We're to Young to Know What Love Is

My name is Maya Eberley well part of me. The other part, well her name is Jet. I live a two different lives. I made Jet so I could be a pop-star and have a normal life. But everything is going down hill when I meat One Direction. Will I give up my secret to be with them or let my secret destory the band and destroy my life.


7. Chapter 7

Maya's P.O.V

I walked to the front of the house and walked in the front door. I walked in the front door. "Oh you guys agin." I said when I saw them. "Jet I'm sorr-" Zayn started to say. "No Zayn you're not." I said walking into the kitchen and grabbing a apply and walking back into the living room."Where are my sisters?" I asked. "Maya's upstairs in her room. And Lee's at her babysitters house with your dad."Liam said making me bit my lip. "I'm going to bed, night guys." I said walking upstairs. "Night." They yelled. I got to my room and changed out of Jet and into me then into my pj's. I walked down stairs and everyone was looking at me. I looked at all of their faces and stopped when I saw Liam's. I smiled to myself. "So is Jet looking for someone?" Harry asked. "No but she doesn't like you guy because of what you did last night." I said walking to Liam. "Oh you know about that?" Zayn said putting his head in his hands. "Yeah but I'm okay with it but she isn't." I said sitting down next to Liam. "What about you, Maya are you looking for someone?" Louis asked. "Um I don't know." I said looking at Liam. He had pain in is eyes. "Liam are we?" I asked looking at him. "lets talk in the kitchen." He said standing up and walking into the kitchen I followed. "So Liam are we a thing?" I asked. "I really like you but if you don't won't t-" He stopped because I kissed him. "So thats a yes." He said picking me up. "Yes." I said kissing him agin.

Niall's P.O.V

"lets talk in the kitchen." Liam said standing up and walking into the kitchen Maya followed him. I looked at Louis. "Are we going to listen?" I asked. "Yeah!" All three of them said. We popped up and ran to the kitchen door."So Liam are we a thing?" Maya asked."I really like you but if you don't won't t-" Liam was saying but he stopped. "Whats going on?" Zayn asked." I opened the door just a little. "Their kissing." I said."So thats a yes." Liam asked breaking away and picking up Maya. "Yes." Maya said kissing him. "There walking this way!" I said. "Couch now." Louis said. We ran to the couch and sat down. They walked out holding hands. "So Jet does't like any of us?" Harry asked making me look at him. "I'm hungry!" I yelled not letting Maya answer. "You're always hungry Niall." Maya said. "So you know, How?" I asked leaning my head to the right looking at her. "No I just guessed." She said looking at Liam. "Maya answer my question!" Harry said leaning back. "Yeah she likes one of you." She said kissing Liam. "Which one!?" Harry and Louis yelled. "I don't know! Do you won't me to find out?" She said pulling away. "Yes!" We all yelled. "Okay, Okay." She said getting off of Liam and walking upstairs.

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