The Boss

This is the diary of a London career girl. Scarlett Jones. Regrettably single and most mornings hung over she decides to get her life on track and begin a diary with two simple resolutions. One: Loose 20 pounds. Two: Find the perfect man.


4. 'I'm king of the world'

"So what do you feel about this whole situation in Cheshire, isn't it a nightmare?" I asked Harry taking a long puff on my cigarette.

Currently I was sat in some fancy restaurant he bought me to.

"I couldn't care less Jones, now, tell me more about yourself." Bit rude but I suppose that's part of his persona.

"Well obviously I am well known for running around in your swimming pool stark naked, what about you?" I wasn't going to let him in just yet, he is my boss and I have to keep that in mind.

"Same, yeah" He joked, I couldn't contain my laughter as he giggled along. But he continued.

"No, no it got a puncture eventually, yeah good pool, good times" he winked. I laughed again.

"So, er you we're a bit of a misery with me when I met you at my mothers' Christmas buffet Styles" I wanted to ask he why he has changed but that may be a bit deep for our first date. 

"and you we're gobby Jones, but let's not let that ruin our evening, c'mon have some more wine" I was frustrated, he doesn't think he can call me gobby and get away with it does he?

Then again he is my boss and I need my job at the moment.

Once the meal was done, he walked me out and suggested.

"So, erm, how about a drink at my place, totally innocent, no funny business" I could tell what he wanted, he's not getting it.

"Haha, no no, I should just get a taxi" I waved my hand out to catch a cab. "But thank you, for the lovely dinner"

His emerald eyes scanned my body for a couple of seconds before he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear bringing my face closer to his. 

"It was a pleasure Jones" His breath fanned over my mouth.

Stop Scarlett, he is you're boss...

He brought his lips closer to mine as his hand clutched the back of my neck. Finally our lips connected, I felt goosebumps form on my already chilled skin, our lips fit perfect, moving together for about 20 seconds as we both stood in the middle of the road.

I pulled away, though I was resistant,  with my hand on his chest, his now reddened lips smiled.

"I- I have to go, thank you again though" I turned away to approach the taxi but his strong arm tugged me back stealing another warm kiss.

"Bye Jones" He winked as he watched me get into the taxi.

*Weekend Saturday - meeting up with my mother at the shopping centre (eurgh)*

"Darling, if I came in with knickers on my head he wouldn't notice me, I spent 35 years cleaning his house, washing his clothes, bringing up his children" My mother whined about my father.

We sat around a cafe bar in central London. I  think my parents are having relationship difficulties.

"I'm you're child too" I reminded her as she quickly replied.

"To be honest darling, having children isn't all it's cracked up to be, given my chance again, I'm not sure I'd have any" she really knows how to make her daughter feel loved...

"And now it's the winter of my life and I haven't actually got anything of my own, I've got no power, no real career, no-no sex life, I've got no life at all, I'm not having it. And I've been talent spotted, Julian thinks I've got great potential." she doesn't need to be telling me this. I swear.

"Who's Julian" I hope she's not cheating..

"You know from the home shopping channel, comes into the store to have his colours done." She smiled, "Well, potential for what?" I hope she wasn't talking about a relationship.

"Well for a demonstrator, on his cable show, you know his assistant, mm I must go...." She looks at her watch. "By the way have you heard anymore from Harry Styles?"

And with that I wished her farewell "Goodbye Mum"... She air kisses me with all her poshness and falls into Julian's arms. Poor dad, this really cannot be good.

And a few weeks later, it got lots worse. 

"Hello?!" I shouted as I entered my parents' house it was a mess and it stank. Oh god, what have I missed and where is my mother?

"Look at this" My father sat on the cluttered floor in front of the TV still in his dressing gown at 3:30pm. That's not normal for him.

I opened the curtains to let the natural light come through and  took a closer look at the TV.

My mother was with Julian like she said on his cable show.They were acting incredibly flirtatious, my heart broke for my fathers' sake.

He switched off the television and slammed the remote on the floor.

"Well..." I spoke my voice full of disappointment.

"Has she actually moved out then?" The question had to be asked.

"Apparently her and this tangerine, tinted buffoon are suddenly an item!! Half our friends have had them round for bloody dinner! She's even taking Julian round to parties, that's not the Brenda I knew, that's just cruel"

I stroked his shoulder for support I could tell he was angry and heart broken.

"Still, erm, could be a golden opportunity, if you spend the entire party she's taking Julian to, flirting with other women, it would make mum wild with jealousy" I tried to lighten the mood. "That's how I got my man" I proudly stated.

"Hm?" he seemed confused "Have you got a boyfriend... a real one?"

