Love Will Remember.

Katerina was just a simple girl. Sweet, innocent and absolutely beautiful.
Justin Bieber was no where near there. He's arrogant, cheeky and not-so-nice.
She finds herself seeing what she wasn't supposed to, what will the consequences be?


8. Eight.

Katerina's P.O.V.

I was shaking, someone had almost taken me away. And if I hadn't butt dialled Justin, I would be gone. I kind of blame him for not believing me. 

I haven't spoken a word to him since the incident, which was two days ago. 
He would never leave me home alone and he would bring me along wherever he went. I didn't like the club but, oh well. 

"Katerina?" Justin called through the mansion. 
"Yes?" I answered weakly. 
"Are you alright?" He sighed, rubbing his temples. 
"No, Justin, I'm not." I gritted though my teeth. 
"What's wrong? You didn't get kidnapped." He shrugged carelessly. 

Are you kidding me?

"I'm sorry, but to other people, almost being kidnapped isn't something to shrug off. It's like you don't even know what it's like to be human." I whispered. 
"Don't talk to me like that." He warned.
"Or what Justin? First of all, you don't get to boss me around. I'm an adult, I've grown up Justin. You decided to stay in your kid fantasy and rummage through danger. I actually took matters in my own hands. So excuse me, but I'm aloud to speak to you when I want, how I want and on the tone I want." I told him seriously. 
"You're being childish! I excused myself a thousand times, but you don't seem to notice how I'm dying inside. I love you, but it seems that ever since the incident you've changed your mind." He said shakily. 
"I wish I could change my mind, Justin. But let me explain you something. Love is special. You aren't the one who chooses it, it chooses you. So, you have to experience it. And I do love you Justin, a lot more than you'll ever think. But it seems that, you're the one misunderstanding the facts. So I'm leaving, the country, and if you find me, then we'll be together. If you don't, we move on. You have to believe in yourself, because it seems you've lost all self-exteem these past few weeks. I love you, I always will. No matter how old I get, or how long it'll be till we see each other again, I'll always love you. Think about what I said Justin. You really need some time alone, just to let it all sink in. Remember that I'll always support your choices, even if I'm not with you. I love you." I smiled weakly, tears streaming down my face. 

He slowly fell to his knees, crumbling inside. 
I sobbed quietly, leaving his house. 

I still had his hoodie, but I didn't want to leave it there. 
I love him so much, but he needs to learn.

This isn't the end... hopefully.

4 years later. (sorry for the skip.)

You must wonder how I turned out? 
Fine, actually. 

I found out that I never moved on. That, the only thing I could think when I was asleep was Justin, that I was and still am madly in love with him. 
But the chances he finds me is quite thin.

Cody Simpson lyrics are stuck in my mind right now. 

I believe in us, don't give up on me...

Not Just You, it's like if Justin was singing it. 
The song is just so describing. 

Now, where am I?

I have a great doctor job, I've been promoted a couple of times. 
My assistant is my best friend, he's gay actually. So, don't worry, nothing's going on. 

I was walking home, silently. 
I shouldn't have left that day. And it's now that I realize how broken he was. He needed to be mend, but all I did was aggravate his wounds. 
I sound like such a b*tch, maybe that's what I am. 

Of course not! I just made an awful mistake, and it wasn't nice. 

Let's go with that...

I arrived at my penthouse building, I know, penthouse...
Since I've been promoted last month, I'm making a lot of money. 

Maybe even too much...
I'm not complaining. 

I threw my keys on the kitchen counter, dropping my purse on the floor. 
I changed in high waisted khaki jean shorts, a dark grey muscle shirt and a black bandeau bra that you could see on the side. 

My hair is now my natural colour, a dark brown. Apart from that, I didn't really change. 
I sat down in my couch, watching T.V. 

My phone suddenly rang, I sighed and walked over to it.

"Hello?" I asked, bored.
"Need help, emergency." The doctor tried speaking in english.
"Si señor." I said in Spanish. 

I threw my hair in a bun, throwing my white coat over my clothes. 
No time to change the rest. 

I ran down the street, where the hospital  is. 

"Emergencia?" I asked quickly.
"Si, si." The nurse urged and showed me the room.

I ran in it, my expectation was anything but this. 
I couldn't see the person, because everyone was around. Doctor Garcia came by my side. 
"They keep asking him questions, make them go." He sighed. 

I nodded quickly. 
"Everyone, out!" I shouted. 

They all left and my eyes practically popped out of my head. 
Justin was on that hospital bed. 

He looked at me, his eyes studying me. 
"Excuse me, could you get my fiancé?" He asked me. 
"F-Fianc-cé? Sure. What is she like?" I asked, crying on the inside.
"Blonde hair, brown eyes, porcelain skin. Her name is Diana." He said in a raspy tone. 

I gulped loudly and nodded. 
He was getting married, and I was there mopping around. 
I'm such a mess. 

I went to the waiting room. 
"Is a certain Diana here?" I asked gently. 
"I'm right here." A girl said, standing up.
"Please, follow me." I motioned. 

No doubt, the girl was absolutely beautiful.
Nothing like me. 

"What's wrong with him?" She asked shakily.
"Well, he's awake presently, so you'll be able to see him for an hour maximum. He needs rest." I smiled lightly. 
"Will he be out in a month? We're getting married." She whispered. 
"He needs to stay here three weeks minimum, so I'll say that he'll probably be there." I smiled gently, opening Justin's door. 
"Justin." She cried.

They kissed and I almost broke down right there.
"If something's wrong, just press the red button. I'll be right there." I smiled and closed the door. 

Just then, tears slipped and fell repeatedly. 
I should never have left. 
He's getting married. 

I walked to the front desk, I needed to speak with Jake. 
"What's wrong sweetheart?" He asked.
"He's here." I gulped. 
"That's great!" He cheered. 
"With his fiancé." I murmured. 
"Come here sweetie." He said sadly. 

He hugged me for a good couple of minutes. 
"Katerina, Justin Bieber needs rest. Get the visit out of his room." The main doctor told me, an hour after I left the room.

I nodded slightly, a ghost of a smile appearing on my lips. I walked towards it, sadly. 
I knocked gently before entering the room. I interrupted their conversation. 

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but the visiting hours are over, miss." I said softly, smiling. 
"Alright, when can I come back?" She asked, smiling brightly. 
"Would you like me to call you when he awakes? Even if it's before the visiting hours, I'll manage to sneak you in." I murmured in my usual gentle voice. 
"Thank you so much, doctor. I'm very thankful." She hugged me. 
I hugged back, she was very nice. Doesn't mean I'm not jealous, but I'll never break a couple. 
"It's my job, good night." I smiled softly. 

She left, waving one last time. 
"Do you need anything, mr. Bieber?" I asked. 
It felt weird, remembering that I called him when I found his necklace, that I still have around my neck. 
I quickly hid it under my shirt, realization washing over me. 
"Can I have water, please?" He murmured. 
"Of course." I smiled. 

I walked in the bathroom, making him a glass of water. 
I helped him sit up, giving it to him. 
"Thank you doctor...?" He trailed, asking for my name.
"Baeza-Rivierra, please call me Katerina." I hesitated. 

He nodded gently, smiling. He didn't recognize me, good. 
I laid him down, taking the glass and placing it on the small table. 

"You need some rest, if you want to see your fiancé early tomorrow." I said shakily. "Goodnight Mr. Bieber." I smiled lightly. 

I'm broken, I'm suffering.


Sorry for the wait, I've been in New York :D

-Audrey :]

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