Heart Of Fire


3. Chapter Two

  Thor didn't say a word as we entered the halls. His face was red of anger and rage, he's normally golden hair had turned into a dirty-golden instead and the normally sea-blue eyes were completely black. His hold of Gwynts arm was still tight and she had to run to keep up with him. She wasn't scared of him because that was not the first time he had been this angry - she had seen him change before and it seemed he was close to do so now.

  The pupils around the halls had stopped whatever they did. Talking, walking, drinking, eating and even kissing. The brown walls seemed so dark as they walked passed them, even the pillars seemed darker and the same with the paintings. Gwynt could hear Thors breathe getting heavier and heavier each step they took. This was not good. Gwynt had always been told both by her father and by Thor himself, she would have to try calm him down when his breathe got heavy.

  "Thor, relax. Nothing happened and..."

  "You could have been dead because of that kid!" He yelled while we were walking the wooden stairs. The pupils ducked as they heard his voice echo and she knew they were scared as hell - but she was not. He might be her trainer but deep down she knew he was not going to harm her. All he would do was yelling at her if she did something that jeopardized her life. They turned to the right, where most of the history classes were and at the end of the corridor with all the history classes was the teacher's room and Headmaster's office. She should have these after the test. Nothing had mattered for her except for mastering the sword. And within a week she knew, she would only see Thor after school and maybe between classes.

  It made her sad. She had been spending so many years on learning how to master a sword – even dual wielding and.. it was just over.  Gwynt stopped, using all her remaining strength and it seemed it succeeded - he'd slow down.

  "I know I could have been dead but I am not because of you and I'm grateful. But please listen to yourself before you continuing." She looked into his eyes. They were changing back to the

  "I want to tell you something, Gwynt." He began to walk but eased his grasp in her arm and in the end letting her arm go. Whatever he wanted to tell her, he did not get the time before the big bell sounded. Thor stopped walking again and looked at Gwynt, worried in fact, why she didn’t know, though Thor’s face did tell her something was very wrong. All she knew the bell meant something was very wrong.

  “We are getting attacked!” Guards stormed out from everywhere, surrounding the walls of the school and even the inside. Thor looked at his pupil, grabbing her shoulders and looked into her eyes. His leather armor looked like it would break anytime while his chest raised up and down fast. He wasn’t afraid, he was worried for what happens and what will happen. She had never seen her Master this worried and that made her even more scared and worried.

  “Gwynt,” he began, swallowing hard and sweat peeked out on his forehead. It was summer and hot but that didn’t normally affect him – something else did and she wanted to know what it was.

  “You need to be brave now. I will protect you the best way I can but I need to know if I can trust you?” His sea-blue eyes were looking into her very soul, searching for the answer he wanted. Gwynt nodded and Thor looked relieved.

  “Do as I say without asking question just do as I tell you to do. If I say fight, you fight, if I say hide you hide, if I say run you run. Understood?” The building was shaking and screams from the outside echoed in the air. It had become a lot darker than it had been before and every breath they took was burning down their throat and almost felt like it would burn their lungs for good.

  “What’s happening Thor?”

  “There’s no time to explain. We need to get going, now!”

  They ran towards the headmaster’s office and turned to the right. There were an exit but before they reached it, something burst into the building, blocking their way. Gwynt took a good look on what had crushed into the build – a dragon.

  “Dragons,” was all she managed to say before Thor had grabbed her hand, dragging her the way back they came from. They ran down the stairs and down to the hall when they had been a few moments ago. Both pupils and guards were fighting side by side.

  Both Thor and Gwynt were looking at the battlefield, watching both pupils and guards were being slaughtered by…

  “Thor is that – the blood elves?” the girl was looking at her master feeling like a little girl looking at her father.

“Gwynt, we need to reach the castle.”

  “But how…”

  “Remember our deal girl!” he said in a hard tone, his eyes getting darker than they used to be when danger was near or when he was in battle. She knew what she had to do: Keep her part of the deal she had made just a few moments ago. All she did was nodding.

  They both pulled out their swords when four Blood Elves came running towards them, swords held high over their painted heads and screaming something Gwynt didn’t understand. Without hesitation, she ran towards them, screaming her lungs off but she didn’t hold her swords high above her head. Instead, she had it alongside her leg ready to strike from below.

  She heard Thor yell something to her but she couldn’t hear it as her enemy scream in pain when her sword met his knee. His face was contorted in pain and pulled her sword back just in time to see the sparkles from swords meeting each other, meeting her face and burning her face, parrying a strike from one of the others. Gwynt kicked him in the stomach, swung her sword and cut clean off the head on the first she had wounded – covering her in his blood.

