Trouble Makers, Cameras and Six Packs - a Beau Brooks ft. Janoskians fanfiction

Sophie Dylan gets transfered for drinking on school grounds, and feels more than reliefed that she's escaped that rat hole of a school. She's ready to start over from scratch and she quickly gets a new group of friends - who call themselves "Janoskians" - as well as a huge crush on a certain Mr. Beau Brooks who's got the body of a greek god.


4. Girl can skate

Right when I get home, I warm up the food my parents have left for me in the microwave, and run straight upstairs to my room. 

I open my laptop, go to youtube and type in "Janoskians". Woa these guys have a lot of views, I think. I start watching some of their videos, one by one. Omg.

Same time I can't get Beau out of my head. I keep imagining how his lips would feel pressed on mine, and how the curves of his six pack would feel against my fingertips. I like the type of guy he is. It seems like he doesn't have a worry in the world, and he like he's up for anything.


- U doing someting, babe? x

I read the text that I've just recieved from Beau twice, and I feel my heart flutter of excitement in my chest. I wonder what he's up to.

 Not really, what's up? x

I answer since it's 10pm and I'm just online looking for a new leather jacket on a few different websites. 
He answers a minute later.

- Then come join me and the guys at the skate park, be there in 5 :*

I can't help but smile. These guy really don't have a matter in the world. We all know we have got school tomorrow, but who cares, we are only young once right? 

I text him back, Meet you there, and go to the mirror and tousle my hair, and put on my old leather jacket. I grab my purse, my phone and my car keys and sneak out - hopefully without getting noticed by my parents sitting like robots in the couch watching TV. 

It's hard to imagine that they have once been young as well. 

When I'm out in car I gass up, making sure that my parents can hear it. Now it's too late to stop me.

The skate park is located in the direction of the school, so I've driven past it a few times already. It looks scarier in the dark though. The streetlights are the only light source around. 

I park the car a little further down the road, right behind Skip's black car - or I'm pretty sure it's his.

I step out, feeling the wet grass on my ankles, walking towards the ramps, trying not to get my Vans soaked. 

I can hear them before I see them. Beau's loud laughter blending with James', clearly having a good time already. Luke is on his board, trying to master a flick, while his twin is typing on his phone. That's pretty much how I know Jai, always texting someone. 

"Heyyy, you came," Beau gives me a warm hug, pressing his hard as rock body against my smaller one. I love the way his muscles flex against my chest, when he pulls me into his arms again just to hold me. Be close to me. 

I give the others a quick hug too, but I'm right away driven back to Beau's warm tight chest. It's funny how safe I feel around him already. Like we've known each other for months, but we only have for like a couple of days!  

The others skate around, laughing and shouting for awhile, while I'm sharing a beer with Beau. They have their own little stock in the back of the trunk of Skip's car. 

- "I think we should give Sophie a go," Beau shouts to the boys, holding the beer up over his head. 

- "I don't skate," I say, gripping the beer from him, emptying it in one gulp. 

- "It's not like it's that hard, have a go! I'll hold you," Beau offers me a hand, and I take it, rolling my eyes at him. He's smirking. 

His hands are resting securely around my waist as I step up on the board.

To be honest I was actually pretty sick at skating when I was little. I was a real tomboy - I guess I still am in some ways, I mean I've always had an easier time getting along with boys than with girls. 

But yea, some girls are just boring.

Turns out I still got it! I'm not able to control the board a 100%, but soon I am skating without Beau's help.

I make a turn, and step off the board, lightly kicking it, to send it on it's way back in the direction of Beau. They look at me in awe.

- "Girl can skate!" Luke cheers, and I smirk and walk back into the warmth of Beau's arms.

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