A global war is raging. It's happening in every town, every street. It's happening to you.
One button, that's all it took. One button to end sanity. One button to change life as we know it.
In the beginning, the corporation, Itech, ruled the world. A silicon chip was placed in every 15-year-old's head. A great idea at the time. Your mind could travel the world, and the seven sees, while you were still sitting on your couch at home. It could cure all illnesses, and give you all the knowledge you could ever need. It also turns you into a different person, a person incapable of feeling emotion. It takes most of the humanity away from people.
But what happens when they get switched to overload?
Runner up in The Eye of Minds comp :)


3. Chapter Three-Juliette

  In her many years of working at Itech, Juliette has felt many different emotions, but never this. Never once in her life has she felt this emotion. Panic.

  The alarm bells in her head seemed to be ringing louder than the ones in the corridors. Her heart was beating furiously in her chest. This could give the rebels hope. It could give them the spark needed to start an inferno.

  She let out a scream of rage, that echoed through the building. She picked up a glass from the table beside her and smashed it into the wall, letting out a cry as she did. Her unbeatable system had just been beaten and someone will pay. Because now, every silicon chip in the entire world has just been switched to overload, and that means only one thing, insanity.

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