my 2nd chance at a first love

I fell in love again, but this time i think he's the one, the first time i was with someone it didn't work out he cheated on me three times, but hopefully 2nd times the charm. at least i think it could be


4. 2 year later

It's been two years since i last talked to Sam or even seen him and lately i've just been working and trying to keep Sam out of my mind but it hasn't been working i can't stop thinking about him but i can't get into his world, i don't know what world exactly it is that he is in but i've done some research and the whole thing sounds really dangerous i don't even get how he does it or even why he does what he does all i know is i should steer clear of him but at the same time i don't want to i think that i might be in love with him.

I was still working at the cafe and then i saw Sam walk in with his brother dean and then i went over to them and said

"What can i get for you two"

then Dean said

"i'll get eggs and pancakes with a side of bacon"

"okay and what about you Sam?"

"well for one i want my girlfriend back but i'll have the same as Dean"


then i gave the cook their order and then a few minutes later i came back with their food and handed it to them and then i got off of work just as they were leaving and when i went outside Sam lightly pushed me against the wall and he kissed me and then i pulled away

"Sam i do love you but i can't be with you"

then i left and went home.

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