The Most Amazing SuperHeroes in the World

What would happen if One Direction were super heroes instead of a boy band? How their lives would be? In this story they are the most amazing super heroes in the world! They also have normal lives, of course, but what would happen if falling in love with their dreamed girls made then want to be just normal people??? Read to find out!!
A/N** another of my ideas for a story! Hope you like it! Oh and in the story all the guys will be 19 years old ;D I love you mis guayabassss<3


3. Our Girls

Liam's crush:
-Sophie Roghe
-16 years old
-Blond, long, straight hair, part at the half of her head
-Light green eyes
-Personality: outgoing, funny, loves animals.
-Best friends: Andrea and Lizzie
-She's from Germany.

Louis' crush:
-Andrea Hamilton
-16 years old
-Caramel, straight, long hair, part at the side.
-Dark brown eyes.
-Personality: funny, loves school, friendly, loves nachos and cheerleading.
-Best friends: Sophie and Lizzie
-Born and raised in London

Niall's crush:
-Lizzie Rodgers.
-16 years old.
-Brown, straight, long hair with side swept bangs (scene style bangs)
-Light brown eyes.
-Personality: shy, loves food, romantic, loves romantic movies and playing video games.
-Best friends: Sophie and Andrea
-She's from Wisconsin, USA
-She  sings like Christina Grimmie
-Her mom died of cancer and he moved with his father to London.

Zayn's crush:
-Valen Garcia
-18 years old
-Long, brown hair.
-Brown eyes.
-Personality: funny, caring, sometimes shy, lovely, likes video games, music and reading.
-Best friends: Rose

Harry's crush:
-Rose Hernandez
-18 years old
-Dark (almost black) long, curly hair.
-Blue eyes.
-Personality: loves race cars, photography, art and music.
-Best friends: Valen

A/N** all the girls will be BFF's at some point in the story ;)


I was sitting in the floor resting on my locker listening to Evanescence songs. I arrived earlier to school because I wanted to spent some time by myself. Since my mom died my dad has been so weird and he's always trying to make me do some stuff with him, I know that's good, but he exaggerates. For some classmates I'm kinda weird, first because my American accent, see, I'm not British, we moved to London when my mom died, I'm originally from Wisconsin. They also hate me because I look different from the others, I'm not the perfect girly girl, I'm just a kinda scene girl that tries to survive to this mean world, but the good part is that I have two best friends that have always support me: Sophie and Andrea. They are the most popular girls in school, but there's a thing that make them special, they took me as best friend and they didn't care how did I look or my likes.

-Lizzie!!!!- I heard Sophie running to me in her cheerleader suit.
-Yes?- I exclaimed while I turned off my music.
-You need to hear this!- she exclaimed happy while sitting next to me.
-Yes! This is so amazing!- Andrea said while sitting by my other side.
-What?- I said happy.
-The spring prom is in two weeks!- Sophie.
-And of course we need to help!- Andrea said, always so optimistic.
-Of course not!- I exclaimed faking excitement.
-Why not?- Andrea asked confused.
-Because I have more important things to do- I said.
-Like trying to flirt with your Niall- Sophie said.
-Keep quiet!- I said while covering her mouth -of course not.
-Yeah, and I need to check the animal shelter all this week because the owner is going to be out of the city- Sophie said when I took my hand away from her mouth.
-Well, maybe Louis can help you- I said with a smile.
-Maybe...- Andrea said while blushing.
-And definitely I won't go to the prom- I said.
-What? Why?- Andrea said sad.
-Because nobody will ask me to- I said
-We're asking you- Sophie said.
-Ugh, I mean, a guy won't ask me to go- I said.
-But you've never been to a school prom- Andrea said trying to convince me.
-And I like it like that- I said while looking at my iPhone.
-But what about you going with Niall, Sophie with Liam and me with Louis?- Andrea said while shaking my arm.
-That could work, except for the part of me and Niall- I said.
-Don't be so negative, anything could happen- Sophie said trying to cheer me up.

If you don't know what we are talking about, we'll let me explain you, Niall, Louis and Liam are our dreamed guys. I like Niall, Sophie likes Liam and Andrea likes Louis. This guys are part of an amazing group of super cute and handsome guys that rule the school, their names are Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry . But the sad thing is that I'll never get Niall to like me, but it's all good with Sophie and Andrea because they're pretty, funny and outgoing.


I was taking out some stuff from my locker when my best friend Rose stood up next to me.

-Hey!- I said.
-Hey, how's it going?- Rose asked me.
-It's been extremely good, I read like 6 novels this weekend!- I said so happy, I loved to read.
-That's awesome- she said.
-How about you?- I asked her while closing my locker.
-Well, I spent my weekend with my dad, you know, he's an important sponsor for the race cars industry- she said happy.
-And did he let you run?- I asked her.
-No, he says that it's to dangerous and all that stuff...- she said mad.
-But you are so good at it!- I exclaimed trying to make her happy.
-Well, tell that to my father- she said
-I know what will make you happy!- I said.
-What?- she asked with a smile.
-The spring prom is soon and your Hazza is totally free!- I whispered excited.
-So is your Zayn, huh?- she asked and smiled.
-I hope so!- I exclaimed happy.

