A failing company brainwashes its employees and their families into thinking that the company is well known and blossoming. Only two employees have avoided the brainwashing, and must survive in a company full of misguided employees who, through a brainwashing error, will react aggressively to anyone who tells them the company is falling apart... [ENTRY TO THE VORTEX COMPETITION]


2. Prologue

My name is Jacob, and this is the end. For so long my fellow employees and myself have suffered, our spirits broken under our boss’s iron fist.

He speaks of dark times, and they’ve come. Now. Thanks to me.

Crushed against broken walls and suffocated by grasping hands, my saving grace was, and always has been, the oxygen produced by a small plant; a plant that carries the name of my lost son:


The power of this place is broken, but the bloodstains on my hands…

They will never wash away.

This is the end.

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