The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


6. Will You?

                                                      Abby's Pov:

        "Come on Lux we've been up here for a while, we need to get your dress off." i said to Lux.

"But i wanna wear it.." She said looking as if she was about to cry. "But i told you we could play againg tomorrow."  "But- " Lux got interupted by Niall. "Everything okay in here?" He said. "Yah, im just trying to get her dress off." i said to him. Niall looks at Lux. "Come on Lux you gotta take off your dress."  he says to her. "But .... pwomise we'll tomorrow?" she turns to look at me. i nod. then she smiles, and looks at Niall. "Will you play with us too." she asked him. and before he had time to reply she began to talk again. "And,you could be the prince, and Abby could be the princess!" and she beagan to talk again. "Take a breath." i interupted her and we all start laughing. She finally takes off the dress and runs downstairs without us. I start laughing and we start to walk down stairs. "Thank you" i said to him. "For what?" he said confused.. "If you didnt come up here, she would still be in that dress, probably in tears." i said. He laughed "No problem." he says. I smiled, then walked down stairs and into the kitchen. We walked in, and Harry looked pissed.  I was gonna say something, but i really didnt know him. "whats the matter, mate?" Niall said to him. Thank god he said it too, it was really awkward, cause no one was talking. Just looking at angry Harry. "Nothing." harry said in a serous tone. There was another long awkward pause. Lou's phone rang. Finally isomething broke the silence. But she left the room.  "So Abby, how old are you?" Liam said. "18." i said smiling. "Oh cool." he said smiling back.  Lou came back "Hey Abby, tomorrow's my day off, and i thought we could do something, but i made plans a few weeks ago with Lux's freind mom for a playdatte with them. but you could come along if you'd like? or i can even cancel it.?" she told me. "No its okay go ahead you made plans a few weeks ago, ill just stay here." i said to her and smiled. "I just feel bad, inviting you here, than leaving you on the third day." she said all concerned. "No really its fine." i smiled back to her. " How about i show you around London tomorrow, you wont have to stay here alone, and i dont think you've really seen anything around here, right?" Niall said shyly. i smiled "yah, that'll be fun." i said. "OR we all could come like, Liam Louis,and Zayn. We could all take you." Harry said nervously.  "Sorry, bro, but im hanging with Dani tomorrow, and Louis' is gonna be with El, and Zayn's gonna be with Perrie. And arent you supposed to go meet Taylor tomorrow?" Liam said. "Oh, yah, Taylor..." Harry said in a depressed tone. "Another time?" I said to him trying to make him less sad..  "Yah, another time." He said still bummed. "But you still want to tomorrow with me?" Niall said. I smiled and nodded yes. "Okay well i'll leave at 11 tomorrow morning." i nodded again. "So you want me to come at 11?" Niall asked. "Yah sure." i said and smiled.  "Okay well dinner is ready guys!" Lou says. they all jump up and we eat. By the time were done eating its 7:00 and the boys said they have to get going. "See you at 11!" Niall says as he walks out the door.

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