Meet Alanna Carter, she has a boyfriend whose name is Niall Horan. Everything seems fine right? Except the fact that they can't stand each other to the point where it gets ugly, I'm talking about abusive ugly. They constantly hit each other and cause pain mentally and physically but they still hold on to that little hope because they feel affection towards each other. In hope of that affection they want to be the same like they were in the beginning of the relationship because being with someone else is like a whole new world to them so they stay together. But everything is causing them to reach their limits, will one of them crack and leave? Everyone has issues, their happens to be love.


1. Prologue

New story! This book contains violence and sexual manners so if you cannot handle it please do not read. I have warned you so do not blame me if you read something you do not want to. Other than that ENJOY my lovely unicorns. 


"YOUR SUCH A BITCH, FUCK OFF" I scream at Niall

Raising his hands and slaps me causing me to fall on the ground. This will sure leave another bruise. Getting back up I pick up the lamp and throw it at him but he dodges it. Hitting the wall behind him it shaders.

"SHUT UP WHORE" He screams back

"MAKE ME DICK" I reply kicking him where the light doesn't shine and he falls to the ground groaning.

Getting back on his feet and he wraps his giant hands in my hair yanking it causing me to scream in pain. Slamming me against the wall he forcefully slams his lips onto me. Shocked at his actions I put my petty hands against his toned chest and try to push him off of me, but to no avail he doesn't budge.

Closing my mouth denying his tongue he squeezes my bum making me squeal. He takes this time to enter his tongue searching every bit of my mouth. Giving up I moan and reply to his actions. Wrapping my feet around his waist for support he places his hands on my thigh while my hands are tangled in his hair. 

Pulling away from the kiss we both gasp for air.

"I love you" he whispers and I reply back by kissing him.

Abusive is one word for their relationship. Why do they still hang on? They can't bare to see each other with someone else. Little did they know they are causing each other pain physically and mentally.

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