Don't you be my HeartBreaker

They lived next door from eachother for 16 years, there families are very close. Justin knew ever since he was a baby that Jessica was the one, he kept his cool most of the years but just recently he admitted that he loved her but Jessica didn't want him because.....he's a HEARTBREAKER!!



Authors Thought: ( Hi guys, this is my first story feedback would be nice i promise the story will get better just leave me comments and maybe some ideas lol  sorry about the 1st short chapter )

Jessica P.O.V

I know dating Justin could be risky, but I knew him forever he's basically the only boy that I actually trust. he's my only friend at school and he knows everything about me he's my best friend but I knew that I wanted to be more then friends with him. I loved him and it was time for me to let him  be in my life. I couldn't help but break into a smile and give him a hug he kissed me

"I don't want to ever let you go" ~Justin

"Then don't" ~ Jessica

"okay but i have to leave right now for work but around 5pm i need you to get ready" ~ Justin

"Ready?" Jessica

"Yeah, I wanna give you something" ~ Justin *giggles a little*

"Um...ok but you don't have to do anything....l" ~Jessica

Before I was able to finis my sentence Justin rushed out of the door. What was he planning? I went upstairs in my room and took a nice steaming hot shower. then went my room to go find something to change in. I wore a designer tank top with a my favorite pair of high waist shorts, I put my long brunette hair in a high bun. and threw on some sandals. It was like 100 degress outside so I was dressing  for the weather not to look stunning or anything. I waited for awhile sitting on  my sofa until I heard Justin knocking on the door. he had something in the back of his hands.

" hey sweetheart" ~ Justin

I smirked " Hi Justin, whats that behind your back?"

Justin took out a small black box that read "Tiffany's"on it My eyes grew wide

"Jessica I ant you to know how much I love you and how serious you know I am, you are the only one that I want. without you I am nothing." ~ Justin

I didn't know what to say I had a few boyfriends in the pass but I never admit to boys how I feel about them, Justin said the the most sweetest thing to me.

"Jessica i wanted to buy you this because I want you to be mine forever" ~ Justin

I watched Justin open the box up and saw a sliver promise ring


Justin smiled

"Justin you shouldn't have"

"But I wanted to Jess" ~ Justin

My eyes got watery and I burst into a big smile, at this point I was to speechless to talk.

Justins POV

I came to her house at 5pm just like I told her I tried to hide the black tiffany's box in my left hand. she looked casual yet sexy in her high waist shorts. I couldn't help but stare at her ass ;) I walked in and told her everything I felt about her then I opened the box that had a sliver promise ring inside. She was stunned I could tell the look in her eyes was very emotional. I wanted her to know that she wasn't just any other girl for me and that one day we will get married.

" You shouldn't have" ~ Jessica

"But I wanted to Jess"  As I gently put the ring on her small skinny finger


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