  Thor was busy with the two others in the four-man group. The man did not use a shield just like her but the difference between Gwynt and Thor was the numbers of swords they used. Her Master used a big two-handed sword carved with runes on the blade and made of the strongest metal in Aubadine - platinum. Gwynt on the other hand fought with two one-handed swords. Though hers weren’t made of the ultimate steel but rather the poor and cheap titanium there was on the planet.

  Another rumble sounded and again the building shook, making Gwynt unstable on her feet and her opponent saw the opportunity to strike. He kicked behind her right knee making her fall and land on her knee. A smirked formed on his painted face and his purple eyes were an ocean of flames, telling her how delightful it would be to kill her.

  However, he didn’t get a chance as another dragon burst into the building, roaring at anyone or anything its eyes fell on. Even the Blood Elf seems surprised and gave Gwynt the moment she needed. Again she kicked him in the stomach and while he was confused about what just happened she placed her sword through his throat.

  Now both Thor and Gwynt’s attention was on the dragon. It blocked their only way out of the building. Nevertheless, as soon as Gwynt met the dragon’s eyes, it was as if the dragon got frightened. As if it had just seen a long lost friend it thought it should never been able to see again until the next life. A greenish tear ran slowly down from its eyes and made it the hard way on it red and brownish scales.

  Slowly it moved closer. Gwynt was stunned and just stood there and looked at the creature. Her mind screaming the dragons had been dead for centuries and could not come back to life. Its long and slender head was getting close – just like its paw. Her gaze was as locked on its eyes. They were so familiar but she could not recall where she had seen them before. Well she did. However, that person died when she was five and was long gone. Only memories of her mother had been left behind.

  Just standing there in her trance, Gwynt reached out for the creature but someone came between them before she could even touch its tip of its nose. Blinking a few times, she realized what she was doing and whom it had been: Thor.

  He stood in defensive stance with his sword held high and growling – ready to strike. ‘Odd’ she thought. Thor had not attacked either dragons that had been crushing though the castle like there was something between them. Something like a connection.

  When the dragon did not move an inch Thor finally made a move. It roared and pulled back and flew away. Even the rest of the Blood Elves ran and left only Thor, Gwynt and a few survivors behind.

  “What was that about?” a young girl asked. She wore a robe and Gwynt guessed she had to be a mage. Yes, it was the mages who used the History classrooms here. Thor remained silent; he too was covered in blood but looked around in the hall. Slaughtered pupils and Blood Elves lay all over the place, blood painted the floor and walls red.

  “Thor why didn’t the dragon hurt me? I was right there but all it did was looking at me like… like it knew me.” Her thoughts spun around what had happened between her and the dragon. Its eyes were looked so much alike her mother’s but Gwynt knew it couldn’t be her.

  Even the surviving mages were looking at her and Thor. You could see and even hear their brains were trying to sort this puzzle out. Their school were crushed into a ruin. Most of the roof could be found either outside on the training grounds, in the garden and on the floor where they stood. The walls were only bricks and dust and the rest was trying to hold on to the rest of the roof there was left. Pillars was scared by swords, magic and arrows that had missed their targets and most of them were covered in blood.

  All her life since he had been five or six years old, this had been her home and now it was nothing more than a ruin. Gwynt felt the tears pushing, wanting to caress her cheeks. Her legs began to shake – becoming like gel. Her heart had slowed down a bit but not much. Her throat felt like sand and no matter how hard she tried to swallow, it wouldn’t get any better.

  “What are we going to do now?” a young boy whispered. The girls sobbed silently but you could see the tears falling rapidly from their chin.

  “I don’t know,” Gwynt replied back.

  Thor hadn’t answered her question. Gwynt was still waiting for his answer but it never came. He was looking around, checking the damages the school had suffered from the attack and looked at the remaining pupils.

  “Gwynt,” Thor turned around to look at the black haired girl. She looked Thor into his now deep-blue eyes, they were almost black but the fire around them gave away the blueness in them.

  “You need to ride back to your father at once. I’ll meet you there but I need to take care of these kids, Understood?” His pupil nodded and ran out of the big hole the dragon had made.

  She ran towards the stables not very far away. For some reason the Blood Elves had not burned down the stables and killed the horses. It was still dark and dark clouds were keeping the sun away but it was still hot. Gwynt couldn’t tell if it was still afternoon or evening – she had lost the track of time. Looking at the horses, she spotted her own black stallion Dasler. Quickly, she got the saddle on him followed by the bridle. Before mounting the creature, Gwynt opened the door and swung herself up on its back. The hooves echoed in the air, filling out the silence.

With a last glance over her shoulder, she could see Thor in his bloody armor, watching her leave what had become a forsaken place. Turning her head towards the road, she kicked once more her horse, rode out of the gate and on the road towards the Capital City Enigma.

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