Love Will Remember.

Katerina was just a simple girl. Sweet, innocent and absolutely beautiful.
Justin Bieber was no where near there. He's arrogant, cheeky and not-so-nice.
She finds herself seeing what she wasn't supposed to, what will the consequences be?


13. Thirteen.

Katerina's P.O.V.

My phone rang loudly, startling me. I quickly walked over to it, picking it up. 
"Hello?" I yawned. 
"Emergency, Katerina!" Dr. Lopez shouted. 
"I'm coming." I groaned. 

I dressed quickly, not seeing Justin in bed, that sneaky bastard. I walked downstairs, taking a beagle to go. 
I was eating while driving, don't try it... 
Parking my car in the hospital parking lot, I ran in, finishing my beagle off. 

"Room 205B!" My best friend shouted. 

I thanked him and ran some more, getting more and more tired by the minute. 
Stopping in front of the room, I barged in, looking at the bed... I swear he's got to stop coming into my hospital. 
Justin laid there, bruised all over. 

"What now Justin?" I said worried. 
"Car crash..." He trailed. 
"You've got to be more careful, Justin." I sighed, walking to his side. 
"I know." He mumbled. 

I sat next to him in his bed, his head nuzzling in my neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist, my tiredness getting the best of me. 

"Go to sleep babe." He whispered. 
"I'm working." I murmured, not moving one inch. 
"I'll find an excuse later, just sleep." He mumbled. 

I finally did, resting my head on top of his in exhaustion. I can't believe he's in the hospital, again, because of a car crash. Some chance he didn't take my Lamborghini...

The door flew open, but I pretended that I hadn't heard. 
"Dr- Oh my God!" I heard a nurse. 

I still pretended to sleep, because I was, I just heard everything. Suddenly, I sensed a flash, like someone took a picture. 

I was too tired to even tell her to delete it, I just let her leave.

I woke up a couple of hours later, seeing Justin watching T.V, he hadn't moved though. 

"What time is it?" I asked groggily. 
"Noon." He mumbled. 
"Shit, I have to go work. I'll be back later, okay?" I kissed his lips delicately. 
"I love you." He nodded. 
"I love you too." I smiled, leaving the room. 

So Justin got in a car accident, I fell asleep with him during my working hours and I missed half a day. 
So much for being a doctor. 

I went to see all my patients, as quickly as possible since I wanted to go eat, which I couldn't do until I had finish. This is some huge punishment. 

I was eating silently in my office, when the door pushed open. I looked up to see my best friend, smiling widely. 

"Uh, hi?" I chuckled. 
"That's the cutest thing ever." He gushed. 
"What? Me eating my sandwich?" I laughed. 
"No, this!" He said, getting his phone out and showing me the picture a nurse took earlier. 
"Nurse Nancy..." I trailed, laughing lightly. 
"Like, can I please make the video at your wedding." He smiled excitedly. 
"First, he should ask me." I smirked. "Second, sure you can." 

He left skipping happily, he is such a moron when he wants.
Ah, what are best friends for?

I went to see Justin a couple of times during the day, whenever I had time. 
It's crazy that he always seems to get me madly in love with him, if he does this pleading look or he's about to cry, I just want to die in my tears. 

I wonder what life would be if he hadn't found me...


I'm having a lack of inspiration for this story, that's why the chapters are rather short. 
Sorry 'bout that :$


-Audrey :]

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