I love you

I'll just let you read what the book is about. :D Hope you like it!!! :D



I backed away and started to walk out of the building. Before i got to the door, a hand pulled me back and spun me around. I got quite dizzy, and started to fall over when Niall caught me. I tried to get up but he pulled me back down. I looked into his eyes and felt like i was looking into heaven.  He brought me closer then we kissed. He brought me back up after he broke the kiss. I was so happy that i went bright red and i could hear the fans screaming and going crazy. I looked away from Niall and saw the camera and then the rest of the boys clapping and smiling. I turn back to Niall and give him a big hug. He picked me up and then carried me on-stage.


"Sorry about that Guys." Louis said. 

"We aren't gonna tell you what happened this morning." Zayn said as he looked at me. he jumped up from the couch and then started back away from me and Niall. I asked Niall if he could let me go. he did what I asked. I soon turned around to face Zayn and started to walk towards him."YOU ARE SO DEAD!!!!!" I yelled. I started to chase Zayn but Niall caught me before i could tear Zayn to bits. I kicked and squirmed but Niall had a tight grip on me. He dragged me into the wings of the stage. 

"What has gotten into you? Why are you like this?" He said.

I didnt answer

"Your not going back out there for the whole night. I am getting one of the security guys to take you back to the tour bus." he said disappointed. I gave him an apologetic look but he looked away from me. One of the security guys grabbed my arm and then escorted me to the door and into the car then drove me to the bus. as soon as I walked into the bus i went to Niall's Room. I was that mad at him that i didn't know what i could do.  I soon started to go through his clothes. I got out his favourite shirt and hugged it tight and started to cry. 


*2 hours later*


I heard voices. they were calling my name. I heard the door open and heard whoever it was call out that they had found me. "Bella? Why are you in my room?" Niall said. I shrugged. " I was upset. I didn't want to go into my room. It is too boring. Plus, I love the smell of your cologne. It's nice and it helped calm me down."  I said smiling up at him. 

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