The Most Amazing SuperHeroes in the World

What would happen if One Direction were super heroes instead of a boy band? How their lives would be? In this story they are the most amazing super heroes in the world! They also have normal lives, of course, but what would happen if falling in love with their dreamed girls made then want to be just normal people??? Read to find out!!
A/N** another of my ideas for a story! Hope you like it! Oh and in the story all the guys will be 19 years old ;D I love you mis guayabassss<3


6. Kiss Me...


After school ended I walked quickly to my house because the sky was grey and it seemed like it was going to rain.

-Hey sweetheart- my mom said when I entered my house.
-Hey mom...- I said kinda sad.

I was sad because of Zayn, he was just using me.

-What's wrong sweetheart?- my mom asked while walking to me.
-Nothing mom, I'm just tired- I said.

I walked upstairs to my room and threw my backpack to my bed. After that I slowly closed my door and rested my back on it.

Tears started running down my cheeks, Zayn didn't love me and that broke my heart.

I was now sitting on the ground hugging my knees and still crying.

-I need to be strong- I said while wiping my tears away.

I walked to my bed and opened my backpack, I took out my history book and started reading it...


I was walking alone at school carrying my history book, I was looking for Valen.

I walked to the library and looked for her, but I didn't find her.

-Um, excuse me...- I whispered to the librarian- ...have you seen Valen?-
-No...- she answered while looking at me -...she hasn't been here...-

I went outside and grabbed my phone, it was 2:30pm.

-Where are you Valen?- I said to myself.

I walked out of school and when nobody saw me I start flying. I flied high enough to hide from the people.

I flied some minutes until I stopped on a roof top.


I was reading when I heard footsteps on the roof...

-What?- I asked to myself while staring at the high ceiling.

I continued reading when my mom called me.

-Valen!!! Someone's here to see you!- she exclaimed.
-Coming!- I answered.

I put my pencil on the page that I was and then I closed my book.

I ran downstairs and tears started forming again in my eyes. I saw Zayn sitting on the living room holding his history book and a bouquet of red roses.

-Valen...- Zayn said and stood up quickly.
-Hi, Zayn...- I said quietly.

Zayn started walking to me and my mom left.

I looked down trying to hide my teary eyes. Zayn left his book on the couch and lifted my chin with his hand.

-I'm sorry...- he said -I didn't mean to hurt you...-

I smiled and he wiped my tears away. His brown eyes were locked on mine and I blushed.

-I thought you didn't want to study with me anymore...- Zayn said.
-Yes, I want to... It's just that I thought that you were busy...- I said.
-I would rather be with you, it's the only thing I like to do...- he said.

Zayn handed me the bouquet of roses and I smiled.

-Thanks...- I said while smelling the flowers didn't have to...-
-But I wanted to...- he said and his hand touched mine.

I smiled and I got nervous... was this a trick to fool me again?

-Let's go upstairs to study...- I said.
-Sure...- he said and grabbed his book.

We walked upstairs. Zayn followed me to my room. We entered my room and Zayn closed the door behind him.

I walked to my desk and left the roses there and I grabbed my history book.

When I turned around I saw Zayn laying on my bed.

-Are you comfy?- I said and laughed.
-Pretty much...- he said you mind?-
-Not at all...- I said and I sat next him.

I opened my book and I noticed that Zayn was staring at me.

-What?...- I asked him I have something on my face???- 
-No...- he looked at me cutely-'s just that...
-Yes?- I asked nervous.
-I think you're... Pretty... Very pretty...- he said and sat down next to me.
-Thanks...- I said nervously and I started to play with my hair.

Zayn looked at me with a smile.

-Valen?- he asked while taking my hand away for my face and putting my hair behind my ear.
-Yes?- I asked while staring at his beautiful brow eyes.
-Would you mind if I...- Zayn said nervously.

Zayn's face was pretty close to mine, he rested his hand on my cheek and started to pull me closer to him.

I closed my eyes, waiting, my heart was beating so hard that I could hear it in my ears.

-Zayn...- I whispered and in that moment Zayn placed his lips on mines.

At first I didn't know what to do, but then magically our lips started moving in sync. His lips were soft and he was an excellent kisser.

His hands were now on my waist and I slide my arms around his neck, pulling his body closer to mine.

After some minutes of kissing I pulled away.

-Let's study...- I said while giggling.
-Sure...- he said and rested his forehead on mine.


I was "reading" my history book. I really was staring at my beautiful girl. She was explaining me something about a war but I was concentrated on her soft and precious lips.

-Zayn?- she said my name.
-Um... Yes?- I asked coming back to reality.
-Are you paying attention?- she said with a smile on her face.
-Yes...?- I said.

She laughed and closed her book.

