Just a Haunted House

Let's be honest with ourselves, we all have fears. Some are stupid, some are obvious, and some actually have a great story behind it. As for my fears? They're obvious. They use to be stupid, but now they have a great story behind them. Fears are something you have to face, and I thought I was ready for that, but I was wrong. Being in a haunted house for a night with four of my best friends, and the One Direction boys changed my life. When I finally thought the fears of ghosts and demons were gone, something indescribable happened. The saying 'Everything is not what it seems' never fit more perfectly with my story. And thanks to those five boys, that's a saying I will never live without.


4. Hide and Scream

    After the counting started everyone spread out and started running around the house to find a good hiding spot. Instead of running I walked up the stairs, I was scared to make a lot of noise. Once I was up the stairs I walked down the hall that was to my right, I got inside the first door and closed it behind me. Why am I playing this game? Hide and seek is fun, but not when we're all in a haunted house. I looked around the room and noticed it was about the same as the room we were once in. There was a bed, trunk, and wardrobe. I could hide in the wardrobe or trunk, but which one? The choice was actually pretty obvious, I'll be more comfortable in the wardrobe, but Zayn might not suspect the trunk as much. "Ready or not here I come!" I heard Zayn shout. I quickly made my way over to the trunk, I opened it up and got in. The trunk wasn't long enough for me to stretch my legs out, but it was deep enough for me to fit and and bend my knees. I closed the the trunk and waited.

    I could faintly hear footsteps around the house, meaning Zayn was walking around looking. Once in a while I would hear him say 'Found you!' or I would just hear yelling. The yelling wasn't because of fear though, I could tell it was because they were having a good time. "You have to tag me first Zayn!" shouted Louis. The footsteps were louder than usual, they were probably running around the house.

"Louis! That's not how the game works!" I heard Zayn yell breathless. Who has Zayn found anyways? Louis for sure. By the sounds I've heard I would have to guess that he found Eli since I heard her scream, and maybe Niall and Harry? I'm not sure, I was probably completely off; but for sure it was Louis and Eli.

    The trunk I was hiding in was really stuffy, all I was breathing now was hot air, and it didn't feel good. The first person Zayn found was the one who was suppose to look for us next, since he already found a few I didn't have to hide anymore. I tried to push the trunk open but it wouldn't budge, what the noodles? I tried to push it open again, but it didn't budge! I started hitting the top, hoping someone would hear me and get me out of here. The air I was once breathing seemed really thin now, like it could suffocate me at any minute. "Can someone get me out of there!?" I shouted as loud as I could. The footsteps I was once able to hear stopped, I couldn't hear anything anymore.

"Someone! Please just get me out here!" I shouted again hitting the top of the trunk. It was as if the house was empty, like the boys and the girls just decided to ditch me and left. Also what was up with this trunk? It opened fine when I got in, but now it's stuck. Or worse, it's like someone's sitting on it.

"Guys! This isn't funny! Please just get me out!" I shouted again. By now I could feel hot tears roll down my cheeks, was I going to stay here forever? I started hitting the top again, trying to push it open but it was staying the same. I stopped trying and wiped away the tears, coming to this house was a bad idea. Even though I did get to meet One Direction, being stuck here and getting scared maybe isn't even worth meeting the boys. Did I really just say that? Of course it's worth it! I'm just scared! I just want to get out of here and go hug Deisy! She's like my teddy bear! I don't get as scared when I'm with her, I don't know why.

    The house was still quiet, I don't know how long I've been in here but I know it hasn't been long. The tears I was shedding before stopped, and the air I was breathing seemed to be running out. It was hot and stuffy, I wanted to take a breath of fresh air right now more than anything. The house was really quiet, all I could hear was my breathing. Was Zayn still even looking? A gun shot snapped me back to reality. "Guys!" I shouted. All I heard now was screaming, but none of the screams sounded familiar. I started to freak out, what was going on? I started hitting the top of the trunk again trying to pray it open to get out. I heard another gun shot, that really freaked me out.

"Guys! Please get me out of here!" I shouted. I heard running and those same screams I heard before. They were ear shrieking and they seemed to be scared, but those shouts didn't sound familiar. Tears started to flow down my cheeks again, I hit the trunk harder. Both of my hands were hurting, it felt like they were burning from how hurt they were. If it wasn't so dark in here I would probably be able to see how red they are, but either way I knew they didn't look pretty.

"Guys please get me out of here!" I shouted again. I heard one last gun shot when the trunk finally opened. I was met with warm brown eyes and I knew they were Zayn's. I hugged him tight and started to cry, a part of me really hoped it was Deisy instead of him, I felt like she could comfort me more than he ever will.

"Come on, let's go with everyone else," he whispered.

    Zayn helped me out of the trunk and we both walked in silence to the first room we were in. Everyone was sitting down in a circle on the floor, they were all quiet and I could tell they were all scared. So I wasn't the only one who heard those shots? What was that then? Zayn and I sat down joining the circle. Eli and Niall were next to each other, but it seemed like Eli was comforting him more than the other way around. Veronica was in between Liam and Mayra, it seemed like they were both trying to calm down the tears that were staining Vero's face. Harry was next to Mayra, Louis next to Harry, and Zayn next to Harry. Making me be in the middle of Zayn and Eli. I looked over the faces again, but I didn't need to double check to make sure someone was missing. "Yeah, apparently the family that use to live here were shot to death. The family included a women, man, two kids, and a baby girl," Mayra's story snapped me out of my thoughts. Deisy wasn't in here, where was she?

"Was that why we heard gun shots and random screaming?" asked Niall.

"Probably," said Mayra.

"Guys, where's Deisy?" I asked them.

"She's hiding behind that door, she probably thinks we're still playing," explained Vero pointing to the room's other door.

"What's in there anyways?" Mayra blurted out.

"The lou," Harry said.

"Deisy isn't behind that door, I found her and told her to come in here," explained Zayn.

"No, right when the game started she came in here and told us not to tell you she was in there," explained Liam.

"Liam, I found her upstairs hiding in a closet," explained Zayn. Their little arguing wasn't getting us anywhere. I stood up and walked over to the closed door, I opened it and my heart dropped.

"It's empty, she's not in here," I said.

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