The Thrill To My Styles!

This was no ordinary girl. No, she had no intention of falling in love and yet it happened... Taking care of her siblings all by herself, having to quit college to begin parenting to her 4 siblings. That's when an awkward curly-headed boy stole her heart.


9. Uncovering the truth

I got in my car and drove to Nick's house. Nick and Matt used to be best friends, so I had to drive Matt here a lot. I knocked on his door and Mrs. Johnson, Nick's mother, answered the door.

Me: Hello, Mrs Johnson. Do you have a moment?

Mrs Johnson: Yes.

She walked outside; closing the door behind her.

Me: As you probably know, Nick and Matty got into a fight

Mrs Johnson: Yes, what was that about?

Me: Nick said some inappropriate things about me to Matt and Matt got defensive. I’m not here about the fight, Mrs Johnson. I’m here because my house got broken into and I have reason to believe Nick did it.
Mrs Johnson: What? How do you know?

Me: Well, Nick gave Matt a note that said 'watch your back' and whilst cleaning my flat, I found a note that said 'you have been warned' with the same penmanship as Matt's note hanging on my fridge. $2600, all of my panties and bras, and my jewelry were taken.
Mrs Johnson: Gimme a second.

She peeped her head in the door and called for Nick. He came out and walked over to us; staring at me.

Nick's POV:

My stomach got butterflies at the sight of Monica. Not only is she beautiful, but they must know about what I did yesterday.

Me: Yes, mom?
Mom: Where were you yesterday?

Me: School.
Mom: And after I picked you up?

Me: I came home
Mom: Where did you go when you left yesterday?!?

Me: Why?

Mom: Just answer the damn question!

Me: At an old friends.

I wasn’t lying. Matt was an old friend of mine and I went to his house.

Monica: Did you by chance stop by my flat?

My stomach dropped. They knew.

Me: N-no. W-why?

Mom: Her house was broken into yesterday. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you?

Me: No. Why?
Mom: The jig is up, Nick.

Me: I didn’t do it!

Monica: Sweetie, all I want is my stuff back and a confession. Give me that and I will leave the police out of it.
Mom: Nick?

Me: Okay, fine. I did it! I’m sorry...
Mom: Nick, you didn’t!

Me: I did. I’m so sorry!

Monica’s POV:

I felt bad for the kid. I gave him a hug from where he was sitting on the curb looking down in shame. I sat next to him and calmly spoke to him.

Me: Why? Why did you do it?
Nick: I Don’t know. I just got the urge to get back at Matt.

I sighed and rubbed circles in his back.

Me: Can I have my stuff back?

Nick: Yeah.

Me: Mrs Johnson, would you give us a minute alone, please?

She smiled and walked inside.
Me: Nick, I want you to know something: I miss when you’d hang around with Matt. I never saw him more happy. Why aren’t you friends with him?

Nick: It was 8th grade and my girlfriend told me that she was in love with him but he didn’t know. I ended up throwing them both out of my life.

Me: That’s not healthy, Nick.

Nick: I know. Can I get some advice?

Me: Of course.
Nick: I like this girl, right. I have liked her for years and I Don’t know how to approach her.

Me: Just jump. Let her know how you feel.

He leaned in and kissed me. I almost immediately pulled away.
Nick: I’m sorry...
Me: No, its okay. You must have gotten mixed signals from me.
Nick: I know I’m 16 and you’re 19 but maybe we can make this work.
Me: I’m sorry, but no. I’m just not interested in a 16 year old.
Nick: I understand. Let me just get your stuff so you can be on your way.

It was dark by then and I was outside alone while he got my stuff. He came back outside.
Nick: Would you mind apologizing to Matt for me? I’m hoping maybe we can get our friendship back.
Me: Maybe you can come home with me and apologize to him in person.
Nick: Really? You’d do that for me after what I did to you?

Me: Sure. I would really like for things to go back to the way things were. You know, when you and Matty were best friends. I miss that.

Nick: Me too.

He got in the car and we began driving to my flat.

Me: Can I ask you something?

Nick: 'Course.

Me: Why did you break in?

Nick: Because I wanted to get back at your brother for what he did to me. I’m so sorry.

Me: I appreciate your apology. I’m really hoping things go well. Matt and Harry aren’t as lenient as I am. They are protective over me.

Nick: I can handle this.

He said confidently as he jokingly popped his collar.

Me: Easy now, gangster.

He laughed. We walked into the building and rode the lift up to my floor.

Me: Wait here while I warn them that your here. I’ll come get you when its safe.

He nodded his head and I walked inside.

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