Don't you be my HeartBreaker

They lived next door from eachother for 16 years, there families are very close. Justin knew ever since he was a baby that Jessica was the one, he kept his cool most of the years but just recently he admitted that he loved her but Jessica didn't want him because.....he's a HEARTBREAKER!!


3. Sex and Magic

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Jessica's P.O.V

I didn't know how to feel after Justin gave me the ring I freaked out, But I also wanted to repay him

"Justin I can't take his I don't know how to repay you"

"You can repay me with your love Jesse that's all i'll ever want, I want to show you how much I love you"

Justin got closer he started to smirked and bite his lips, he kissed me really roughly and then started to rip off my shirt only leaving me in my bra. I felt his dick rising between my high waist shorts and he was rock hard!

"Damn, Jessica you don't know how badly I want you right now"

He kissed my neck and kept trailing down until he stop at my belly he unzipped my shorts  and slowly put his index finger inside me.

"Oh Justin!"

"You like that huh?" Justin smirked

He stuck is tongue of me a gave me all of the pleasure my eyes rolled back and I moaned even lounder


I was a virgin but this feeling felt very god I wanted more! I wanted to take this a little bit more feather so I held his head down for a few more mintues.

Justin came back up to me and kissed me some more. I wrapped my legs around his waist I could tell he couldn't handle to wait any longer. He took off his boxers and pinned me down then entered me. I'm not going to lie it hurt but I enjoyed the pain.
 "Say my name!"


He went in even harder and more forceful this time
"Scream my name babe"

my eyes rolled into the back of my head  as I dough my nails into his back and let out this huge moan


He smiled " haha are you alright sweetie"

I was more then alright I wanted more! So I jumped on top of him and slid down by his leg I did a circular motion by his dick I wanted to tease him a little awhile then I gave him pleasure with my tongue he moaned

"ahhhhhhh babe"

I continued hearing him moan was my pleasure I felt his cum inside f my mouth I wanted to spit it but Justin found it sexy when I just took it all in. I stoped and came back to kiss him the rest of the night we cuddled until we both went to sleep.

"We should do this more often" Justin snickered falling into a deep sleep

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