my 2nd chance at a first love

I fell in love again, but this time i think he's the one, the first time i was with someone it didn't work out he cheated on me three times, but hopefully 2nd times the charm. at least i think it could be


2. 2 weeks later

I had just woken up, and i went for a walk, then i saw Sam, and some guy talking to each other i even over heard it

*Sam, and the guys argument*

"where did you go two weeks ago Sam"

"you weren't at the hotel so i went looking for you"

"so who is she, and how are you gonna let her down"

"i'm not gonna let her down"

"yes you are!!, dad said we shouldn't be in any type of relationship because of what we do!!"

"we don't always have to listen to dad!!"

"yes we do Sam, and you know it"

"well you know what Dean, i'm gonna go find her, and it should be brothers first then hunting second"

*end of Sam, and Deans argument*

then Dean walked away, and i went over to Sam

"hey Stranger"

"hey" he said with a glum look on his face.

"are you okay you seem upset"

"me and my brother just got into a fight"

"oh..what about, maybe i can help"

"you can't help with this"

then Dean came over to us, and Sam got in front of me

When Dean saw me he said

"is this her"

"yes it is" Sam said looking as if he knew what his brother was about to do, and then Dean spoke up again, and said

"you know you will never be with Sam his life is to complicated to have you in it so stay away from my brother!!"

when he said that he just walked away, and then Sam turned to look at me

"i should go Sam"

"don't let my brother scare you off, i might not have known you for so long, but i like you"

then i kissed him, and then i left .

i was so shocked at kissing him i never was the one to just take chances and risk it all, but with Sam everything felt different, i was different, but in a good way. if that makes sense


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