After that the bell for first period rang and we walked to our classes.


-Guys we're late!- I exclaimed while parking the car in the parking lot.

We all got out of the car and ran to the school.

-See you in the break!- Harry asked and then we went to our classes.

Louis and I had Chemistry so we went together at class.

-Good morning kids- the professor said while we ran to our seats.
-Good morning- we answered. 

Louis sat in a desk in front of me.

-So today you're going to do the equations that are in the blackboard- the professor said.
-Do you have any paper Liam? I forgot it in my house- Louis turned to see me and asked.
-Sure- I said while handing him a sheet of paper.
-And a pencil?- he asked and I smiled.
-Yes...- I said and handed him a pencil.
-Thanks mate- he said and turned back to his work.


I copied all the equations to my paper when I heard the professor saying.

-Guys can I have your attention for a second, this girl has an important thing to say you- he said but I really didn't paid him attention.

Then I felt Liam hitting my back slightly with his pencil.

-What?- I whispered to him while looking him.
-Look- he whispered and told me with his pencil to look at the front.

And there it was, my sweet Andrea.

-Thanks professor- she said gently - well guys, as you may know the spring prom is just around the corner and I need volunteers to help me after class this 2 weeks, the prom is on Saturday- she said 
-So anyone would like to help this lady?- the professor asked.

Nobody raised their hands, I was sad and confused, what should I do?!?!

-Nobody? Well thanks professor- she said kinda upset an started walking to the door.
-Wait Andrea!!- I exclaimed and raised my hand.

She stopped and looked at me happy while the others were looking me weird.

-Um, I would like to help you- I said kinda shy.
-Thanks Louis!- she said and wrote my name in her notebook and then she left.

God, I was so happy, I was going to help my girl with the prom stuff, but the best part was that maybe I could ask her out to the prom!


History was my favourite class, not because I liked history, because in this class I was with Valen, my secret crush. Neither my friends knew that I liked her.

-Welcome guys- our teacher said while we went to sit.

Damn, I was at the back of the classroom and Valen was at the front.

-So guys, as you know, each week we have an exam of what we've seen the whole week so today were going to start with a new chapter of your books- the teacher said.

Damn, I sucked at history, I needed help.

That's when I got an idea! Maybe I'm not Liam, but I'm good when it comes to girls.

I quickly wrote something in a piece of paper, I crumbled it.

-Pass this to Valen- I whispered in the ear of the guy that was in front of me and I passed him the paper under the chair.


-Hey Valen, this is for you- a friend whispered behind me. 

I turned around and she handed me a small piece of paper.

I opened and I smiled

"Hey Valen, would you please help me to study for the exam? I really suck at this and I know you're pretty smart xxx ~Zayn"

I couldn't stop smiling, Zayn Malik just asked me to help him study.

I quickly answered him.


Valen sent me the paper back. I was pretty nervous about what she could answer me.

"Of course Zayn, we can start today after school if you can ~Valen xxx"

I looked at her and I smiled at the time that I was shaking my head to tell her yes.

She smiled and blushed and looked back at the blackboard.


It was finally recess time and before I catch up with the boys in the cafeteria I went to put my books inside my locker. I opened the door and I started looking for my money when somebody crashed with my locker door.

-Are you ok?- I asked while closing my locker door. It was Sophie.
-I guess- she said while rubbing her forehead.

Then she opened we beautiful green eyes and smiled, I smiled too.

-I'm really sorry Liam- she said and I helped her to stand up.
-Hey, don't worry- I said while picking up her iPhone that flew away when she crashed.
-Thanks a lot- she said with a smile


-I didn't do it on purpose, it's just that I've been so busy and distracted this days- I said ashamed.
-No problem, and why? Can I help you with something?- he asked worried. 

His hazel eyes were so pretty.

-Um, I don't know, it's just that with all of the job of the animal shelter I can't find a time for myself, even though I love animals, but I really just want to rest- I said while he handed me my phone.
-Maybe I can help you- Liam said with his beautiful smile.
-But how?- I asked.
-Maybe I can help you with your job in the shelter, so you can finish early, I don't care if your boss doesn't pay me, I just want to help you- he said.

I was dying of happiness.

-Will you really do that for me?- I asked excited.
-Of course!- Liam answered happy -just give me the address and when your shift starts- 
-Sure, thanks a lot, you're my superhero- I said.


That's what I wanted to be, her superhero.

I handed Sophie a notebook and a pen and she wrote the address. 

-See you later Liam, thanks again- she said while walking away.
-Bye!- I exclaimed.

After that I walked to the cafeteria.

