living again

my friend came back to life


1. first day

"hey vannah" my best friend lynette runs to me at the bus stop on the first day of school

"linnet" i say as she runs into me with a hug

"i missed you" she screams in my face

"ouchies, you don't have to scream in my face" i say covering my left ear with my free arm, i have my viola in my other hand, Emily walks over to us

"hey, go buy yourself something pretty" she hands me a penny

"thanks, ill go buy a mansion and buy some crap with the thousand dollars in my bank account" they laugh and i put the penny in my pocket

"your welcome, see, i knew the penny would sell" she says and the bus pulls up

"lets go" we run for the bus like idiots, Lynette has shoulder length copper colored hair, Emily has long dirty blonde hair, and kylie, who is running after us, has shoulder length brown hair like mine, but im the only one of us four that has blue eyes, they all have pretty brown eyes, but i like them, my eyes change shades of blue then turn green at times

"come on kylie" i yell stepping on the bus, the bus is soo crowded nobody has their own seat, except for tyler, he hogs the freaking seat

"ok, so" i say sitting diagonally from kylie, and in front of Emily

"what, potato" she says, ever since she got one direction infection, she has always said potato after her favorite member niall, but i hate them, i just think its stupid to like somebody that much

"oh be quiet, i feel bad for lynette, she has to sit way up there" i wave to lynette sitting about five seats in front of me

"yeah i know, i wish there were more seats free back here" Emily busts into our conversation

"way to interrupt our conversation" i say laughing as she just smiles

"yeah, BAZINGA!!!!!!!" she yells the last part

"stop that" i slap her arm and cover my ear

"what, this" i slap her in the face before she can do anything else, she puts her hands loosely round my neck and shakes me

"omg your choking me" i say expressionless

"kill joy" she says

"yes i am thank you" i say and stare out the window at the school

"first day back, how tragic" kylie says, then lynette texts me

<to vannah> i have a twenty five year old boy friend and he has a six pack and is really hot, i met him online

<from vannah> lynette, why, im so ashamed of you

we get off of the bus and lynette starts yelling to teachers about her 25 year old bf

"ahuh, cool, wait what" the science teacher says and she pulls me inside to the orchestra room so we can put our instruments away

"that was hilarious, they were like what, now to tell Alyssa" she pulls me to our super viola buddy Alyssa

"hey guess what, i have a 25 year old boy friend, aahhh" lynette screams and looks around warily

"oh my gosh lynette, how could you" she laughs and walks away from us and i see Andrew and russle staring at me, they look away and start talking to each other , i look away to kylies cello

i gasp

"kylie, let me see that" i take her cello and lynette grabs it too

"we had a baby together" she says and everyone gives us a weird look

"hey, give us some space for our baby" i say and everyone backs off a little

"im putting him to sleep until orchestra time" lynette takes it and puts it in the storage room

"come on, the bell is about to ring" Emily says and walks out of the hallway next to the band room and choir room, all of us except lynette and Emily walk out into the main hallway, they go to their first class, i go to the kindergarten hallway(im in 8th grade) to help a teacher, when i get to the class it is filled with about twenty kids, i set my backpack down and wait for the teacher to assign me something to do, first i collect their homework folders, then walk around to make sure they are doing their work right, they are coloring pants with stripes on them, then they come sit on a carpet and the teacher talks a little about being good and bad, along with the consequences of both

after class i meet lynette out in the hallway and we walk to our next classes talking about stuff

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