Failed Secrets

My parents died when I was 8. My older brother was lucky enough to be 19 and be able keep me and him together. After ten years of him watching me and I turning 18. Something really bad happens. I never know how I get through the day will work. I move to London and want to get a new start. I run into some mishaps along the way. But isn't that life? But sometimes life can be very unfair.



 I was watching the game while sometimes carrying on a little conversation with Niall.  I would start to chat with Niall and then turn to look down the bench and what I would realize is that Chandler was looking down to me and Niall talking with a disappointed look on his face. I turned around and went to watch the game. I was watching Chandler out of the corner of my eye and saw him put his head in his hands. 




The game was over. We lost and Niall's band mate was pissing me off. I wasn't in the best mood but Niall's accent and beautiful blue eyes were cheering me up by talking to him. Soon I saw the girls walk in the tunnel. I knew time was coming to end. I was hoping that he would have the guts to ask me for my number. So far it seemed like that wasn't going to happen. " Let me see your phone." I said holding out my hand. He pulled it out of his back pocket and gave it to me. I unlocked it and put my info in and with a smile said " There." I told him goodbye and left with the girls. I was walking out to the car and then heard " Bent! Wait up." I turned around and saw Chandler running after me still in his uniform. He came up and didn't say a word. He looked in my eyes and then next thing you know was I felt his lips crashing into mine. I pulled away quickly and soon felt hot tears down my face. Chandler knew that I didn't want a boyfriend right now. In the stadium that was just  a show for the stadium. Nothing more for me. Chandler saw the look on my face and his face soon fell too. I turned around to get into the car. When I felt a hand grab my wrist. "Let Me Go." I said. He let go lightly and I yanked my wrist away and got in the car quickly and drove off. 


We got home at around ten and the girls were tired so I let them go to bed they were excited to sleep in tomorrow since it was Friday night. I sat on the couch feeling alone when I heard my phone vibrate. I looked at it and it said " One new message: Unknown " I opened it and it said:


Hey it's Niall! How are you?

I'm doing alright. What are you doing right now? x.

I got a reply almost instantly.

Um..Nothing. Why what's up?x.

Do you mind coming over I need a friend right now?


Yeah! Just tell me your address and I'll be over ASAP. xx.


I sent him my address and he said he'd be over in twenty minutes. I don't know why i'm so upset over it. I mean yeah Chandler is cute and all but I don't want anything than a friend right now. I need to get settled and figure out school and take care of the girls. They're my  first priority. I mean Chandler knew my situation. He even said that in the stadium it was a show. So then why would he even think about doing that? Like really? I heard a knock which dragged me out of my thoughts. I went and answered the door. Before answering the door I looked fat myself in the mirror. I looked hideous. I opened the door and Niall stood there he had a smile on his face that was until what he saw. His face dropped and he walked in. " What's wrong?" he asked looking at me. I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the living room. We sat on the couch and looked at each other in the face.


Niall Pov


She dragged me to couch and I sat facing her. " Chandler kissed me. I know you saw the one in the stadium but he said that it was a show. He's my best friend, I never thought of him anything more and I never will. I don't know why it bugged me so bad. Maybe it was because he knew that I didn't want anything more than a friend because of the girls and I needed to take care of them first. I mean also he has a girl friend! what will she think of me when she see's it? great I really wish my brother was here or even my mom. I haven't talked to her for a long time." I looked at her in the eyes she had tears streaming down her face. " Just to let you know my mom and  dad died when I was eight and my brother died three weeks ago." She looked at me. " I have no one but those girls. Their my life and I don't wan't anything than a friend because I have two responsibilities and I can't be out all night with them home alone." I looked at her. " Well I'm here for a friend. When ever you need me. About Chandler, you're a very beautiful girl, I bet he had feelings for you since you guys first met and maybe thought that you had the same feelings for him. You still have a right to be mad at him considering that he does have a girlfriend. With that kiss in the stadium it's only a little time before she finds out. For your parents and brother. I know that it's hard not having family. I really haven't been in the same situation as you but I bet they are watching over you right now. Wishing that they didn't have to go so they could be here for you. I know i'm not family but if you ever need any help with the girls or anything just remember that I'm a phone call or text away." She looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes. " Thanks Niall." she said. I opened my arms and she scooted over into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her and rested my head on hers. We sat there for silence till I noticed that her breathing was slowing down. I looked down at her and she had fallen a sleep. I moved to where I could lay down with her in my arms. I was about to drift off to sleep when I heard " AHHHH Bentwy! Bentwy." She started to move when I said " don't worry I'll get her." She rolled back over and I hopped of the couch and ran up the stairs as fast as I can. I got to her room and opened the door. There was little Macie sitting straight up in bed and tears streaming down her face. " NIAWL! he almost got me but he killed bentwy he killed her. then me and marley got lost and she was gone and I was all alone in the woods." I picked her up and she gave me a big hug. Not letting go. " wanna go get something to eat" i asked. She shook her head yes and was still holding on for dear life around my neck. I walked downstairs and turned on the kitchen light. I asked her what she wanted and her response was the most random thing at midnight. " pancakes! make me pancakes please!" So I set her down on the stool and went in the pantry and found everything very easily. It was about ten minutes later and pancakes were done. I gave her plate and put a plate for bentley and marley in the fridge and then we sat down at the counter and ate our pancakes. After she was done i put her plate in the sink and then I picked her back up seeing that she was tired. We made it to her room and she was fast asleep. So i put her down and tucked her in. Then I went back down stairs to see Bentley waking up. I walked over and she let me back on the couch. We laid there talking about the little things until we both fell asleep. It felt like five minutes before we were both awake. It was Saturday so we decided it would be fun to take the girls to the zoo. So we ate and got ready. I opened the blinds to see that there was a group of about fifty paps outside. " Great." I muttered. So when we left. I had picked up Macie and Bentley had grabbed Marley's hand and we walked outside. 

" Niall!! Why did you stay over?"

"Bentley! Are you dating Chandler Hoffman?"

"Niall! Do you like Bentley?"


We ignored all the questions and made our way to the car and then to the zoo. The girls were so excited to see all the animals. When we pulled up to the Zoo yet again there were paps. It's like they all read minds. 

*Next Day*


I had stayed at my place tonight. But was planning on going over to Bentley's house today after meeting up with the guys. 


We met up at Liam's place to hang out for a couple of hours. Still waiting on Harry.


Harry POV.


I  was walking down the street when I passed a news stand and noticed that Niall and Bentley were on almost every celebrity magazine cover. I bought one just to see what it said. 


How could he do this to me! He knew I called dibs on her and now he is trying to get her. He hangs out with her and sleeps over after coming over really late. I can't believe one of my best mates is trying to get the girl I called dibs on!


Liam POV

We were waiting on Harry it had been about a half an hour and still no sign of him. We were sitting there when Harry barged through the door looking more angry then I had ever seen him. He stormed right past to his bedroom. He slammed the door and then I heard some screaming and the sound of something hitting something. Louis looked at everyone and said "I'll go see what's going on." We all just kind of stared at one another as Louis got up and went to his bedroom.


Louis POV

I got up to see what Harry was so mad about. So I went up to door and listened for a second when I heard that it was silent I knocked and heard a faint " Come in." So I walked in and was shocked to see what had happened.

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