My dream Kidnapper

Sarah Hunt is your average teenage girl.She has long bleach blonde hair and blue eyes,is on the cheer scuad and has every boy drooling over her intell one day she gets Kiddnaped by the person of her dreams


4. Where am I

    Liams POV

 Me and the boys were playing a game of black ops when Zayn and Harry walked in with a girl."You guys are joking right?"i said"No"Zayn muttered with a look of guilt on his face."How the fuck do you guys think its ok to go around taking girls off the street"Niall yelled"I dont know"Harry said while tossing the girl on the floor.I ran over and picked her up and brang her into Jade's room(The girl they Kidnaped first) and told her to take care of the girl.She nodded her head and i walked out.

    Sarahs POV

 I woke up in a room with a girl sitting on a bed next to me"Where am i?"i asked"In my room because two of the five Doofs out there Kidnaped you"she said"WHAT WHAT THE FUCK IAM NOT IN THE FUCKING MOOD FOR THIS"i yelled"calm down i was kidnaped to but besides one of the idots out there they are all really nice"she said"Sorry its just my boyfriend just cheted on me so im just Mad i guess"i said"oh thats all right hun"she said"so whats your name" i asked"Jade and what is yours"she asked"Sarah"i said"You are really pretty"she said"thanks so are you"i said

    Jade had mid back legth light brown curly hair and Brown eyes she was really pretty.So what do the people want from us"i asked"well its only two of them who did this the others are aganist it but the two idots who did this are gonna try to make you fall in love with them"she said"oh so who are thes.."i was cut off by two people running in the Niall and imLouis"they said"OMG so One direction Kidnaped me"i said"Well it wasent us it was Harry and Zayn"Niall said"Oh just great"i said falling on to Jades bed."look me Niall and Liam are here for you if you need anything"Louis said"Why thank you But can i talk to Harry and Zayn so i can go all crazy Karate on their ass'es" i asked"Sure"Niall answered"Harry Zayn someone wants to talk to you"Louis yelled"We are commine"Harry yelled.

  The boys and Jade left and Harry and Zaynn came in."Care to explain why you kidnaped me and why i shouldent throw you both out the God damn window"I asked"Well for starters he made me come i dident want to do it"Zayn said"Ok Zayn you can go"i said"Now Harry why shouldent i throu you out the window"i asked again but before i got a answer he Kissed me but i imediatly pulled away.Im not gonna kiss the person who Kidnaped me Harry.i said with a smirk as i went out in the hallway leaving him dumbfounded


         Hey guys i hope you like so far im gonna try to update in the morning and just remeber i have nothing againts harry i love him its just for a book anyway love yall Goodnight!!!!

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