We're to Young to Know What Love Is

My name is Maya Eberley well part of me. The other part, well her name is Jet. I live a two different lives. I made Jet so I could be a pop-star and have a normal life. But everything is going down hill when I meat One Direction. Will I give up my secret to be with them or let my secret destory the band and destroy my life.


4. Chapter 4

Maya's P.O.V

 The next morning my dad came in to wake me up. "Honey get up." He said sitting down on my bed. "I don't won't to." I said turning to face him. "One Direction their coming over today but you can be yourself." He saying pulling me out of bed. "Great." I said under my breath. "Did you say something?" My dad asked. "No." I said. "Get ready they will be here in 30." My dad said leaving my room. "Ugh." I got out of my bed and went to my dresser and pulled out my light blue ripped jeans and put on my half purple tang top. I slipped on my DC black and white high tops and ran down stairs. "Lee!" I yelled. "What?!" She said form behind me. I jumped "Do you know 1D is coming over." I said turning to face her. "What they are! Is Jet coming." She yelled. "No she not coming and you're going to Katelny's." My dad said walking out of the kitchen. "But dad-"She said adding a wine. "Do you won't me to drop her off?" I asked grabbing my car keys. "Sure. Just be back in 10." Dad said walking back into the kitchen. "C'mon Lee." I said holding the front door open for her. "Do I really have to go? Why do you get to meat them?" She said sitting in the front seat. "I don't know maybe because I won't fangirl over them because I don't like them!" I said starting the car. 

Harry's P.O.V

 We got to the address we where going to meat Jets manager. "I can't wait to see Jet agin!" Louis yelled just as we pulled in to her house as two girls got in a car and left.  "Yeah me too." Niall said jumping out of the car. "Zayn she'll forgive you, trust me." Liam said looking at Zayn. Zayn felt really bad for doing what he did to her. Zayn was quit the whole time here. He's never that quit. Niall, Louis and Liam jumped up to the front door. Zayn ring the door bell." Niall said."Okay." Zayn said ringing the door bell. 

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