Things in life you can't repair..

Brooklyn Holmes is just an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life. But when one comment on her photos on Facebook shows up, suddenly her life changes.,


2. School, Friends, Family & Facebook.

I'm attending St.Elmaith's secondary school, I'm going into fourth year this September. It's a really nice building, with three floors and 15 rooms on each. Big, is what you'd call it. My friends in this school are Emilia, she is amazing and absolutely beautiful. I have two other good friends, Jack and Fionn. They are such a laugh, and really helpful when decorating houses for halloween as Jack's Dad owns a joke shop in the city, so we get everything for free :) I work part-time in a makeup shop, all I have to do is work at the till. And i'm also a babysitter, but me and Emilia work together on that one :) Anyway, my family is quite small. I live in a house in Kilkee with my mum, my dad, my brother Mark and my sister Leighla. There's two years between us all, Mark is seventeen and Leighla is thirteen. I'm the middle child ! I love doing Leighla's makeup, she's so beautiful within and without makeup, I wish I looked like her. Me & Mark like playing music together, well I listen and he plays. He's so talented ! I upload his videos sometimes on my Facebook account, Brooklyn Holmes. He's so talented ! 

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