finding who i am

it all started the night her parents beat her, so she went to a foster home. what will happen when there is another tragic accident and she finds out she's not who she thought she was. this is a story love, heartbreak, revenge, and finding out who you are.


11. Bleeding out

I ran down the stairs and out the door. This could not be happening. I thought we had a connection, a strong one at that, but I guess not. My speed decreased to a slow walk after running a couple blocks. I was about to head back to the house when something caught my eye, flashing lights. I walked closer to see what was going on I saw Phoebe. she was crying her eyes out as a handcuffed man was escorted to the back of a cop car.

When the police had finally driven away, I decided to comfort Phoebe after all I would want someone to do the same for me. "Are you okay?" I asked her taking a seat on the porch. "What does it look like?" She snarled. "Oh my gosh I am so sorry I didn't mean it its just my dad and..." "I understand. What do they say he did?" I asked cautiously not wanting to upset her again. "hey said that kidnapped some boys a little over a year ago, but I know he didn't do it he couldn't of" a year ago? "Did they say anything else?" I questioned. "NO, just that they found seven bodies around this neighborhood and the other three were missing" I slowly got up and walked away. Her father is a suspect for the kidnapping of my brother, this isn't possible.

The walk home was a lot farther than I remember, but when I finally got there I wishing it was a lot further. Mason, Matilda, Channing, and Amber were outside. GREAT. "What happened to you? You look like crap" Amber asked. "Not more crappy than usual though" Matilda muttered under her breath. I slightly shook my head in disapproval to what Matilda said and walked inside. "There you are wanna play my game, its so much fun. first you-" Nah started rambling when I walked in. "Bugger off Noah" I said as I walked upstairs. "Young lady, that is no way to talk to him. You will get down here and apologize or else" Mrs. Jenkins reprimanded me. "Or else what? Your gonna send back home? In case you haven't realized I don't have one!" I screamed and slammed the door to my room. Todays the forth worst day of my life, I bet you can guess what the first three are. First I find out my boyfriends a no good player and my friends dad could be the man who kidnapped and possibly killed my brother. OH what luck do I have.

A/N Hey guys so I've finally updated my book. I was been working on 'Chloe' when I realized I haven't updated this one so here it is. I hope you guys are as excited as I am now that this book is no longer on hold and.. I should probably shut up most of you guys are probably not reading this so, um, Happy Easter(Everybody celebrates Easter, right?)

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