Where love is war (one direction fan fiction)

"Where love is war" is TV show where there are 20 contestants, ten girls and ten boys. There is a King and a Queen. Each week a girl or a boy gets dumbed and who ever makes the best bonds with the other member are most likely to win...read and find out more!
*sorry if its not good this is my first story and its based on a real TV show and im going to try my best and please like it and comment what you think about my story
Leticia xx*


9. Day 2

Harry Pov 
As soon as Taylor Lautner and Megan fox said bye to the camera because they were done for today. And what ever happens from now on would be aired on TV next weekend I think. I knew all the cameras were on, and the management of the show watched u,m 24/7 so I told myself not to do anything stupid because I wasn't going to ruin my reputation. I started to look around and Oh Lord all the girls were so fucking HOT, but one of the girl that was picked randomly from twitter was exta Hot and she looked so annoyed or bored, like she didn't want to be here I wonder why.

As I was looking around the girl's eyes met mine as soon as they did her eyes shot wide open and her mouth formed a perfect O, I smiled and winked at her thinking that she might be a fan. She turned around and whispered something to the girl that was standing right next to her. The girl turned around and saw me and she started fanning herself I rolled my eyes I guess these girls are a huge fan.

 "Monica Noo you just cant tell everyone to dumb you and first of all the manger of "Where Love is War" is never gonna get you out of the show, remember you agreed to do this when Megan told you when you agree you cant turn back unless you get dumbed" the girl who was fanning herself said in a hushed tone still looking at me but my eyes were fixed on to the girl, I think her name was Monica. "Kat I dont care! If I cant get the management to get me out of this show I will try to convince everybody in the villa to dump me. And trust me I can be very convincing, plus I rather go home than live with that psychopath there" monica said while looking at me from the corner of her eye. Woah there did she just call me a PSYCHOPATH? 

"Well you wanna know something Monica no one is gonna dump you. Do whatever you want I dont care anymore! Your on your own now" Kat said. And started to walk towards me I gave her a fake smile because I was still...worried? What no way I am not worried!
 "Hi..I'm Kat" she said interrupting my thoughts. "I know..I mean I heard you and your friend talk"  I said. "Were you eavesdropping?" She said trying her best not to laugh. Umm hell yeah I was. "No way. I was just looking around at all the contestants you guys looked pretty tensed and plus you guys were really loud so I could hear you guys from here" I said while pointing at the floor.  "Oh! Well I am a huge fan...hopefully we have a good bonding" she said. "Yeah me too. But whats up with your friend I mean why does she want to get dumped?" 

"Oh its nothing, do you know where Niall is?" She asked. "Umm can I ask why you wanna know? Ahh you have a crush on him..I mean you didnt ask for anyother band member..but you asked for Niall" I said smirking "Umm I mean he was the first one that came up on my mind" she said blushing "awe your blushing, oh well Niall is inside the villa. And he is bonding with a girl named Victoria justice..I mean like more than a friend bonding" I joked..and she took it seriously and her lips went from a smile to a frown. "Oh ok." "Hey chill I was kidding he is inside the villa chatting with the other lads" I said while rubbing her back "Haha very funny" "Isnt there supposed to be three of you guys?" 
"Yeah. One is me the other one is in the Villa her name is Juliet and the last but not least Monica she was the one that I was talking with"  she said "ok. Sorry I gotta go bye." "Me too I wanna start bonding with the other contestants so I wont get dumbed" she said laughing. "Same here" "You must be kidding your Harry Styles no one would dumb you!" She said I shrugged and started walking to the Villa. I mean you never know what can happen, the best can become worst while the worst can become the best.
Juliet's Pov 
I felt bad for ditching Monica and Kat, but I had too. I know Monica and Kat would never dump me so I thought of bonding with the other contestants I mean I have to win this show no matter what. As soon as I entered the Villa I thought of taking a tour of it, It was so big and fancy. There were 10 rooms, 15 bathrooms, two living rooms, one bar, a big pool, a golf course just outside the villa, a game room, a bonding room and last but not least there was fucking Disco room. And the every single room was painted in different color which I thought was really cool. 

After the tour of the whole villa I walked up to each and every contestants that were in the villa and started to introduce myself the only one that was left was Harry Styles. I walked over to balcony and started to admire the view, until someone taped on my shoulder I suddenly turned around and saw it no one other than the Harry Styles. "Ah you must be Juliet" ahh he knows my name I was mentally happy dancing in my mind. "Juliet are you okay" Harry said waving his hand in front of my face.

 "Uh I-I yeah I am fine..how do you know my name?" "Your friend Kat told me" "oh ok. I have bonded with everybody in the villa except for you" "So what are we waiting for lets start our bonding session" He said and we both started to walk towards the nearest room which was colored in a shade of green. I started off by asking what were his likes and dislikes and he never asked about my likes and dislikes, he just waited for me to ask question and the only thing he did was answer. It was getting a little annoying. 

" Umm so can you tell me something about Monica" he asked. Why Monica? Why not me? Oh well I dont even care. "What do you wanna know?" "I mean what is she like and what her likes and what are her dislikes?" he said smirking wow what the Hell.... he wants to know what she likes and what she dislikes....I thought we were bonding why did Monica have to come up. "She loves listening to music, she is a dancer, she is hates it when people are clingy, she is pretty cool when you become friends with her and she dislikes guys that use girls and last but very imported she hates One direction with burning passion" I covered my mouth  As soon as I realized what I just had said. 

"She hates One direction? B-but she doesn't even know us?" He shuttered "Pfft umm d-did I say she hates One direction..I-I meant she l-loves One direction especially you, you are her favorite..umm I have to go to sleep now its late Ill talk to you in the morning" I lied, crap why did I even have to say that he was her favorite I knew Monica was going to kill me if she found out what I  had just told Harry Styles, the one that she hated the MOST! 

Authors Note 
Hello lovelies sorry for not updating! Thanks for 6 likes 
I had like 6 favorites but now I have 4 which is very depressing but oh well I guess I am not good at writing..but trust me I am trying my best and first of all I learned english two years ago thats why I am not that good at writting in english but I still try! And thanks for the likes again! 
I love you all! please like favorite and comment what you thought! 
-Thanks Leticia

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