finding who i am

it all started the night her parents beat her, so she went to a foster home. what will happen when there is another tragic accident and she finds out she's not who she thought she was. this is a story love, heartbreak, revenge, and finding out who you are.


3. introductions

Alaskas pov

I woke up and turned towards the clock on my nightstand, 7 o'clock, why was I up this early. I got out of bed to see autumn painting her nails.

"you want wanna paint yours"

"sure, why are up so early"

"I couldn't sleep" I smiled and grabbed a sparkly red. when spent the next hour getting to know each other. I felt like we were best friends. I pulled my hair into a high pony tail fixed my makeup and walked downstairs. everyone was down there at the breakfast table. Mrs.jenkins stood up

"so let me introduce you to everybody" there were at least five kids. they introduced them selves from youngest to oldest.

"hi i'm linda" a little girl stood up she brown hair and green eyes

"i'm noah" said the little boy from the bathroom last night

the boy who's room I went into last night "i'm channing" wow I loved that name mostly because of channing tatum.

" And i'm mad we took in charity case" said girl with bleach blonde hair and black eyes. well this was going to be interesting. I fake smiled and went upstairs to get dressed. I looked at tube to cover up my bruises, it was emty. I guess its meant to cover a small area. I sighed, I pulled on black skinny jeans to cover my legs. I pulled on a dark colored tank and a red sweater and red wedges. I walked downstairs, no one was there then I went outside to see all of the other kids there. they were all in the pool. I wish I could go in but I couldn't possibly let them see my bruises or that scar stomach, it was supposed to be gone in a couple months.

autumn waved at me " come swim with us"

"no I cant sorry" I said as I sat criss-cross-apple-sauce next to the pool

" why not" she looked at me suspiciously. I was about to say something when someone pushed in the pool. I went to the bottom and popped right back to the surface, to see that mean girl, matilda I think, smirking at me. why did she hate me so much? I sighed and went in side the house.

I got to my new room and started cringing, for the first time. I missed my old life.arms wrapped around my dripping wet body, I turned around to see who was comforting me....

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