Never Let Me Go

Macy is a girl that has everything that she could wish for. She has an amazing boyfriend, the greatest friend that she could ask for, and great grades............ but this isn't a perfect fairy tale........................ anything could happen and Macy will be left alone, with no shoulder to cry on.


3. Going Home

Jacob's POV

Finally, the bell goes and I walk to my car where I always wait for Macy. I'm only waiting for about two minutes till Macy comes. she is so beautiful!!
"so.... what did you want to ask or tell me?" she says in her cute, sexy voice.
"well... I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight, just you and me?"
"aww, I'm so sorry Jacob, but I have training tonight, you know that" Macy frowned.
"oh, sorry, what about tomorrow nigh? u free?"
"sure, can't wait!!" Macy says, and hops in.

Macy's POV

I feel so bad, but at least we can do it tomorrow night. Jacob drives me to my house, he's so sweet and caring.
I give Jacob a kiss goodbye, say "Thankyou", and rush up to my room so that I can ring Chloe and tell her about my date tomorrow night. whenever one of us has a date, the other comes to our house to help with our hair, makeup, and clothes, that's what friends are for lol.
when I get off of the phone, mum calls.
"Sorry Hun, your training has been cancelled. The court is being used, there is a final tonight, want to go and watch?"
"That's great, sorry mum, can't watch, I have a date with Jacob" I almost scream. I sprint up stairs and call Jacob. but his phone is turned off, "must be still of from school" I think to myself.
So I'm sooo excited that I decide to walk to Jacobs house. "If I get there soon, he can drop me back off at my house, and I will still have time to get ready" I think to myself.
so I start walking. but when I get there, he isn't home, but his parents are.
"Where is Jacob?" I asked.
"sorry sweetie, he hasn't came home yet, we don't know where he is" his parents, Rebecca and Henry say, with a worried look.

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