Never Let Me Go

Macy is a girl that has everything that she could wish for. She has an amazing boyfriend, the greatest friend that she could ask for, and great grades............ but this isn't a perfect fairy tale........................ anything could happen and Macy will be left alone, with no shoulder to cry on.


1. True Love

Macy's P.O.V

I dumped my books down at my desk and sat down as the bell went. I rested my head on my left arm to hide my face, hoping that she wouldn't see me. but it was too late. she had seen me "oh no" I whispered to myself. Stacey and her friend, Sophie, were giggling to each other looking me up and down. "I'm so ugly" I whispered to myself.

"NO UR NOT" a voice from behind me said. It was Jacob, my boyfriend. "You're the most beautiful person in the world" he said, looking my in the eye. I make the biggest simile. I get out of my chair and hug him.
Jacob sat in the chair next to me.
"Don't let those girls get to you" he said, with a worried and serious look on his face.

"ok" I say, giving him a kiss.

"oh, I brought you something" Jacob says, pulling out something from behind his back.

it two cappuccinos, one for him, and one for me.

"I was wondering what you were hiding behind your back" I say, giving a little laugh. "Awww, you're amazing" I say, as he hands me a cappuccino. we both take a sip at the same time.

"oh, and something else" he says as he takes out a paper bag from in his bag. he takes out a cookie. its my favourite, and offcourse he knows. He goes to pass it to me but before he does, he takes a quick bite from it. I laugh.

"your so cute, you know that!" I say as I take a small bite.

"actually, I do, you said it just yesterday" Jacob says, smiling and laughing.

His smile is so cute! He has beachy blonde hair and blue eyes.... I guess you could say he's a surfer dude... but he doesn't surf because we live in the country lol.

Jacob's P.O.V

I want to tell her that I love her but this isn't the time or place. I know!

"hey, I was wondering if"

"Alright class, everyone get seated". oh no, it's Mr Sanches.

"tell me at Recess babe" she gives me an innocent smile, I stare at her for a few seconds because I can't resist her amazing smile, her blonde, soft hair with aqua dip dyed ends, the mole on her left cheek, just above her mouth, and her blue-green eyes that I get lost in everyday.

she looks at me and says "I know, I'm irresistible aren't I". she sarcastically laugh.

"yes, yes you are" I say.

"aww" she says, but before I can say anything, Mr Sanches steps in-between us and places test on our desks.




Ok so that was the first chapter..

I hope it's ok :) not that anyone will read it lol

thnx :) <3 <3


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