Teen Status Quo

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3. Status Quo: Sluts

For some unknown reason Girls constantly get labeled as a Slut, Whore, Tramp, Skank, Hoe, Loose, Etc. during their years of junior high and high school. People always did say, "Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you." Where did that even come from? I think that is the stupidest saying I have EVER heard in my life now, Because it's all a lie. Sticks and both words could Kill you.  Just look at what happened to the lovely Amanda Todd. Words push people over the edge to do things that they would never do if they weren't exposed to bullying and name calling.


Honestly I stopped believing in the saying after my 5th grade year because of how easy the word is thrown around. And Young people just toss it around like it's not hurting anyone. "OMG she is such a slut!" Well ask yourself this... Why is she a slut? Is it because the one guy that likes her you don't want her to have? Half of these words weren't even said to meant the way that they are use now-a-days. For example DO YOU REALLY think that when they used the word Tramp in the movie/story "Lady and Tramp." That they meant it as a girl that is a slut? And I don't know why on earth someone started to use the word Hoe away from it's true meaning (Garden tool). I think that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.


People constantly judge one another it scornful ways not realizing the damage it does. Guys also for some reason like to call innocent girls sluts for no reason. For example they call girls sluts because they turn them down. What kind of incompetent jerk do you have to be to sink so low?

Him: "Hey you.. Wanna make out?"

Her: "No. I don't even know you."

Him:" Well fine. That's why you are a slut anyway."


But instead of telling everyone what really happened. He tells them either "Yeah me and her hooked up last night because she is such a whore." or "She begged me to makeout with her last night but I said no because I heard she had an STD."  EITHER WAY Her reputation is gone instantly. Because he was so insecure he had to bring her down with him.


Some girls just want to have that true love. That Romeo. But It's hard finding the perfect one on the first try.. It's almost impossible. So does it make her a skank just because she has dated more that 2 people? Not to me. There are plenty 18 year old girls that have dated maybe 7 people during their entire life when their are 16 year olds out their having babies left and right. But see if it were a dude and he dated maybe an estimated 20 girls since he first started dating and hooked up with maybe 7 or 8 of those 20 What would he be called? .. a winner.


But you never Judge someone because of how they look or by what people 'say' about them. "Oh she is 15 and has a baby.. she is a whore." But what if that same 'Whore' Got her virginity stolen from her when she got raped by her step father when she was only 14 and got pregnant? Is she still the 'Whore' now? .... I would hope not.


Author's Note: Haha I can't believe I'm even writing an authors note. I usually skip them when people write them in books. But Now it's my turn and I hope you guys aren't like me and skip it but Please remember to hit that like and favorite button so you wont miss any updates! Oh and comment.. I love reading comments and creative advice, they makes me feel good.



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