Connect The Pieces

Maddie was a good girl she had a awesome boyfriend and that's all she needed, till the day he cheated on her, she had to find a way to change. What happens a boy band come into her life? Will they change her forever? Or not?


1. Cheating

Maddie's POV I was walking the street as usual but I saw something ill never forget it was my boyfriend kissing another girl, he was cheating on me I couldn't believe it. I sat down on the bench and began to cry I didn't want to talk to him or look at him so I buried my face into my knees as I cried. "How could he do this?" I thought to myself as I took off the necklace he gave me and through it into the street. This day couldn't get any worse...   Niall's POV I was walking the streets late at night so I knew no one would see me, I saw a girl crying so I went beside her and sat down next to her I was worried. I rubbed her back and she tensed up "what's wrong?" I said as she look up with tears streaming down her face, "my boyfriend cheated on me" as said as I wiped her tears away "aren't you Niall from one direction?" She said as she looked at me and I nodded then she hugged me. "I'm so sorry" I said as I hugged her back "Niall it's not your fault" she said and she looked at me as smiled "wanna come to my flat with the lads? And what's your name?" I asked her "I would love to and my name is Maddie" she said as she flashed a cheeky grin "that's a lovely name" I said and I smiled at her "thank you" she said as I gently kissed her cheek but she pushed me away what was wrong? I thought she was a fan?....
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