That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


10. Strawberry jam filled, whip cream topped, pancakes!

"Avery, wake up, come see this,"came Louis voice.


"Louis is that you," Avery said.  She lifted her head off of her pillow.  She was light headed, and tired still.  


"You're dreaming Avery," said Louis once he came into view.  He was wearing A white t-shirt with white pants.  He looked full of energy and happy.  


"Louis, we miss you so much.  Nobody knows what to do.  Dani is going into hysterics and none of us can think straight.  What do we do," Avery said quickly without a breath.  


"I don't know.  Promise me you will remember that you are important.  You do matter, and what ever you do, makes a difference," said Louis.  He drifted towards the balcony.  Avery lept off the bed and followed.  She saw news papers strewn all across there balcony.  


"I promise, what happened though," Avery asked.  She tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge.  


"The directioners happened, and some directionators," said Louis.  He looked outside the window, the sun was rising.  "Ahh, its time for me to go.  Be prepared for the worst Avery, tell Dani I love her."


"Wait no, you cant go.  I can't do this without you.  We need your help," stuttered Avery.  Louis appearance was becoming transparent.  She reached out to touch him, but he was gone.  


"Avery, Avery," Niall said shaking her awake.  She felt her face, it was tear stained.  "Are you ok," Niall asked hugging her.  


"I had a dream about Louis," said Avery.  She ran it over in her mind.  Already she couldn't remember what he had first said.  "Wait," she said running over to the balcony.  


"Avery, you don't want to go out there," said Niall quietly.  Avery looked around.  Everyone else was asleep.  Somehow she didnt even remember falling asleep on the other bed.  


"Why," said Avery.  She had her hand on the curtains cloth.  She ran its silky texture in between her fingers.  


"When I woke up, I found this," Niall said.  He threw a sphere shaped object at her.  She caught it.  It was the mornings paper.  Title was "Was it Cancer, or a girlfriend that put one of the world biggest superstar in a coma?"  


Averys mouth fell open in disgust.  If Dani saw this she would fall apart.  "Where was this," said Avery shaking with anger.  Niall got up and opened the balcony.  Papers were everywhere.  Practically piled up at the door.  They were on the 7th was this even possible.  


"They are out front to," said Niall closing the door.  


"What do we do, Dani will be crushed," said Avery.  


"Read the article,"said Niall.  He seemed angry.  Niall didn't usually get angry.  He paced the room and then sat on the couch.  Avery lowered her head to the paper and read aloud.  


"Late last afternoon thousands of teenagers were heartbroken to discover one of there idols in a coma.  As we found out a week ago in L.A. the superstar Louis Tomlinson was diagnosed with severe lung cancer.  Many were crushed when this happened and absolutely devastated by the results.  But then, questions arose.  Was it cancer, or his crazed girlfriend that drove him into a coma," Avery stopped there.  She had had enough.


"I just don't understand.  Why would they blame cancer on a person?  Do they think she pushed him off a cliff or what,?" said Avery.


"I don't know, but Dani can't find out about this," said Niall.  He walked forward and took the paper from her hand.  


"Then what are we going to do," asked Avery.  She stood up and looked outside.  There were probably about 200 papers laying out there.  


"We could-"


"Push them off the balcony," finished Avery.  Niall smiled at her.  He opened the door and led her outside.  


"We just push them straight off, throw some to," said Niall.  He looked over the edge and Avery joined him.  It was a sidewalk, nobody was walking on it.  A few fans were down there, pacing angrily.  Avery picked one up and dropped it over the edge.  Nothing happened... they waited a few seconds and still nothing happened.  Niall pulled his foot back and slid some off of the balcony.  They thudded to the ground.  Each of them turned around and picked up armfuls dropping them off the balcony.  Niall went to the front and carried most of the papers from there off the balcony.  They finished quickly and got back inside.


"That was quick," said Niall.  He sat on the couch and Avery sat next to him.


"What was quick," asked Harry groggily.  


"We went for a quick run," improvised Avery.  


"Oh, have you had breakfast yet,?" asked Harry.  


"No," answered Niall.  


"Then lets wake the others and go down to the hotel restaurant," said Harry.  He dragged himself out of bed and walked to the bathroom.  


"I'll wake Dani, you wake the boys," said Avery, she said it like it was a mission.  


"Dani," said Avery quietly.  No answer.  She shook Dani lightly.  A yawn.  She shakes Dani harder.  A toss.  She pushes Dani.  A turn.  "DANI," screamed Avery.  


"What," asked Dani.  She threw the pillow she had been sleeping on at what she thought was Avery.  It hit Niall in the eye and he walked back running into a shelf.  He fell on the ground holding his eye and cursing loudly.  The others woke up because of all the noise and Harry ran out of the bathroom.  


"S' the matter," yawned Liam.  He got up and stretched his arms.  


"Are you ok," asked Avery walking over to Niall.  


"Is it bleeding," asked Niall uncovering his eye.  


"No," said Avery kneeling on the ground next to him.


"It hurts," whined Niall.


"Will a kiss make it better," asked Avery.  She leaned forward and kissed Niall lightly on the cheek.  Harry frowned in their direction and Liam just rolled his eyes.


"All better," said Niall smiling, although he still couldn't open his eye.


"Ready,?" said Harry once they were done being all romantic and what not.  


"For what," asked Zayn.  


"Breakfast," said Avery.  


"I guess," said Zayn.  The group walked out of the room, still in their pajamas.  They rode the elevator down in silence.  


"So, how is everybody," asked Liam when they got out.  


"Fine," said Dani.  She had bags under her eyes and was walking sluggishly.  


"No you're not," said Harry.  He stopped and hugged her in the middle of the lobby.  She sniffled but didn't start the water works.   


"I think we're all grieving, and are sad and stuff," said Liam.  We all nodded our heads in agreement and hit the hotel buffet.  Avery piled her plate with strawberries, and peanut butter.  Niall got 4 pancakes, with whipped cream, strawberry jam, and toast.  


"That looks good," said Avery to Niall.  He covered his food with his arms in a protective way.  


"Excuse me, are you Avery Hinningsway and Niall Horan,?" asked a police officer.  


"Whats going on?," asked Dani just walking up.  Her cheeks were red like she had just been laughing, but she was dead serious now.  


"You two are going to have to come with me," said the officer.  He pulled Avery and Niall by the shoulder up out of the chair.


"Why," asked Harry stepping up to them.


"Niall Horan and Avery Hinningsway are hearby under arrest for destruction of property," said the officer handcuffing them both.

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