Trouble Makers, Cameras and Six Packs - a Beau Brooks ft. Janoskians fanfiction

Sophie Dylan gets transfered for drinking on school grounds, and feels more than reliefed that she's escaped that rat hole of a school. She's ready to start over from scratch and she quickly gets a new group of friends - who call themselves "Janoskians" - as well as a huge crush on a certain Mr. Beau Brooks who's got the body of a greek god.


3. Janoskians

Sorry this chapter is shit, but I didn't have much time......


Next day in school, I meet Beau by the entrence. He is walking while looking through his phone, and he's just as hot as I remembered him.

To my luck, it turns out that we share almost all our classes.

"Hey babe, how's it going?" he start to walk beside me and puts a strong arm around my shoulders. 
My stomach turns, and I breathe in the smell of him. We get plenty of funny looks, but I guess people are wondering who I am. 

We take our seats, and Luke comes and joins us. "So are we still on later? Just talked to the boys,"

"Yea sure," they highfive and I wonder what they are talking about.

Beau notice this, and his emerald green eyes find mine. 

"Yea we have our own little youtube channel. We do videoes together once in awhile. Pranks and stuff," 
I nod approving.

"You could join us if you want, you don't have to do anything embarrasing I promise," He looks hopeful, but still confident.

"Sure," I say and shrug. Sounds pretty lame, but then I'll get to spend time with Beau.


I drive home, and put on some extra make up for Beau. I gave them the directions to my house, and they're gonna be here to pick me up any minute. 

I leave a note for my parents, I'm out with some friends - Sophie, and then I hear a car pull in in the driveway. 

I put on my denim jacket, and swing the door open and wave at the boys.

"Today we're doing awkward train situations - another fail video"" I sit on the backseat, literally on Beau's lap, cause there are only 5 seats. His lap is very warm but comfortable, and I can feel his calm heartbeat through the massive wall of muscle.

"Ok?" I wonder wtf that is! 

He rests his chin on my shoulder, and his cheek brushes against mine. He has a bit stubble, but I don't mind.

We arrive at the train station and I breathe in the dirty polluted air - which is at least better than the thin air in the stuffed car. 

"So like do anyone watch your videos or, are you just having a good time or..?" I ask Beau.

"Yea We've got a couple of thousands of viewers on our videos so far," He looks really proud of himself. 

Then he gives me his midfinger "SUBSCRIBE!" He says, and I lift an eyebrow but can't hold back my laughter.

We get in the train, and they present the video. 

"Janoskians, huh?" 


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