"I have father, I have and he's perfect" I proudly stated.

*Sunday- date with Harry*

An advantage of today is not only that it's sunny but also I am going to meet with Mr Styles. My Boss. My boyfriend. 

As I chucked my bags into the back of his retro convertible, I sat in the passenger seat of his car.

I looked at him and he revved his engine whilst pretending to roar like a lion, I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

I'm no longer a tragic spinster, but proper girlfriend of a sex god. He's so committed that he's taking me on a full-blown mini holiday weekend. 

"Just promise me we don't have to sit in a little boat and read ponsy poetry to each other?" He pulled me closer to his body, with the wind in my hair and his humour I could tell this was going to be the perfect break.

Harry has also agreed to protect me at my Uncle Jeffrey's hideous tart and vicar's fancy dress party that my mother, farther and unfortunately Jeffrey is going to be attending. A mini break means true love. Or am I reading too much into things?

"It's a bit quiet here, are we the only guests?" Harry asked the receptionist of the hotel with his long arm wound round my waist.

"There's a wedding this weekend, I believe there are four of you not involved." She said.

"Oh, hm." I said, it should be quiet and romantic for both me and Mr Styles.

"You do the boats, I'll do the tea" Just as me and Harry both looked up to see who was walking down the hotel stairs, I couldn't believe who just spoke.

It was my old school enemy "Mellisa Cowerthy". Though she was followed by a man who I presumed was her boyfriend he had dark tanned skin brown eyes with a perfectly slicked quiff.

"Oh Jesus" I said under my breath to Harry. "Oh it's you, hello there" she said in her squeaky bitchy voice.

"Hi" I spoke in a dreary tone. "You've come for the river too?" she asked presumably to me it better not be to Harry...

"Yep, you" This reminds me of the first conversation me and Harry had.

"Yes thought I'd make a weekend out of it" she arrogantly said whist looking down at me.

"Oh... how interesting, what a gripping life you do lead." I rolled my eyes as she 'hmph'ed, sneered and hastily strode of with her 'boyfriend' who followed like a lost puppy. Poor him.

"You okay?" Harry asked sweetly in my rather messy hair from the windy ride. "Yeah just an old friend.. if you know what I mean"

"I understand Jones" He smiled and winked as the receptionist took our bags to our rooms for us.

*Down by the river*

"Season of mist and melow fruitlesness" I  shouted attempting to wind him up with poetry, specifically what he said he didn't want in two little boats down by the river.

I was currently on a small separate boat to Harry but he said he may join me later. 

"Oh bloody hell Scar, I love keets" which was an author. He spoke with a cigarette in between his perfect pink lips.

"Have you heard this one" he shouted at just the same volume as me, Melissa happened to be sharing a boat with her boyfriend on the river too. 

The both looked around disturbed as Harry shared his poem.

"there was a young woman from Ealing, who had a peculiar feeling, she laid on her back and weed all over the ceiling" Oh my gosh I couldn't stop laughing, though I suddenly stopped when he brought our boats together in attempt to get onto mine.

"Don't you dare, ahaha, Harry noo no no" He put his foot in my boat "I'm king of the world!" he screamed.

"B-bloody hell" he shouted before falling face flat into the river. "Hahahah" I looked up to see Melissa scowling and he boyfriend holding in a laugh how does he even cope with the cow?

Harry turned to me with a bent burnt out cigarette in his mouth as I was still laughing, his perect tousled curls now dripping from his forehead "You stupid arse ahaha".

"Alrite then, if I'm such an arse let's get you in Miss Jones" he swam towards me in attempt to get my in the water. "Come on, the water is lovely and warm" he said splashing me.

"What noooo ahahaha". We could hear Melissa and I thought I heard her say "So childish"

She doesn't know what she's missing out on. Clearly.


In our hotel room, I was laid in Harry's strong arms in modern bed with our feet intertwined. I could only think of a question, when it slipped out.

"Harry?" I asked uneasily. "Yes Scarlett."

"D-do you love me?" It just slipped out. 

There was a long silence before he sighed and said "I-I don't know Scar"

I sat up, has he been leading me on, or using me, I shiver at the thought. "W-wh-well what do you mean, you don't know, you have to know yes or no, if you're saying you're unsure then that's more a no and that means you're not certai..."

He cut me off by kissing me  gently placing my head back onto my pillow "I mean I could if I stay with you any longer, look, Jones you're different to other girls and I like that.... is that the answer you wanted to hear?" I nod speechless. That was everything I wanted to hear.

I laugh in my sleep as I think back to the time when I was lying on my sofa, my only friends being a cigarette and a glass of wine. Them days are long gone.

I am so happy I won't get half eaten by Alsations...

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