-Hey Liam! Over here!- I heard Harry exclaiming and I walked to where he and the rest of the guys were.
-So how was your day guys?- Niall asked us.
-Pretty good- Louis said and I smiled.
-So how about going to play some video games to my house after school?- Harry asked.
-Um, I can't, I told Andrea that I would help her with the prom stuff- Louis said happy.
-Really Louis? That's great! How about you Zayn?- Harry said.
-Um, I need to study for my history exam- he said nervous. 

I knew he was hiding something.

-Liam?- Harry asked.
-Well, I'm going to help Sophie with her job at the animal shelter- I said while stealing some chips from Niall's plate.
-Well, well guys, it seems that you don't waste your time- Harry said and Zayn smiled.
-You should do the same Harry- Louis told him.
-So do you Niall- Zayn told him and Niall started to look for his crush.
-Really?- he said nervous.
-Yes! You really love her! Maybe she likes you and you're breaking her heart!- Harry exclaimed.
-And I heard that she has never been before in a school prom- I said and all looked at me weird.
-It's up to you to change that mate- Zayn told Niall.
-Fine- Niall said nervous and passed me his food tray and then he left.


I walked out of the cafeteria and went to the corridors to find Lizzie. And as usual she was sitting next to her locker listening to music.

She looked so beautiful. She was wearing a light green shirt that said Free Hugs, black skinny jeans, pink Nike boots and a grey beanie on her head.

I walked towards her and sat next to her.

-Hey, what are you listening?- I asked and she opened her eyes.
-Um, hey, and I guess you won't like it- she said nervous.
-Can I?- I said pointing at her ears.

She pulled out of her ear an earphone and handed it to me. Her hands were shaking. I put the earphone on and I recognised the song: "Still Into You" by Paramore.

-I really like this song- I said while staring at her brown eyes.
-Really?- she asked with a smile on her face.
-Yes, and your t-shirt is awesome- I said making her smile grew wider.


-Thanks- I said embarrassed. Niall Horan just said that he liked Paramore and my shirt. That couldn't be happening.
-I'm Niall, Niall Horan- he said. 

I was thinking: I know, and by the way I know everything about you.

-I'm Lizzie, Lizzie Rodgers- I said.
-That's a pretty name- he said making me blush.
-Thanks, yours is cool- I said.
-You're not from here, right?- he asked me.
-What do you mean with that?- I asked confused.
-Your accent, you're American, huh?- he asked.
-See, if you're going to laugh its fine...- I said kinda mad.
-Who said that?- he asked confused.
-Many people thinks that my accent is funny- I said looking at my feet.
-I think it's adorable- he said and I looked at him with a smile.
-Thanks- I said blushing.
-So...- he said while rubbing his neck -are you going to do something today?- he asked me.

Did he just asked me that.

-Um, well, I have a one hour walk to my house because I don't owe a car and after that my dad will make me do something ridiculous and boring...- I said.
-Really?- he asked.
-Yeah...- I said kinda sad. I wasn't going to tell him why.
-So maybe I can walk you home, so you won't be alone and you can have fun- he said with a smile.
-Really, it's not necessary...- I said.
-Please...- he begged with a puppy face.
-Fine, Horan boy- I said with a smile.
-Horan boy?- he asked smiling.

We both laugh and ten the bell for the next class rang.

-I think I should go to class- I said

He stood up quickly and held his hand out to help me.

-Thanks- I said.
-See you later princess- he said and I blushed.
-See you later Nialler- I said and I walked to class.


It was the last period and I wanted it to end in that second.

I had a plan: when the bell rang I would ran to Rose's locker to ask her to hang out with me.

-Harry?!- the math teacher said my name taking me out of my thoughts.
-Um, yes?- I asked confused.
-it's the third time that I ask you: what the answer for this?- the teacher asked me.
-Um...- I said. I didn't know what to answer.
-Pay more attention Styles! That's why you failed the last month- the teacher exclaimed.

Whatever. The bell rang and I ran to Rose's locker.


I was walking to my locker when I saw a guy standing next to it, it was Harry.

-Hey- he said while I opened my locker.
-Hey Harry- I said while putting all my stuff inside of it.
-How was your day?- he asked me nervous.
-Pretty good, and yours?- I asked.
-Same- he said.
-Hey, Rose- he said and I looked at him.
-Yes?- I answered while closing my locker.
-I was wondering, would you like to hang out with me?- he asked me.

He asked me to hang out with him!!! I was screaming inside.

I was about to answer but my phone biped.

"Sweetheart, I need you to come with me to the race circuit for an interview, I need you to be home NOW ~Dad"

-Harry, I can't- I said while putting my phone inside my pocket.
-Well, um...- he said said.


-I really need to go- Rose said -But thanks.

Then she walked away.

-Maybe some other day?- I exclaimed.

She didn't answer, she was too far to listen.

My heart was broken.

A/N*** hope you liked this chapter!! I want to thank you all for your support!!! Love you all.
Special thanks to:
~Sophie (my cousin)
~Andrea xxx (my sister)

Love you mis guayabassss!!!!!


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