Deep and Dark

I walked passed the door frame, the cold air hit me like a plague. I shivered and moved forward, the creaking of the house makes the hair on my neck stand up. I moved forward passed the bloodstains further into the darkness.


1. The Funeral

             I walked away from  the caskets.... 52 in all. All different sizes for all of my family members. My dress dragged against the ground, mud caked my legs weighed 20 pounds making me drag my legs to the entrance. I didn't look back, I couldn't all of them my parents my cousins my aunts uncles brothers and sisters. I was the only one out of 53... that survived. The  memory flooded into my mind, It was august 1st the annual family reunion. I had gone out to get some more hamburger buns, I was only gone for 20 minutes. When I got back everyone was shot to the ground, the police were there. Everything went in slow motion, after they had killed my family they killed themselves. I stared at the bodies of my family's murderers they were middle aged men, no one that I recognized. I made my way over to my parents bodies they were clutching onto each other, they looked cold. I collapsed next to them, I started to cry. I could have died with them, maybe it was fate running out of hamburger buns. But why me, there were so many better choices then me. I was certainly not the purest choice. But here I am lying in my aunts backyard in a field of bodies. 


          I opened my eyes and continued to walk forward to my car. My dress was ruined but that was not my biggest concern. Where was I going to live? The counselor said I had 10 days to choose a family members estate before they were put on the market. I had 14 choices one included my house. I couldn't live there to many memories I would never be able to move on. I hopped into the car and drove of the rain flowing down the windows like the tears flowed down my cheeks. Tonight I decided would be the last night I stayed in my house, tomorrow would be the day I went around to all my families houses, to pick out what I wanted to keep, and to choose a house I wanted to live in. I pulled into my driveway, and sat in the car for what seemed like an eternity and sobbed my eyes out hoping for this all to be a dream but it wasn't my family was dead.

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