A global war is raging. It's happening in every town, every street. It's happening to you.
One button, that's all it took. One button to end sanity. One button to change life as we know it.
In the beginning, the corporation, Itech, ruled the world. A silicon chip was placed in every 15-year-old's head. A great idea at the time. Your mind could travel the world, and the seven sees, while you were still sitting on your couch at home. It could cure all illnesses, and give you all the knowledge you could ever need. It also turns you into a different person, a person incapable of feeling emotion. It takes most of the humanity away from people.
But what happens when they get switched to overload?
Runner up in The Eye of Minds comp :)


1. Chapter One-Chloe

  The air was musty in the back of the truck. Chloe's orange prison overalls, were already slick with sweat. Her, and five or six others, were cramped in the back of a prison truck, on the way to Itech headquarters, to have silicon chips inserted in their heads. Chloe had dreaded this moment for her whole life, and up until recently, she had been sure it would never happen. But you never know how much time you have left. She is seventeen, only two years older than 'chipping' age. Fear grips Chloe, with icy fingers that never let go. She wonders will anyone miss her. She doubts it, they left her to be taken, they're hardly going to miss her. Just one less mouth to feed. Chloe feels something brush her shoulder, and she practically leaps out of her skin.

  Then she realized there must be more than her sharing the cramped space, sitting there so silently, she couldn't even hear the sound of their breath. All she could hear was the wheels of the truck as they spun around and around, and the sound of her own beating heart. She feels ashamed of herself that it has come to this. That she became careless enough to end up here. In the beginning she had been so careful, making sure she blended in, making sure no one would ever suspect that she hadn't been chipped. She had acted like a zombie twenty four seven. That is until she met Theo.

  He had shown her another side to life. A side she didn't even know existed. He had taught her to take risks, and take a walk on the wild side of life. He had been everything to her, but now she sees it was stupid to have trusted him in the first place. At first she had blamed it on him that she was caught, but now she realizes it was her fault all along. She remembers taking his outstretched hand as he pulled her into the Wilds and to her new home with the Clans. They had welcomed her in, loved her as one of their own. But then Theo disappeared and that all changed. She became just another mouth to feed. And then Theo returned, but he was Theo no more.

  He had walked with more grace, every move perfected. His face was expressionless, and his eyes were between shades of grey. He appeared to have no interest in anything and this time the scar on his left temple was the real thing. But somehow, she hadn't noticed. Somehow she had fallen straight into Itech's trap. She could never forgive herself, ever.

  Suddenly, the truck lurched to the left. Chloe screamed as she was hurled against the side. She felt something snap, and she couldn't move her left arm. Crimson blood stained her blonde hair. The truck tumbled down a slope, it's passengers being thrown around as if they were merely dolls. As they bounced around, Chloe slammed into another prisoner's neck, and the snap and cut off scream was enough to tell her she had killed him. But she was in too much pain to feel regret now. Chloe couldn't tell one part of her body from the next as the pain increased. The truck finally stopped, and Chloe lay still for a few moments before the pain became too much, and the darkness consumed her.


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