Is it destiny?!

Mallerim has always loved one direction especially Niall and finally after turning 13 her dreams are finally coming true.


2. The chase

Mallerim's POV

I slowly walked away as tears poured down my cheeks. I have dreamed of meeting Niall for years and now I finally did but only for five minutes. Meeting him was my only birthday present from my family , but hearing Niall call me beautiful was the best present I could have ever received. I just wish it would have lasted a little while longer. 

Niall's POV

Go Niall ,Run I could still hear the guys over my heart beat as I ran to find my mystery girl. I didn't know her name , but I could recognize her beautiful dark brown curls and eyes anywhere. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and the next thing I knew I was rolling on the ground and pushed a girl over with me and just any girl it was my mystery girl. 

Mallerim's POV

sorry I heard In a deep Irish voice and I looked up to see a pair of familiar blue eyes once again. I couldn't believe that I was able to see Niall twice on the same day! 

Niall's POV

um hi again , I said nervously she replied with another shy hi and a huge smile. I was so nervous I didn't even know what to say. D, do you have a Kik? I asked really nervous , yea um it's that your name ? Mallerim. Yes. Her name was so unique and beautiful I never heard of it before. By any chance are you free tomarow ? I didn't even know where it came from it just sliped out of my mouth. YES!she said really exited before she turned red again. Um we'll   would you like to go to the cinnama tomarow? Yes she said with a beautiful smile. Well I'll pick you up around five tirty and Kik you later. Um ok see you tomarow she said as we both turned around and went our separate ways. 

Mallerim's POV

oh my gosh I couldn't believe that Niall James Horan called me beautiful and asked me out on the same day! I have always dremped of it but I never thought it would actually came true. As I walked home I couldn't decide if I should tell my friends or not but eventually I didn't because they would probably keep me up all night and make me nervous.

the boys POV   

niall: I did it! I asked her out ! I'm gonna take her to the cinnama !      Harry: finally Niall I think you actually found your princes ! You've never looked at a girl like that before, you even froze just looking into her eyes.                                           

Louis: did you get her number? 

Niall: no but I got her Kik 

liam :well you better text her soon we don't want you losing your princes 

zayn: so what's her name? 

Niall: is really unique and beautiful. Her name is mallerim 

liam: well that's a really nice name I haven't heard of it before 

niall :yea I know. Can you guys maybe give me some time to text her no I can't wait any longer 




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