The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


18. Staying With.. One Direction ?

Next Morning: (Abby's Pov)


I woke up around 8:30 A.M. I wish I could sleep in longer, but then i remembered, Lou has to leave around 10. I still need to get ready, and pack. I really dont know what's gonna happen in these next 2 weeks. I just hope it goes all good. I got out of bed, and took a shower. I got out around 9. Only one hour left.. I quickly dried off, and went over to my closet. I  picked out a pair of white skinny jeans, and light mint green blouse. I had mint green bow earings that went with it. Then i picked out mint green converse. I straightened my dark long hair. Finally, i was done. I grabbed my IPhone, and my white-over-the-shoulder bag, and went downstairs. "Good morning" Lou said. "Good morning!" I told her, and grabbed some cereal. "Did you pack yet? Im leaving half an hour." She asked me. "Oh, uh i forgot. I will after breakfast." I told her. She nodded. "Lux should we go get you ready?" She asked Lux. "Wes."Lux said. With that they went upstairs. I started reading the paper, and i guess i took longer than i thoight, cause it was ALREADY 9:50. I only have 10 minutes. I quicky put everything away, and started to run upstairs. Right before i get to the stairs, I hear a knock. Oh god..  I walk to the door. "HEYYYY!" I hear Louis say. It was they guys. Great. They're already here, and i havent even started packing. "Hey." I told them. They all walked in. "Okay, so.. I took way to long reading some newspaper this morning, and i didnt check the time, and um. I didnt pack yet. So im gonna go do that now, K?" I told them really fast. They burst out laughing. They all got up and started pushing me up to my room. "What're you guys doing?" I asked laughing. "Well, you gotta pack somehow." Zayn said. I laughed and grabbed my suit case and put it on my bed. I walked over to my clothed and they just sat there watching. I carefully looked throught thinking what i should wear. I guess i took too long, cause then Louis walked over, grabbed EVERYTHING from closet and put them in my suit case. They all started laughing. "So I guess that doesnt mean i shouldn't be organized." i told them. They laughed again. "You're pretty funny, ya know that?" Louis said. "Well im honored hearing that from THE Louis Tomlinson. " I said laughing. They all laughed, except Louis who folded his arms and started to pout. I laughed. "Sorry"I told Louis. He laughed. "Its fine, i just wanted to make you feel bad." He told me. I started laughing. "Whatever i told him aand walked over to my other stuff. I grabbed some of my jewlery, and thenn i walked over to my shoes. "Great.." I mumbled under my breath. "Whats the problem?" Niall asked. "I wont have enough room for my shoes." I told him.  They all laughed. They all walked over to me and each picked up a pair of shoes. "Well, that problems gone." I said with a smile on my face. I went over to the closet and found a bag. "Here, you guys can put em in this." I told them.  They all put the shoes they were holding in the bag.. Excpet Louis. "Uh, mate?" Harry said to Louis. "What? I like this color. " Louis said. We all laughed then he put them in the bag. "Thanks." I told him. He nodded. "Okay, well im pretty sure i got everything." I told them. They nodded and we all went down stairs. "Ohh. GOod you guys are here. I gotta get going. Say good bye Lux." Lou said. "Bye." They all said to Lux. "Bye Lux" I told her. She reached her arms out for a hug. "Bye Abby." She told me. "Bye Lou!" We al told her. "Bye guys. Bye Abby. If you need anything, call me. You never know with these boys." She told us. We laughed. I nodded. "But if you cant get to me, talkk to Liam. He's the most responsible one. " She whispered in my ear to me. I laughed and looked at Liam. "What?" He asked. Me and Lou both said "nothing" at the same time. We both l;aughed again. "Bye" She said one more time, and then laughed. "FINALLY SHE'S GONE!!" Louis said. We all gave him a weird look. "Kidding. Cant you take a joke." He said. We laughed. "Well, lets get going." Liam said. Of course Liam would. I giggle at my thoughts. We walked outside. As i was about to get into my car, Zayn grabbed me. "Um, we forgot to tell you, you cant bring your car, just in case people see. Then the paparazzi would be ALL OVER you." He told me. I just nodded, I was a bit dissapointed. I just got my license not that long ago, and i really like dricing. Whatever. "So, you'll go with Niall." He told me. I nodded,and walked over to Niall's car. He then grabbed my suit case and put it in the trunk. How gentlemanly. I liked that. I got in, and so did he. "Thanks, for putting my suit case in there." I  told him. "No problem. Ready?" He asked. I nodded. Then we drove off.


Louis' Pov:

I got into Zayn's car and we took off. I drove with Zayn instead of my own, becuase.. Why not? "So do you think that Niall and Abby will become a thing?" Zayn asked. "I dont think that they will become a thing, I KNOW that they will become a thing." I told him. He laughed. "Niall wont just make a move, and im pretty sure Abby wont either." Zayn told me. "Yah, well we'll make 'Nabby' happen." I told him laughing. We talked a bit untill we got to our flat. Soon enough, everyone else was here too. I got out of the car, and everyone else got out too. Niall grabbed one of her bag, and Harry grabbed the other. I laughed.. Harry can NOT get Abby. It's Nialls turn, and he should know that. We all got into the flat. "Woah. This is big." Abby said amazed. I laughed. "Yah, we get that a lot.' I told her. "No, we dont." Liam asked. Abby laughed. "Well, Niall wanna show her where she'll be staying?" I told Niall. He nodded. Im gonna have to talk to him sometime, when Abby isnt around. Ya know, cause it is about Abby.

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