</3 What if? (Adventure Time Simon and Marcy FanFic)

During one of their Mathematical Movie Club meetings, Jake accidentally lets it slip to Princess Bubblegum about Marceline's deep past with the Ice King, or 'Simon Petrikov'. Princess Bubblegum feels really bad, since she just thought Marceline was being overdramatic. Meanwhile, Marceline was actually listening in, and is crazy mad that not only did PB find out about her past, she just thought she was being 'overdramatic'. How can PB make this right?

*Note! I do not own Adventure Time or the franchise! All rights belong to Cartoon Network! This is simply a story I thought of one say after a long crying fest from watching 'I remember you' Please do not take my story! Enjoy :3*


1. Oh, Crudballs



*The scene zooms into the window of the Treehouse, where PB, Marceline, and everyone is gathered for another 'Movie Club' time. Note, Finn decides to ignore the Copyright this time. Everyone is scattered around, while Finn, Jake, and PB are talking next to the snack table. Behind them sits a bowl of red punch. Marceline is standing off, away from everyone else. She's brought her guitar, and is playing random notes. She sighs and looks very forlorn.*



Princess Bubblegum-   "Hey, why does Marceline look so,"  *paused, thinking for a word to describe Marceline's depressing sighs* "down?"

*Finn looks very uncomfortable. Jake stretches his arm around PB and pours himself a drink.*

Jake- "Well, she's kind of upset because when the Ice King came for another round of B-Ball (Basketball) He went through her stuff and found a bunch of old pictures and junk. "

PB- "Why would that make her so," *glances over at Marceline in the corner. She's floating upside down now, and is humming a slow, depressing song.* "That." *She gestures toward her and makes a sad, lonely face.* 

Jake- "Oh, well I guess while I was whupping Finns butt downstairs, Marceline tried to get him to remember their past, but I guess it didn't work and Ice King called her 'Nutterbutters' and said she was obsessed with him, and then tried to kiss her." *Marceline floats by, and grabs a cup violently, scaring away a few Candy People, and pours her drink. As she turns to leave, she pauses and listens in to the conversation.*

*Finn makes a move to interrupt and change the subject, but LSP starts yelling at Cinnamon Bun for taking the last chocolate cupcake, so he has to leave and break up the fight. PB looks confused, and Jake is relaxed as ever.*

PB- "Remember what?" *looks doubtful, and mumbles to herself. Is unaware that Marceline is behind her and can hear her.* "I'll bet she's just being over dramatic, as usual."

Finn (in the backround)- "Hey, PB, check this out!" *Tries to ride on a unicycle, but falls, and PB ignores him*

Jake- "Their past." *He takes a sip from his drink, throws it backwards, and hits BMO.*

PB- (Growing impatient) "What happened in their past?"

Finn- "Princess! Princess! Ah-" *Looks down, sees BMO tugging on his pants*

BMO- "Finn, Finn, Lumpy Space Princess wants to see the movie, and Jake hit me with his cup and didn't apologize, and-"

Finn interrupts-  "Yeah, that's great BMO, but I really have to go." *Makes his way back to the punch bowl.*

*It is clear by the look on Princess Bubblegum's face that Jake has told the truth about Simon and Marceline. Meanwhile, as Princess Bubblegum speaks in rapid tones to Jake (We can't hear what she's saying), Marceline is growing more angry by the second, and is growing in size, and into her large, bat-like form. Seeing Marcy, Finn quickly hurries everyone out of the TreeHouse, saying "Ok, alright, Movie Club's over. See you next week. Bu-bye." It has begun raining outside, and the group of guests stands dumbfounded outside of the front door. The scene switched back to inside, where PB is now backed into a corner, genuinely afraid of Marceline, Finn is trying to calm her down desperately, and Jake is continuing to talk about 'Simon and Marcy.' What will happen next?!*



To be continued.....


Guys, let me know how you liked it! I wrote it sort of like a screenplay, if that's alright. I'll probably update soon, maybe even tomorrow! I need feedback though :3 Should I continue? Is this chapter crudballs? I wanna know!

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