-Enough studying for today...- she said while walking to her desk.
-Yes, and I think I should go home before it's starts raining...-

But it was too late, it was raining now and Valen laugh.

-Let's go and eat something...- Valen said.

She grabbed my hand and led my downstairs.


School was over and I was supposed to be preparing everything for the prom, but Louis insisted me to go out to eat, so we went to a little Italian restaurant that was around the corner.

We entered to the restaurant and we went to sit at a table next to an opened window. Louis pulled out the chair for me.

-Thanks...- I said while sitting down.

Louis ran quickly to sit.

-Good afternoon, are you ready to order?- a waitress asked us.
-Sure!- Louis said excited

Louis grabbed the menu and pointed something to the waitress.

-I'll bring it to you in a second- the waitress said and left.

Louis looked at me with a smile.

-What did you ordered?- I asked him with a smile.
-Surprise, surprise...- he said and I giggled.

Minutes later the waitress came back with a huge plate of spaghetti and an extra big chocolate milkshake with two straws.

-Enjoy your meal...- the waitress said and left.
-Louis...- I said with a smile.

Lou handed me a fork and we started eating from the spaghetti plate.

I was eating when I realised that Louis and I were eating the same spaghetti stick (what's the name for that??????)

I giggled and Louis smiled nervously. 

We kept eating until our lips met... We kept kissing for a while until I pulled away...

-I'm sorry for that...- I said.
-Hey, don't worry...-he said while grabbing my hand under the table-... I really wanted... to... to kiss you...

I blushed and look down and our fingers interlock.

-Me too...- I said while blushing.
-I really enjoy being with you...- he said.
-Me too...- I said.


After we finished eating I payed the bill and we started walking hand in hand to the school to prepare everything for the prom.

We entered the school and suddenly it started raining.

We started laughing and dancing through the corridor to the gym.


I was taking some stuff out of my locker before I went home when I felt somebody tapping my shoulder.

-Hey, Harry- I said while turning around.
-Hey, how was your day?- he asked me with a smile on his face.
-Pretty good, and yours?- I asked him.
-It was excellent, because I saw your pretty face...- he said making me blush.
-Thanks...- I said.

I closed my locker.

-So... do you have any plans for today?- he asked me
-Not really...- I said -Why?-
-Maybe we could go to the race circuit to see a little race...- he said.
-That would be great!- I said and picked up my backpack.
-Let me help you with that...-

Harry took my backpack away from me and hanged it on his back.

-Thanks...- I said with a smile.

We walked like for 30 minutes when we arrived to the race circuit.

Harry guided my to the track and stopped next to a parked race car.

-What are you doing?- I asked him confused.
-I dare you to a little race...- he said me and handed me a helmet.
-But... what if my father?...- I asked nervously.
-Please... he won't know...- Harry begged me with an adorable puppy face.
-Fine...- I said.

I couldn't say no to that face. I grabbed the helmet and then I jumped through the window to my favourite car, Harry did the same but in my brother's car.

We drove the cars to the race track. We stopped on the start line.

-On your marks, get set... GO!- Harry exclaimed and I started driving pretty fast, followed by Harry.


Rose was an AMZING racer. I was a total loser compared with her.

The race ended and Rose won. We parked the cars again and we got out of them.

-You're amazing!- I said while walking to her.


I couldn't believe that I just did that, it was amazing.

-Thanks Harry- I said while hanging the helmet on the wall.

Suddenly I felt to strong hands on my waist.

-Rose...- Harry whispered on my ear.

I turned around, I was against the wall and Harry had his hands in my waist.

-I can't take it anymore...- he said while staring at my lips.
-Neither I...- I whispered.

Harry crashed his lips on mines and started kissing me passionately.

I slide my arms around his neck and he took a step forward, there wasn't any space between us, he hugged my waist and kept kissing me.

I didn't know this Harry, but I love him.


It was 3:00pm and I was working on the pet shelter.

I was sitting on the floor with the puppies. They were jumping and acting like crazy, I couldn't help but smile.

Suddenly I hear the little bell that sounds when somebody enters the shop.

-Hi, welcome to...- I said but I stopped when I realised that it was Liam with the shop uniform.


I entered the shop and I saw Sophie playing with the puppies, I couldn't help but smile.

-Hey, Sophie- I said while sitting next to her.
-What are you doing here?- she asked me.

Then a puppy started jumping next to me and I grabbed him.

-I thought you needed help- I said while tickling the little puppy.
-He likes you- Sophie said with a smile.

"And I like you..." I thought.


-Can you help me with something in the back?- I asked Liam while standing up.
-Sure- He said and he stood up.

We walked to the back part of the shop when suddenly a huge bag of dog food fell from the rack.

