The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


27. You're Back!!

Harry's Pov:


I looked over at Gissel.. She looked uncomfortable..I dont blame her though. "So..Look im sorry about Abby... I swear I didnt put her up to this.." i told her. She looked at me. "Yeah.. I know." She told me. "You...know? I mean did you know about this?" I asked her. She laughed loudly. "Ha. You think id make her trap me in a room for god knows how long....with you?" She said a bit loudly. "Yeah, that was a stupid question wasnt it?" I told her. "Ya think?" She said with a smile. Not the kind of smile that says 'your stupid' the friendly kind. "So.. How've ya been? I know it wasnt that long..but still? I asked her  trying to make this situatuon less awkward then it already is...if thats even possible. "Um. Ive been alright. How about you?" She asked me. "Same." I told her looking down. The room quickly filled with silence.. A few minutes later I finally decided to speak up. "Look, Gissel Im sorry. You know i wouldnt try to hurt you. I was drunk. & If i could go back in time and change it i would, But i cant. & im sorry." I told her sounding apologetic. She looked at me for a second befor looking back down at the ground. "Okay.." She finally said. I dont know what that meant. "So are we good?" I asked. "I dont know." She quietly mumbled. I sighed. "Gissel please." I told her loosing patience. "Harry, I dont know. Ive been cheated on befor.. and i just dont know." She said with a sigh at the end. "Okay, and I understand that. But i NEED you to understand that i wont hurt you again and im still VERY sorry." I told her. "Okay." She said again. I just stared at her making it clear i didnt know what she meant. "Okay...I forgive you."She finally said. "REALLY?" I said kind of loud but i didnt care. "Yeah.. You were drunk & i guess i overexaggerated just a little bit.." She said ending with a smile. "So.. You and me... All good?" I asked. "All good." She said with a smile. "Well if were all good, how about we catch a movie or something tomorrow?" I asked confidently. "As a..?" She asked. "Date." I said grinning. She laughed. "Yes." "Okay, good. Ill pick you up around 7 then." I told her. I walked to the door and totally forgot that we were locked in here so i tried opening the door. She started laughing knowing that i forgot. "Oh, yeah. We're locked in here." I told her. "Yeah I noticed." She said laughing making me laugh. "How long do you think we'll but here?" I asked. "Not too long." She said walking to the door. She started punding on it and screaming things down to Abby. About 2 minutes later Abby came in..."Sooooo? Whats the status?" She asked in singing voice. "We're going out tomorrow.." I told her with a smile. "YAYY" she started clapping. Me and Gissel started laughing at her. "Well i have somewhere to be... thats not here." GIssel said laughing. Thenme and Abby did. "You're loss" Abby said laughing which made her laugh. "Yeah yeah whatever. Text me later." She said to Abby, "And ill see you tomorrow." She said to me. I nodded and she laughed. Finally i got her back.


Abby's Pov:

I quickly walked down the stairs to the rest of the guys. They were all watching something on TV. I ran onto the couch and then jumped into Niall's lap. "Someones happy." Niall said laughing which made the rest of them to laugh. "Well  yeah.! My plan worked!" I said happily. "Wait!! They're back together?!?!" Zayn asked. "Yuuuppp" I said. "So Harry wont be walking around the house looking like a mop no more?" Liam asked. I laughed and nodded. "Well good now everything will get back to normal" Louis said. "When did everytying turn normal" Liam said laughing. Everyone started small talk. I got interrupted by my conversastion with Niall by my phone. "Ill be right back, okay?" I told him. He nodded and i walked up to my room. I checked the caller ID. It was Lou. I quickly answerd. "Heyyy!" i said. I heard her laughing at the other end. "Hey sweetie. How is everything?" She asked. "Its good, how about you?" I asked. "Good. So i called because im coming home today!" She said excitedly. "Really?! When?" I asked. "In a few hours. Than im gonna pick up Lux and then I'll get you. " She told me. "Okay." I said smiling. "Once i get back we'll make sure we get a girls day with you, me, and Lux." She told me. "Okay. Yeah sounds good." I told her."Okay. Well i gotta go. but ill see ya later sweetie okay?" She said. "Yupp!"  We quickly said our goodbyes and hung up. I went back downstairs. "You were up there for awhile." Louis said. "Yeah, Lou called me" I said smiling. "And she said?" Zayn asked. "Shes coming home today.!" I told them. "Yayy!" They all cheered but then Zayn stopped. "That means you have too go back to her house." He told me sadly. Oh yeah i forgot about that. They all quickly stopped and looked sad. "Dont worry. We'll still see each other ALL THE TIME!" I told them with a smile. "Promise..?" Niall asked. "Promise" I told him with a smile which made him smile.



Heyy sorry i havent written in FOREVER! & Im sorry. I will TRY to soon. Keep Favoriting(:


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