with you- I said
-Really?- she asked confused.

Why did she was so negative, I needed to make her change her mind and letting her know that there's people that really loves her, just like me.

-Of course!- I exclaimed.
-You're pretty nice, you're not like the others- she said.
-That's because I'm the cutest guy in the world- I said with a smile.
-I already know that- she said and laughed a little.

She had a pretty laugh, I wanted to hear it always.

-We should hang out more- I said.
-Really? Don't you think I'm a freak?- she asked.
-Of course not! You're different from the other girls, you're real and you don't pretend, that's something special about you- I said and she blushed.

We kept walking in silence for a minute.

-I know that this will sound weird, but can I have your phone number?- I asked her.
-Sure- she answered with a smile.

I handed her my iPhone and se handed me hers.

After I wrote my number on her phone I handed it to her and she handed mine.

-Thanks for making my day Niall- she said with a smile.


It was 2:30 pm and I was bored and all alone in my house. I was supposed to be with the guys but they already got plans.

I needed to do something.

I remember how my dad took me to see the race cars when I was little. I just loved it.

Great plan Styles!

I took my car keys and drove to the race circuit. It was empty and with luck I would had the chance to see a racer practicing.

I locked my car and I walked inside of the building.

There were a lot of cameras and I saw that they were interviewing the Ferrari sponsor man.

I decided not to interrupted and went to sit to the seats outside next to the circuit.

I was walking down the stairs when I saw a girl with curly dark hair.

-Hey- I said while walking to her.
-Hey Harry- Rose said.
-Do you mind if I sit next to you?- I asked her.
-Not at all- she said with a smile.

I sat next to her and I realised that the racer of Ferrari was practicing and I also noticed that Rose was wearing a racing uniform.

-You like the outfit?- she asked me and she giggled. 

I guess I just stared at her like an idiot.

-Yes, a lot, why are you wearing it?- I asked confused.
-Because my dad is the sponsor of Ferrari, and my brother is the "star" so I need to come to every interview- she said kinda upset.
-That's cool, and you race too?- I asked her and she looked at me.
-No, my dad thinks it is too dangerous, but I'm really good at it- she said with a smile.
-I bet you are- I said while locking my eyes on hers.

She smiled and looked away.

-And I'm really sorry about leaving you like that at school, it was very rude, it was just that...- she started saying but I interrupted her.
-Don't worry, it's fine- I said and she smiled.

I looked at the amazing car that her brother was driving.

-You really like this huh?- she asked me while she looked at me.
-Yes- I said with a smile.

Rose stood up, grabbed my hand and took me to her brother changing room.

-What are we doing here?- I asked.

Rose walked to the closet and took out a brand new Ferrari racing suit and handed it to me.

-Take this- she said.
-For me?- I asked.
-Yes dummy!- she said and we both laughed.
-But your brother...- I said and she cut me off.
-It's fine, he has hundreds of this, he wouldn't mind- she said.
-Thanks a lot- I said.

I left the suit on a chair and hugged Rose, she hugged me back.


I couldn't believe that I was hugging my Harry.

-Rose!- I heard my dad calling me.
-Coming dad!- I exclaimed.

I pulled away from Harry's hug.

-I guess I should be going- I said.
-Yeah, me too- Harry said rubbing his neck.
-Thanks for everything Harry- I said and I kissed his cheek and I ran to where my dad was.


It was 2:50 pm and I was getting ready for my shift.

I entered the store and went to the restroom to change my shirt for a green one that said "I <3 Animals" and I put on it my name tag. 

I fixed my hair a little and I went to check the puppies.

-Hey sweethearts! How are you today?- I said while rubbing all the puppies.
-You love your job, huh?- I heard Liam asking me while entering the store.
-Yes, a lot- I said excited.
-So what we need to do first?- he asked.
-Could you please go to the back of the store and bring some food for the puppies?- I asked him
-Sure- he answered


I went to the back of the store and grabbed some packs of dog food. 

I went back to where Sophie was and I saw her holding a puppy and suddenly by accident I read her mind.

"How cute you are! I bet you're hungry, don't worry, my Liam will bring you some food" she thought.

Her Liam? What if she really liked me.

-Thanks Liam- she said

I handed her some packs of food and I helped her putting them on the puppies plates.

Everything was perfect when suddenly my phone started ringing.

-Aren't you going to answer?- Sophie asked me.
-Oh, yeah- I said

But when I picked up my phone I realised that it was the emergency alarm.

-Sophie, I'm sorry, but I really need to go- I said while putting my phone inside my pocket.
-Um, ok, see you tomorrow- she said kinda sad and confused.

After that I ran to Harry's house. (Our super base was there)


-So did you understand Hitler's feelings?- I asked.

Zayn was so focused on the book.

-Yes!- he whispered excited.
-I'm glad you do!- I said with a smile.
-You're the best teacher ever! You're so smart and pretty...- he whispered and I blushed.
-Thanks...- I said.
-So what's the next thing?- he asked.

I was about to answer him when his phone started ringing.

-SHHHHHH!!!!!!- I heard everybody exclaiming.

Zayn took out his phone and his smile fade away.

-I really need to go, see you tomorrow ok?- Zayn said and ran away from the library.

I was in shock and confused. Then I saw him running on the parking lot.

-Zayn!!!!!- I exclaimed and rested my hand on the window.
-Could you please shut up?- a girl said.

After that I took my stuff and went back home.


I've been here with my Andrea for an hour and it has been so funny. This girl is hilarious. We were so distracted that we forgot to go to eat.

-So Andrea...- I said kinda serious.
-Yes Lou?- she said with a smile on her face.
-Do you have a date for the prom?- I said kinda nervous.
-No, why?- she asked with a huge smile on her face.
-Because I was wondering if you...-

I was just about to ask her to the prom when my phone started ringing.

-Who dares to bother me!- I exclaimed playfully and Andrea laughed.

I saw my phone and it was the emergency alarm.

-Oops! I gotta go!- I said while standing up.
-Sure Louis, thanks for everything- Andrea said to me.

I kissed her cheek and I took my backpack and ran to Harry's house.


We were like three blocks away from my house.

-You really walk this much to go to school?- Niall asked me with a smile.
-Yup- I said -But I got used to it.
-I've been having a so amazing time with you!- Niall said to me.
-Me too! Thanks a lot -I said with a smile -Hey Niall?
-Yes?- he answered.
-Do you want to stay to eat at my house?- I asked him.
-But your parents...- he said

I got kinda sad.

-They won't mind, and you'll make my day even better- I said.
-Ok then!- he said happy.

We were just a block away when Niall's phone started ringing.

-I really need to go- Niall said.
-What? Why?- I asked confused.
-I'm really really sorry- he said

Niall just ran away, leaving me there alone.

Good job Lizzie, you just freaked out you Niall Horan.


-What's the problem?!- I asked while entering Harry's basement.

All my friends were there with sad faces, except Louis and Harry.

-We have a new enemy...- Liam said.

Liam turned on the huge TV and a tall guy like 10 years older than us, all dressed in black, black hair and bright re eyes appeared on the screen.

-Hello One Direction, I'm Death Eye and I'm here to destroy you!- he said with an evil voice and an evil laugh.

-We'll stop you!- Liam exclaimed and the telly turned off...

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