-Oh my gosh!- I exclaimed

The bag was about to hit my head. I closed my eyes and waited for the impact, but I felt a strong arm pulling me far from the bag.

Liam and I fell to the floor, I was on top of him.

I started crying and he hugged me, we still on the floor.

-Everything's fine- he whispered on my ear.

I looked at him and my hair was resting on his shoulder.

-Thanks Liam...- I said.

He wiped my tears away and smiled.

He rested his hand on my cheek and he pulled me closer until our lips met...


Detention was over and I walked outside the school.

-My backpack...- I said.

I forgot my backpack on the classroom. 

I was walking back when it suddenly started raining.

-Fuck- I said.

I was about to enter the school when a strong arm pulled me. It was Bryan, the most idiot guy in the world.

-Where are you going so fast?- he asked me in a seductive way and then pushed me against his car.
-Leave me alone idiot!- I said.

He grabbed my hands and pushed them again his car.

-I'm going to have some fun with you...- he whispered

Suddenly his lips crashed on my neck and I started crying and I tried to break free.

-Help...- I whispered.


I was running trough the corridors of the school carrying Lizzie's backpack. She forgot it on the classroom. But it was raining, and I couldn't go outside with her backpack.

I was about to turn around when I saw Lizzie, and Bryan was about to rape her... I quickly changed into my hero suit and I ran to help my princess.


I closed my eyes waiting for the worst when I heard a thick accent behind Bryan:

-I'm just going to tell you one time: leave the lady alone...- he said.

I opened my eyes and Bryan looked back: it was Irish Man<3 I smiled. I had a secret crush on him.

Bryan let me go and ran away.

-Are you okay?- he asked me while walking closer to me.
-Yes... Thanks a lot...- I said nervous
-Let's go inside the school...-

He grabbed my hand and I felt sparks. He ran inside the school.

He got closer to me and I walked back, until my back was against the lockers. Irish man came closer and took away my damped hair from my face.

-Can I tell you something?- he said.
-Yes?- I said
-I'll take you to your house-

He grabbed my hand and quickly ran to my house.

We stood up under a tree that was next to my house.

-We are still getting wet...- I said and smiled.

He smiled too and I looked his piercing blue eyes, I was in shock... I could swear that I've seen those eyes before.

-Thanks for saving me...- I said and I hugged him.

He hugged me back tight. Nobody has hugged me like that before.

-Can I ask you something?- he said.
-Sure...- I said and pulled away.
-Are you friend of Niall Horan?- he asked me while rubbing the back of his blonde hair.
-Yes! Why?- I asked him.
-Because his my friend too...- he said.
-That's amazing!- I said happy.
-And... he always talks about you...- he said nervously.
-Really?- I asked confused -and what does he tells you?-

He looked at me nervous...

-That you're smart, you have an excellent taste on music, that you are funny ad shy... and that you're the most beautiful girl he had ever seen...- 

Irish man rested his hand on my cheek.

-And what do you think about him?- he asked.
-He's funny, cute and adorable, his blue eyes are the most beautiful in the world, his smile is perfect and he knows how to treat me like a princess...- I said.
-Because that's what you are...- he whispered

He lean in and suddenly our lips met. We were kissing in the rain. His lips were soft and we kissed slowly and it was perfect, but all the time I was thinking that I was kissing Niall.

I couldn't believe that Niall said that about me, I was falling more in love with him.

After a minute we pulled away.

-Well, I have to go...- Irish man said.
-Thanks for everything...- I said.

We looked at each others eyes.

-Bye princess...- he said and ran away.

I walked to my house. I closed the door behind me and I closed my eyes. I couldn't stop thinking about his eyes.

-Niall...- I whispered in shock.

Suddenly somebody knocked my door. It was Niall and it was damped.

-Niall...- I said -come in-

Niall came in and I closed the door.

-You forgot this...- Niall said.

He opened his jacket and I saw my backpack.

-My bag! Thanks Niall!-

Niall left my bag next to the door and I hugged him.

-I have to go...- Niall said.
-Thanks for everything, Nialler...- I said.
-See you tomorrow, princess- 

Niall left and I carried my bag to my room. When I opened it I saw that inside there was a rose with a note:

"Beautiful, that's what you are, and believe, this is not a prank, I want to be where you are, and tell you how special you are... I'm waiting for the day to confess you that I love you, face to face, and I want to be your prince"

At the back of the note it was written a huge "R"

It hadn't any sign, so I put it in my night stand next to the other one, and I put the note in my desk next to the other...

I laid on my bed and started thinking about the kiss that Irish Man gave me. And the hug that Niall gave me... And those eyes...

I sat down in shock...

Irish man eyes... Niall's eyes...

It couldn't be...



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