The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


10. Amusement Park

Lou's Pov:

I told Abby to come to the studio in about half an hour. Then i left. I got to my studio and told the guys. They all were pretty happy. They all liked her. Well not like Niall and Harry did, but i mean as friends, i guess. I finished doing their hair, then we picked out their clothes.  They had a show tomorrow tonight, so they had to practice a bunch. So they went on the stage and started to sing Live While We're Young. By the time they're done, Abby and Lux gets here. The guys now started singing Best Song Ever.  I talked to Abby for a bit, and then Lux just ran out their on stage. I was about to chase after her, but i saw Abby go after her. Lux was now in Louis' arms. "Come on Lux, we got to go by mommy, and let them sing." I hear her say. Louis hands Lux over to her. "Sorry." I hear her say to them. They all smiled. "Its fine." I hear one of them say. I could tell she felt bad, it happened before, i actually think their manager is quite used to it now. I mean i feel bad too, they have to stop in the middle of the song, and redue it. I see her come back with Lux. "Its okay, it happened before." I tell her. She smiled then laghed. Me, Abby, and Lux sit down and actually had a nice conversastion, well me and Abby did, Lux was playing with one of her toys. I hear the guys come back behind stage. "Hey good performace, and sorry about Lux...." "Again" I say and slip in the last word very quick. They smiled and nod and Liam said "It was fine." "Yah, you guys were really good, sorry that we had to interrupt it." I hear Abby tell them with a smile on her face. They all just laugh. "So what're we doing after this?" Zayn asked me. We usually do something after work when Lux comes. I didnt know if we should with Abby. Im sure she'll want to though. So why not. "Umm, i dont know, what do you guys want to do?" I tell them."OOHHH WE COULD GO TO THAT NEW AMUSEMENT PARK DOWN TOWN!!" Louis screams.   "Yah, we should! You guys up to it?" I asked. They all nodded.. "Abby, you want to?" I hear Liam ask her. "Yah, sure." she says with a smile. "GREAAATTT" I hear Louis yell as he runs around. I hear Abby giggle. "WELLLLLL LETS GOOOOOO!!" Louis screams. We all start walking to our cars. We all get their. Louis runs over to the probably the biggest roller coaster i've ever seen. "C'mon guys we should go on this one." Louis says. " Harry wanna take Lux, while we go on here, we know you're scared of these." Zayn says to Harry. "I'm not scared." He says trying to act tough. "Well i am, so how bout i stay out here with Lux." I hear Abby say. "Okay, are you sure you dont wanna go on this.?" Niall asked her. "Positive." She said with a smile. "C'mon Harry, we all know you're scared of em." Liam says. "He shook his in disagreement. "Okay, than come on here than." Louis says with a grin. "Um, or how about i stay out here with Abby and Lux, ya know, um, so they dont get bored, or lost, or someting." He says nervously. It was obvious that he was scared. We all just started laughing. "Okay, you do that." Zayn said in a sarcastic tone. With that we all got on the roller coaster, except Harry, Abby, and Lux.

Abby's Pov:

Me, Harry, and Lux all watched them get on the roller coaster. "Ya know its okay if you're scared." I say to Harry with a smile on my face.  "Im not scared, i just stayed out here, in case you get scared out here by yourself. I laughed. "Really. So what's their to be scared of." I asked laighing.  "Hey why dont we go ride that spinny thing." He said trying to change the subject. He had that mysterous grin on his face. I liked it. "Well it depends, will you too be scared." I asked jokingly. I laiughed. "You shouldnt of said that." He told me laughing. "what're you gonna do about it?" i asked laighing he grabbed Lux and started chasing me. I was laughing while i was runnung. So was he, and Lux. I ran all the way to te spinny ride. "okay, im sorry." i say lauhging in between. "You should be." He says laighing. We take Lux and ride the spinny thing. We were all laughing threw out the whole thing. When it was done, we all got off, and started walking towards the roller coaster. We saw everyone else walking too.  We walked over to them. "How was that kiddy ride." Louis asked laughing at his own 'joke'. "It was fun." Lux said. We all laughed. I looked over at Niall, who looked upset. He looked kind of jealous... What if he did like me back. I got kind of excited. Maybe he was jealous of Harry hanging out with me. "Well what should we go on next." I heard Liam asked.  "I dont know, lets walk around and see if we find one we all want to go on." Lou said. We all started walking. I walked over to make sure i was by Niall. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. What if he knows i like him? What if he likes me back though.? What if he knows i like him and he doesnt wanna say something, cause he didnt like me back.? I started to panic in my head.  "Are you alright?" Niall asked me. I noticed i had probably a really weird expression on my face. I started to laugh. "Haha, yah i am." i told him. I then started to calm down. Then i noticed Harry was on the oher side of me. I feel like the more im with Harry i start to like him too.  Wow. I like Harry, and Niall.  I dont even know why im making a big deal out of this. They probably dont even like me like that. They could have anyone they wanted. A superstart, a model, anyone. Why me. "Should we go on that one.?" Liam asked pointing to the big swings thatt go in the air. "YWAHHH!" Lux said. I didnt know if Lux would wanna go on those but i guess she does. We all nod. and get on the ride. A few more rides later, we finally started to go to our cars.  We all said our goodbyes and left. Lux was with me, cause her carseat was still in their from this morning. We got home, well Lou's house, and it was already 7:15. I was starving i havent ate since this morning. So we made dinner, and then it was 8. we finished eating and it was 8:30. "Should we go for a walk?" Lou asked me. "Yah, sure." I say smiling. "Lux wanna go for walk?" Lou asked in her baby voice. She nodded and ran to her stroller.  We got the stroller and out her in it. It was kind of light tout, but kind of dark out. We walked for a little bit and started talking. "So how have your few days here been?" Lou asked me. I've only been here for like a week, but it feels longer than that. "Its been fun, I like being with you and Lux. And the guys are nice, and fun." I tell her. "Good, im glad you came." She told me."Me too." i told her. We started talking for awhile. "So i dont have work tomorrow, but i have a few things to do. I have to stop at Lux friends, and then go to a dance studio. Lux starts in a week, and they messed up her form, so i have to go fill out a new one, and it might take awhile. Is that okay?" "Yah of course. I wanted to check out a few places, anyways." i told her. "Okay, well if you dont wanna take Lux with you, i can take her with me." She told me. "No, ill take Lux, it will be more fun." I told her with a smile. "Actually, i was reading some panfleet thing i got when i went around London with Niall, and Harry, and their was a Zoo, do you mind if take Lux?" I ask. "Yah, Of course!" She said all happy.  "we talked for a little longer, then we reached Lou's house.  We got back and i was 9:20. We were walking for almost an hour. Lux already fell a sleep during the walk, so Liu carried her to her crib. She walked back downstairs. "So, I have to leave about 9 tomorrow morning.okay?" she said to me. "Yup." I tod her. I should take a shower tonight, so i'll have time to get ready tomorrow. "Im gonna take a shower." I told her. She nodded. When i finished taking a shower, i wasnt that tired, so i decided to read one of my books. I was reading for about an hout, before i slowly fell asleep.

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