Love At First Sight

Its about Justin Bieber going to visit his friend Chaz in Canada since Justin is on break and when he goes over to Chaz's house he meets one of there old friend from school she's a girl named Melody. They fall inlove at first sight they became friends and gave each other there number and one night Justin asked Melody out on a date and it turned out to be the best date she has ever been to and at the point Justin asked her out and she said yes. They have there ups and downs but always love each other.


1. The Reuniting Of Friends

         (Justin POV)

We were just boarding on the plane with Scooter so I can take my break and go to Canada and visit my friends and my dad and jazzy and jaxon. I missed jazzy and jaxon so much. Scooter was going to Canada cause he wanted to spend his break there to. I got on the plane and sat down on the couch and was on twitter a couple minutes my eyes started getting heavy and I dozed of to sleep.

- 3 hours later- Kenny was waking me telling me we just landed in Canada I jumped up and got my luggage and ran to my car I put them in and went to scooter and Kenny and told the im going to go see chaz and if I need anything I would call them, they both nodded and we all headed to our car.

- 30 minutes later- I was infront of chaz's house I saw this white range rover outside and I thought to my self who could it be because chaz never said he got a new car so I decieded to shrug it of. I went up an knocked on the door.

        (Chaz POV)

I heard the door knocking so I told melody ill get it. I got up and opened the door and Justin was there I was so happy I havent seen him in 8 months we did our handshake and I invited him in the house.

     (Melody POV)

Justin was at the door I smiled because since we were little kids at school I had a crush on him but I didn't know If he felt the same way.

    (Justin POV)

I went in and I saw Melody from school she looked so hot. I went and sat on the couch and chaz followed me. I went up to Melody and hugged her and told her I missed her so much she hugged back and said me to. Ive always had a little crush on here from school but i don't think she feels the same way.

   (Melody POV)

Justin came over and hugged me and said he missed me so much i hugged back and said same thing her. when we let go of the hug we starred into each others eyes. his eyes are so perfect they always make me melt on the inside since we were little kids. I saw chaz just standing there starring at us and me and Justin turned around and saw his face and we started laughing.

    (Chaz POV)

i saw Melody and JUstin and hugging and then pulled apart and starred intoeach others eyes i could see tht they both like each other. While i was looking at them Melody and Justin started lauging and i snapped out of my thoughts and i saw that they were laughing at me. Justin said i should have seen my face it looked like i was about to die. When he said that i started laughing. We all sat down and talked and i asked Justin when he came he said he got of the plane and came straight here.

   (Justin POV)

We talked a little and then i asked melody is that her car outside and she said yes. After that I got a call from my mom. ( phone conversation J=Justin M=mom)

J= haii mom

M= hey sweetie when are u comin cause ur dad and jazzy and jaxon are comin in 30 mintues to see u

J= ok mom im comin right now ill be there in 15 minutes

M= ok sweetie love ya

J= love u to mom bye

(end of conversation)

Melody can i have ur number so we can hang out i handed her my phone and she put her number in i called her phone so she can save my number and i said thank u and hugged her and then i went to chaz and told him ill call u soon by bro. While i was on mhy way out i yelled and said ill txt u both bye and with that i headed home.

- 15 minutes later-

I went up to the door and i knocked and my mom came out and gave me i hug we went inside and we went inside and me and my mom talked about how long im stayin and i said 2 weeks she was so happy cause we don't see each other a lot since i went on the believe tour. Time passed by and we heard knocking i told my mom i would get iti got up and it was my dad and jazzy and jaxon they cam in and i talked with dad a little then i played with jazzy and jaxon for about an hour and half an my dad came and told them that they had to go and that they would come and see me again so i hugged jazzy and jaxon and my dad and told them goodbye. After they left it was 10 Pm i went to my car got my luggage went to my room and showered i told my mom goodnight and i went to my room. I layed in bed thinking about Melody and if i can meet up with her tomorrow and ask her out on a date and with the thought in my head i dozed of to sleep.




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