That One Summer

This story is about a girl who fell in love. Her name is Avery Hinningsway. For one summer she goes to visit her dad in L.A.. All that she expected was a boring summer in his loft with netflix and nutella. She never expected to fall in love. With a celebrity. And for him to fall back in love. Avery makes a new best friend named Dani who is absolutely crazy.


13. Interview

Avery fell into a restless sleep, tossing and turning.  She had fallen asleep on the couch, and the boys crowded onto the 2 beds.  Dani was sitting on the balcony, still.  A thought struck Avery's mind, had she read the article?  Avery slid off of the couch and padded to the balcony door.  She slid it open and walked outside.  Dani didn't even turn her head she just sat staring at the stars.  


"Did you read it," asked Avery settling into an open chair.  


"Did you think I wouldn't?  After you guys got taken, we came back to the room to find them shoved under the door,"  responded Dani.


"I'm sorry," pleaded Avery.  She reached out to Dani, who shoved her off and stood up.  Dani leaned over the side bar bowing her face over.  


"I can't deal with you lying to me.  Nobody is being honest, but nobody is lying.  You at least need to tell me the truth."


"Ok, I'll tell you the truth from now on," said Avery, she went and stood by her.  


"Even if it hurts," asked Dani.  Avery nodded.  "Do you think Louis will make it?"


"Yes, of course he will," reassured Avery.


Dani and Avery sat on the balcony in silence until the boys woke up.  Liam ordered room service and they ate on the balcony.  Avery finished first and went into her and Dani's room.  She sat on her bed breathing evenly.  


"Avery," said Harry.  He walked into her room with a smirk on his face.  


"What do you look so happy about,?" she asked.  Avery got up and walked to her suit case.  She ruffled through her clothes but she felt a hand on her back.  


"I'm here for you," said Harry.  What did he think he was doing?  She turned around and came nose to nose with him.  She held her clothes close and tried to back up.  He pulled her closer and kissed her on the lips.  She pushed him back and he landed on her bed.  She fled from the room and went to the bathroom.  Tears were streaming down her face.  She slammed her hands on the door.  Zayn stepped out with ruffled hair and a towel around his waist.


"Can I help you," he asked.  He hadn't seen her face so she pushed passed him and locked the door.  "Avery, whats the matter,?" he asked through the door.  She turned on the shower and stripped out of her clothing.  She could still hear muffled talking but when she stepped under the water everything was gone.  She shrunk down into a little ball.  She squeezed her eyes shut and wished she could just disappear.  


What had Harry been thinking?  He was betraying Niall.  She eventually decided not to tell anyone, because they're might be a huge fiasco.  She stood up and shampooed her hair.  She lathered it and let the water wash it out.  She turned off the water and grabbed a towel.  She looked at her red eyes in the mirror and almost started crying again.  She dried off and pulled her clothes on.  She didnt even put make up on, when she finished her eyes went back to normal.  She blow dried her hair and put it up in a bun.  She took a reassuring breath and opened the locked door.  Walking into the room everyone huddled around her except Harry.  


"Are you okay,?" asked Liam.  He looked really worried, no wonder they called him daddy directioner.  


"I was just stressed about Niall," lied Avery.  She crossed her fingers behind her back.  Harry looked at her with regret, anger, and sadness spread across his face.  


"I have a massive announcement," said Dani.  They all turned to her.  Louis could be free, this was something to get excited about.  "If we do an interview with GIVE IN, they will pay the bail money!"


Not what they were expecting, but still good.  "Wait, GIVE IN,?" asked Harry from across the room.  


"Yeah, the one who did my rude news article," she said shyly.


"DANI, HOW COULD YOU AGREE TO THAT? THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE ALL OF US LOOK BAD!" shouted Avery.  The others nodded in agreement.  Dani looked flustered, her hair was dishelved and she had the crazy eyes.  


"I don't care what they say, they don't know us," retorted Dani.  Once again the others nodded, but Avery still didn't get it.  "It will give us a bad image to everyone but the directioners.  They love us!"


"Fine, we will do the stupid interview, when is it,?" finalized Avery.  


"In 30 minutes," said Dani quickly.  


"I have to change, and we all have to ready, is that enough time,?" asked Avery.  


"If we rush," said Dani.  She shooed them away to get what they needed done.  In 20 minutes they had all finished.  In Harry's silent pleasure Avery stood to the side angrily in a short green dress.  Avery caught him staring and started pouting to Dani.  Dani changed into an identical purple dress, to make her feel better.


"Since this is a filmed interview we need to walk out with someone," said Dani on there way out of the room.  Avery clung to Zayn's arm.  He smiled at her and led her into the elevator.  He was like a big brother and wouldn't try anything stupid on her.  Unlike Harry.  Harry stood by himself in the middle of the elevator with a scowl on his face.  They walked out and were escorted to a limo by a body guard.  They rode in silence to the studio.  When they got out Harry exited first and didnt wave to fans either.  Zayn and Avery took pictures and signed autographs, so did Liam and Dani.  They walked inside to a very cheery woman with curly hair waiting.  They waited silently while she explained everything.  They were to walk out on cue and answer every single question.  


"And go," said a backstage man.  They walked out and waved to the stage audience.  Directioners crowded most of the area.  They all sat on the couchs, unhappily Avery was placed next to Harry.  He put his arm around her and smiled faintly.  


"Welcome to Give In TV," said the lady.  She shook all of our hands and waved to the camera.  "Today we have 3 one direction groupies and 2 girlfriends.  The other 2 members are in jail or a coma," she laughed.  The others eyed her down.  


"Lets cut to the questions," said Liam protectively.  


"Okay, Dani, is it true that you put your fiance in a coma,?" she asked seriously.  


"No, and we aren't engaged," said Dani.  


"Zayn, is it true you started working at a strip club,?" she moved on.


"No," Zayn practically shouted at her.  


"Liam is it true Danielle is with child,?" she questioned.  


"NO," said Liam angrily.


"Avery is it true you put you husband in jail,?" she pressed.  


"We aren't married," answered Avery avoiding the questions.


"But you did put him in jail,?" said the woman slyly.  


"Not exactly," said a nervous Avery.  


"Spill," shouted the lady.


"We were protecting our friend," responded Avery.  Her fists were balled up, she was trembling.


"Helping a friend?"


"Because of your stupid article," shouted Avery.  Harry held onto Avery to keep her from jumping up and nailing that lady in the face.  


"Fierce, now we can see where Niall got his rebel stage from," said the woman smiling.  She turned away from Avery to Harry.


"Is it true Harold that you have been having an affair with Avery,?" she asked.


Averys mouth dropped open.  She stood up and stuttered in front of the crowd.  It was taking all her might to keep from smoking that lady.  She walked off stage but didn't get far enough not to hear Harry's answer.  


"Yes," he played on biting his lip.  


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